Persuasion is the 76th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 31. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPaghimok.

Major Events

  • Wantuk meets Muyak. Muyak needs to meet Amihan as she met Lira.
  • LilaSari's powers doesn't work on Hagorn as Ether gave him protection through a plant nearby before he left. If she doesn't agree to Hagorn's favour of her being queen, he will destroy their hideout, even the people who live in it.
  • Amihan doesn't believe Pirena because she thinks she is lying. Pirena shows her injuries to them. Danaya tells her not to believe as she reminded her of her evil deeds. Pirena was begging them to help her, but Amihan thinks of her as a traitor. Pirena feels hurt, because they don't want to help her when she desperately need help.
  • Wahid and Ybarro reached Sapiro, but the bandidos arrived. They managed to fight the bandidos.
  • Amihan, Danaya, Imaw and Aquil were discussing on their battle strategies and getting information from their enemies. Aquil mentioned that he has someone to get information.
  • The kantao glowed at a door nearby. When they went inside, it was revealed that it was treasure room filled with gold, a shields and many golden objects.
  • Amihan plans to go to Ayleb with Wantuk as he needs Wantuk to prove that Amihan is real and Wantuk was with Lira and Danaya on their way to Devas.
  • Pirena summoned Kahlil to kill people. Icarus and some Lirean soldiers accompany Kahlil.
  • When Muyak tried to find Lira, she wasn't sure. Amihan was impatient because she must be aware that this is important.
  • When Pao Pao asked whether she wanted any bread, Danaya smiled and asked why he was eating again. He said he was hungry. Aquil and Muros noticed it and they approached Danaya at the same time when Pao Pao left. Before they could say a word, there was bombs thrown at the resistance hideout.
  • When Icarus and his Lirean army invaded the resistance's hideout, Icarus told them they aren't fighting him, but they are fighting Kahlil. Danaya meets Kahlil, but she doesn't know who he is.


  • When Wantuk tried to find for Amihan, he looked into the tent.
  • Aquill was worried for Danaya because she was worried about Pirena.
  • Hitano gives LilaSari food while she was sharpening her sword. His food was a way of thanks to thank her for freeing her. She told him that people would get scared of her when they ask her something and she would not agree to Hagorn's requests because he is going to use her.


  • It is humorous on how Muros and Aquil would get jealous over a young boy who is just innocently asking Danaya whether she wanted any bread. This proves that they would get jealous easily.


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 76- Ang paghaharap nina Amihan at Adhara

The teaser for this episode.

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