Challenge is the 166th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPaghamon.

Plot Summary

In the Human Realm (Mundo ng Mga Tao)

As they arrived to where Anthony used to live, Sang'gre Lira and Sang'gre Mira wondered if he's still there. Wanting to find out, Lira was about to ring the doorbell when Mira alerted them of their clothes, finding it improper in the Human Realm. Realizing it, Lira then said a magical spell, which leads to their clothes be changed into gowns that are more fit out there. Afterwards, they finally called from the outside, to which some man answered. He then went out of the door, and Mira asked him that they are looking for Anthony and he is still living there. The man then recognized the two Sang'gres and introduced himself. He was Anthony, already grown into an adult.

As they met each other again, Mira felt happiness as she saw her former beloved Anthony. He was amazed about their appearance that are not aging unlike him, and saying that he finally believed that they are Diwatas. Mira then asked how is he doing. Before Anthony could answer, someone called him from the house. It was a woman with a boy. He then introduced them to his family. As she saw it, Lira looked at Mira, who has also lost her smile, disappointed. Anthony's wife then asked how they are related to him, for which Lira answered that they were close friends before and her 'brother' is his 'best friend'. After saying that he is okay and finally happy for he had already found her wife, he also said that he is happy that they saw each other again. Anthony's wife then asked them to come in, but they declined, with Lira saying that they have to get going. After saying their goodbyes, Lira asked Mira if she was alright. She said yes, because Anthony was living well in this world. After a few more moments, they decided to return to Encantadia.

In Lireo

In the throne room, after being told that she will be the next keeper of the Brilyante ng Hangin, Ariana became bothered, and asked how it was possible that she has been chosen. Hara Pirena also asked the same question to Nunong Imaw, and how is it that just ordinary beings and not royal-blooded Encantados have been chosen by the Brilyantes and by Cassiopea to be the saviors of Encantadia. Azulan then argued with her, saying that she was belittling their kind. Sang'gre Alena then tried to calm her sister but the Hara responded that she was just concerned to her daughter and niece, whom she hoped will inherit the Brilyantes. Imaw then told the Diwatas that they should not doubt the beings the symbols and Cassiopea chose, and he is sure that soon enough, they will know the reason why all of this is happening. Hara Danaya agreed to the Nuno, pleading to her siblings to end their arguments for a while and to wait for the right time before making an action or an opinion. She then apologized to Ariana for what she had to hear, and gave her word that she and her brother are always welcome in Lireo and its palace. Ariana however, asked more about her fate. Nunong Imaw then called her and lead them to their chambers as he explained to them what is happening.

In their new chambers, Ariana was still asking Nunong Imaw if they were sure about her being chosen, to which the Nuno said that he was not joking, for all of what he said to them are true. Azulan then thought of Cassiopea being crazy to choose her sister, since she had no knowledge whatsoever in fighting, and besides, he does not care about the war between Lireo and their enemies. He was then told that this might be the reason why his sister was selected, just like Paopao. Maybe Ariana also has a hidden power within her, and they should finally pay attention to it, since not only the Kingdoms are in great danger, but also the tribes and the small communities like Punjabwe. Ariana still cannot believe about her fate and does not want to accept it, but the Nuno advised her to believe in herself and just like Imaw had already said earlier, there was a reason to why she had been chosen.

In the training hall, Pirena was about to spar with the two young Sang'gres but she was informed by the Damas that they were not to be found and were once again missing. The Hara of Hathoria then commanded them to let her known of their return. Afterwards, she vent her frustrations on Lira and Mira by just training along with her Hathor soldiers. As she defeated them, Pirena saw Ariana and Azulan arrived in the place, talking about how big the palace was. As she listened, she heard Azulan talking about his sister being lucky being the keeper of one of the Brilyantes, because even the palace of the Diwatas will be inherited by her someday. Ariana, feeling ashamed, then disagreed with her brother's words and proceeded to return to their chambers, leaving his brother there.

Pirena then came out, telling Azulan that she felt that the Punjabwean are not fond of the Diwatas at all. Azulan in turn, asked why he has to be happy about them, also saying that because of them, him and his tribe were now involved in their war. The Hara then answered that in order for them to help him save his tribe and his captured companions from the enemies, Azulan needs to humble himself for them to be happy to save them all. He questioned Pirena's words, saying that she does not know anything from the tribe he was from, where they do not honor any woman leader on their tribe. He also informed the Hara about them sacrificing their lives for them when they do not ask anyway, and they will just use their Bilyantes, because that is the only thing they were good at. Insulted for being a woman and all the things Azulan had said, Pirena challenged him to fight her, but the Punjabwean warrior declined, for he does not fight any woman despite him not recognizing their leadership. She then questioned his integrity, if he was fearing that the Diwata could defeat him. Azulan, feeling that he needs to put Pirena in her place, then turned around and accepted her challenge. He was given a weapon and they fought each other, but she was defeated easily by Azulan (being a great warrior of Punjabwe) on every chance. Already tired of Azulan's insults and his arrogance as they fight (like when he told her that she has a fragrant smell), Pirena brought out her Brilyante, just like Azulan said she would do. As Pirena was about to use it with her power, Nunong Imaw arrived and calmed down the Hara. Pirena then said that if it was not for the Nuno, she would have done it. She also warned Azulan to watch his words next time, because if Pirena did not control herself, she will not hesistate to burn the Punjabwean. As she promised it and leaves, Pirena stopped, and once again locked eyes with Azulan, who was only standing there watching her. She then gave him a look of disgust and finally went on her way, leaving Azulan smiling.

Later on in the palace hallway, Mashna Muros was commanding some of his soldiers. Moments after, Hara Avria, disguised as Danaya walked into him, to which the Mashna recognized her as his queen. He then greeted her about their return from Etheria. Confused after he saw the queen wondering about Etheria, he then told Danaya that she was with Rama Ybrahim and Sang'gre Alena when they went to Etheria and attacked it. Avria, realizing that her kingdom is in danger, decided to return there. Before leaving, however, she asked Muros a question about news regarding Cassiopea. Still confused, he told the Hara that she was still looking for the other Saviors of Encantadia. As Avria asked for more information, the Mashna became suspicious, but he was distracted by Hitano, who finally returned after his long absence. As they met, Avria then seized the chance to escape by vanishing and returning to Etheria. Muros and Hitano wondered where their Hara had gone to.

In the Sang'gres chambers, Hara Pirena came in immediately after being told that Lira and Mira had returned. Still furious, she asked where they have gone to, to which Mira answered that they went out for some fresh air. The Hara of Hathoria berated them again, for doing nothing but to spend their time in leisure, and that this may be the reason why other beings are getting ahead of them. Mira then asked her mother why is she angry again, and they were informed that the second keeper of the Brilyantes (Ariana) had already arrived in Lireo, along with his brother (Azulan), whom Pirena thought to be 'very arrogant'. She again wondered why Paopao and Ariana have already been chosen, and not Mira and Lira, and then she thought that maybe in the eyes of Cassiopea, they are not worthy to be two of the new keepers. Pirena then gave them the blessing to do something heroic, so in that order, the symbols of the Brilyantes would recognize their bravery and finally choose them, but they have to make sure that they will succeed on what they are planning to do. Lira and Mira agreed and they finally left them. After talking about how 'bipolar' Mira's mother was, the two young Sang'gres eventually rested.

In Ariana's chambers, the two young Sang'gres have came in while she was sleeping. They were curious and interested what this Ariana might look like and what made her so special that one of the Symbols of the Brilyante have chosen her. After looking at her closely, Lira then thought that she might be harmless, for she found Ariana 'cute, but very thin.' Mira then told her that she should not be carried away by her looks, because Cassiopea and the Brilyantes will not choose her if she does not know anything. They wondered how can they find out Ariana's power if she was sleeping, but Mira asked her 'bessy' to use her magical powers to see. She then used one of her other magic spells to summon an 'Argona' (Dragon) and try to scare her. Eventually, it worked, and as Ariana woke up, she shrieked in fear as she saw the creature flying above her. Lira and Mira were laughing as they hid behind the plants in the room, saying that Ariana is just a scared woman and nothing else. However, this caused commotion all over the room, which prompted Nunong Imaw and Azulan to come in and check for the Punjabwean girl. Azulan warned the Nuno about the Argona, for which Imaw had seen and quickly made it vanish.

After it was gone, Ariana was relieved and amazed to what Nunong Imaw did, telling him that he was very powerful for he defeated an Argona. Imaw then explained to them that it is just an illusion and was only made by the foolish Sang'gres. He then turned his attention to Lira and Mira, whom he saw already, and they finally came out of their hiding spot. After being caught, they immediately apologized to Nunong Imaw, for which the chief also did to Ariana and Azulan in behalf of the Sang'gres. Ariana however, instead of being furious, said that whatever it is they want to do, she appreciates it fully, and it is her pleasure meeting them. Lira and Mira also greeted her as well. As they left, Azulan then asked her sister why she had not felt any anger towards them, since the two became disrespectful. Ariana then replied that she understand why they mocked her; because they were outsiders and they do not know them very well. Her brother then asked what happened to her when she was resurrected that she does not feel any anger at all. Ariana then said that she does not know, and instead of being mad at them, she felt happiness especially towards Lira after she saw her, like she wanted to embrace her tightly.

As they go back to their chambers, they were called once again by Nunong Imaw, who expressed her unhappiness for what they have done to Ariana. They should have not made fun of their visitors. The Sang'gres then gave their opinion about the Punjabwean woman, telling Imaw that Ariana does not look like what the symbols and Cassiopea had thought of her. Imaw then gave them an advice, saying that they always wanted for others to give them duties and responsibilities, but from what happened to them and to Ariana, the Sang'gres showed that they are still not worthy of being trusted. So it would not be strange why both Sang'gres Lira and Mira have not been chosen by the Symbols of the Brilyantes or Cassiopea. The Nuno then asked them what happened to the two Diwanis that have good hearts, and now filled with jealousy. As they ended their conversation, Imaw added to them that they should reflect on what the Nuno had told them and maybe they could find it to themselves why they are still not worthy of being chosen as keepers of the Brilyante.

In Etheria

In the forest near the palace, Ybrahim, along with Hara Danaya and Sang'gre Alena arrived. Danaya then introduced her sister to Etheria, who responded that if that is the place where the Etherians live, they should be worried. Ybrahim then convinced them that they also have a reason to attack, for what he had known from Azulan, they captured the Punjabwes and taken them all to Etheria. They then decided to search for the captives and try to free them all. Alena then asked for Pirena, but Danaya answered that she may not focus properly on the task because of what she feels about Azulan and Ariana. As they proceeded to make their way, they were attacked by the new Etherian soldiers, who were once the ordinary men of Encantadia. However, they defeated them easily by not slaying them and continued their journey to the palace.

As the Diwatas and the Sapiryan arrived inside the palace, they encountered the Nymfas that were turned into Etherians. They wondered on how they allied to Etheria, to which they are going to find out. Alena then warned Danaya and Ybrahim not to kill them. The Nymfas then attack and the three leaders of Encantada defeated them all. Danaya then used the power of her Brilyante to drive them away. Ybrahim then wondred where their leaders were especially their queen.

Meanwhile, Avria had finally returned from Lireo, to which the Bathalumang Ether told her that she should not have left the kingdom. Avria then told her that she have known already that the Hara of Lireo and her sister, along with the Rama of the Sapiryans are there, and that she will handle them herself. Back in the courtyard of the palace, the Diwatas and Ybrahim encountered Serra, the Nymfa Sang'gre Alena had recognized along with the others when she and Cassiopea gave Deshna to them. The Nymfa, still in the spell of Avria, treated them as enemies, making Alena wonder why Serra has not recognized her. As she attacked, Danaya fend her off and knocked her unconscious. Ybrahim then speculated that Avria may have used her power to remove their memories and command them to be her warriors.

Moments later, Hara Avria, in her full armor, arrived from where Ybrahim, Alena, and Danaya were at. She then congratulated the Sapiryan for he is knowledgable about these things, and now she needs to kill them all so her secret will not be known by anyone. The Hara of Etheria finally attacked the Diwatas and Ybrahim, fighting them and using her powers against them. She then created a barrier, declaring that they cannot break it nor can they hurt her. Danaya tried using her power but it was useless. She then asked Alena to combine their two Brilyantes but they were stopped by Avria, capturing Danaya and putting a sword on her throat. She then gave them a choice: they will surrender all of their Brilyantes or she will kill the Hara of the Diwatas. Out of nowhere, Hara Pirena arrived, also putting a sword on Avria's throat, to which the Hara said that the fight is not fair, for they have four of them and there is only one of her. Suddenly, the Bathalumang Ether appeared before them all, declaring that the battle is now even and used her power to bring down the Diwatas and the Sapiryan. Avria then told them that their fight is not yet over and she and the Bathaluman have finally retreated.

After leaving, Ybrahim thought that they could have killed Avria already if it was not for the Bathalumang Ether, who once again interfered during their battle. Pirena also suggested that they should also prepare for the Bathaluman, because as Danaya added, like the former Haring Hagorn did before, Avria also has her eyes for the Brilyantes to gain more power. The Hara of Lireo realized that Nunong Imaw and Cassiopea were right after all, saying that there needs to be some new keepers for the Brilyantes as soon as possible. Pirena tried to plead her case, but Alena convinced the Hara of Hathoria that they could not have defeated Avria and the Etherians if Pirena did not arrived earlier, and the Brilyantes could have been in their hands already. So it is best for them to finally choose the new beings who will take care of the Brilyantes for the foreseeable future.

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