Pagaspas is the 23rd episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is the continuation of Chapter 22. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagaspas.


Ybarro and his friends explore the ruins of Sapiro. As they continue to explore, Ybarro discovers a tunnel and as he was about to enter, a scared Wantuk interrupted him, asking him to leave upon seeing a creature. The creature, (revealed to be Burak, a taong-puno) met with Hitano. Burak revealed to him the conversation between Apitong and Ybarro, when the latter discovers that he is the prince of Sapiro. Hitano ask Burak to bring him to Ybarro so he can kill him.

Meanwhile, Alena and Danaya argues over the situation between the Mandirigma and Pashneas, Aquil agrees on Danaya’s suggestion, impressing her, she would then later thank him. Amihan noticed Alena’s defence towards the Mandirigma, Alena admits that she did it because she still loves Ybarro even if she still try to forget him. Upon realizing that she is a factor between Alena and Ybarro, Amihan asked Imaw for help, Imaw told her to follow her heart.

Meanwhile, Hagorn paid Pirena a visit in Lireo asking for updates regarding her plans. Pirena told him to wait when “Lira” is at the right age and for him to wait for her signal as to when is the right time to attack. She also warns him that she will not hesitate to team up with her sisters to defeat the Hathors. Agane told Hagorn not to trust Pirena, noticing that he is starting to move with pity towards her daughter. This infuriates Hagorn, telling her that Pirena is his daughter while she is only someone who follows what he orders her to do.

Later, Amihan called Imaw to tell her about the flute that she found on the chamber. Imaw reveals to her that the flute was given by the Mulawin to the first Queen of Lireo. Using the flute, a Mulawin will arrive when she needs them. After using the flute, Pagaspas arrives, telling Amihan that he was sent by Dakila as part of a test for him to become a lieutenant of the Mulawin. Amihan then orders Pagaspas to bring back Ybarro to Lireo. Gurna then overhears the conversation between Ades and Amihan about Ybarro being Lira’s father; she then reported this to Pirena, who used the secret as a ploy to destroy Amihan even more.

As Ybarro searches to the other Sapiryan that he met before, Hitano and the creature encounters him.

Major Events


  • This episode, Hagorn makes an appearance after a long time. Hagorn isn't seen since the death of Mine-a.

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