Return is the 17th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode has one chapter long. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagbabalik.


Kabanata 20: Ang Taksil ng Lireo

Title translation: Chapter 20: The traitor of Lireo

Amihan accepted Pirena back to Lireo, despite Danaya and Aquil suggested to punish Pirena as part of the law. As Danaya about to punish Pirena, Alena stopped her telling her that this is not what their mother wanted. Meanwhile, both Danaya and Alena using their Brilyantes, gave blessings to Lira; Danaya blesses Lira with protection from Pirena and all the possible weapons she can use to kill Lira, while Alena blesses Lira with a personality like the element of water. Despite welcoming her back, Amihan orders Pirena to temporarily surrender the Brilyante ng Apoy.

Somewhere in Adamya, Danaya felt Adhara’s presence. Adhara, being in a form of a ghost, tried to kill her but couldn’t. So Adhra returns to the Balaak to know from Arde the reason why. Arde tells her that her body has already decayed so the only thing she can do is to collect the lives of good willed Encantados. The more life she stole, the easier her body gets formed once again. Arde then gave her a ring to provide her power to take the souls of good willed Encantados.

Hitano offered Alena something to eat but she refused, telling him that Amihan and Mine-a approves of their marriage, she will never marry him for she is in love with someone else. At the Adjantao, Ybarro was bothered on about what he learned from Alena, that Amihan’s child was conceived through a collective dream and that he could be the father.

Pirena with the help of Gurna, devised her plan; swapping Mira with Lira, abducting Lira in the process. This caused Amihan to feel a pain in her chest. And as she checks Lira, Amihan felt something different.

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