Mulawins came to help Queen Amihan.

Mulawins (plural; Mulawin, singular) are a race of winged humanoid beings. They originated from Avila, a mountain in the Mortal World. Mulawins are faithful allies of the Diwatas. They are the titular beings of the series also entitled Mulawin. They appear in the Mulawin-Encantadia crossover movie, original and requel series of Encantadia.

Encantadia (2005)


Encantadia (2016)


Differences from the original series

The Encantadia (2016) series takes place in a different universe and thus everything that had happened in Encantadia (2005) is considered to be invalid in this universe including the events in Mulawin (Book 1), Mulawin: The Movie and Mulawin vs. Ravena


The fate of the Mulawins in the 2016 series.

2005 2016
The Mulawins that appeared are from Bagwis' tribe that is situated in the mortal world. The Mulawins that appeared are from Lakan's tribe in Encanradia, Pugad Lawin, except for Pagaspas, who only had to stay there for his training.
Mulawins continued to exist. Mulawins are near to extinction with only Pagaspas and Lakan as the only survivors.
The life of the Mulawins depended on the status of the Puno ng Mulawin. The Puno ng Mulawin was only mentioned by Sir Noel. He didn't mention the life of Mulawins depended on it, he only said that a branch from the tree is used to craft a Mulawin flute which was given to Cassiopea. If the Mulawins did depend on the tree, the Hathors no longer would've needed to kill the Mulawins one by one rather, they should've just looked for the tree and cut it off.
Dakila was killed during the final battle between the Ravenas in Mulawin: The Movie. Dakila was one of those who had perished during the attack of Hagorn's forces.
Most of the Ravenas perished during the war in Mulawin: The Movie though there were still survivors. There was no mentioning of Ravenas in the series (It could possibly mean that no one defected from the Mulawins that result to a creation of another kind, the Ravenas.)
The Gintong Binhi is produced by a tree in Encantadia under the territory of Lireo and is kept by the Queen inside a tabernacle in a guarded room. It is considered a valuable treasure of the Kingdom. The Gintong Binhi is created by Emre to save the savior of Encantadia in case he/she dies. The Binhi was taken by Ether and she hid it in the Labyrinth of Balbal.
The Gintong Binhi can revive anyone once it is swallowed. The person can or be made to spew the binhi to use it on another person. The Gintong Binhi is for single use only.
The Gintong Binhi was last used to revive Aguiluz. The Gintong Binhi was last (and first) used to revive Lira.
There is more than one Gintong Binhi. At first it was said that there is only one Gintong Binhi that Emre created but Cassiopea was shown to have gained possession of another Gintong Binhi which she destroyed.

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