Paghingi (English: Request) is the 193rd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPaghingi.

Plot Summary

In the Land of the Gunikars

Sang'gre Alena has returned to the Gunikar's lair and immediately called Memfes out, wanting him to show himself to her. As she shouted irritatingly, some of the Gunikars tried to play with her. Already had enough, the Sang'gre warned him and Memfes finally showed up. She then put her sword on the Gunikar's neck, and she asked where were the Adamyans living on her camp, and where did he put them. As he turned around, he firmly told her that he will not release them if she will not agree to what he wants. Alena however, does not still want to marry him, because he does not even love him. The Gunikar, holding the Sang'gre's arm and moving it from him, said that the Diwata would also learn to love him. She then put back the sword on his neck, completely rebuking the Gunikar's words, then asked again about his captives. When Memfes refused to release them, she became more annoyed to him and she decided to attack him using the Brilyante ng Tubig, which Memfes had evaded. However, he was soon caught by it and immediately fell into the ground.

Feeling that the Gunikar might be hurt, Alena quickly approached him and asked if he was alright, for she did not meant to do it to him. As the Sang'gre laid him down softly on the ground, she then checked if Memfes was still breathing and called his name, for which he approached her and told her that she could teach her own heart to love him, and it will be soon. Alena became irate again and use her power to fend off the Gunikar, and he left her presence again to hide.

In the Stream of Truth

The Bathalumang Haliya finally arrived in the Stream of Truth, singing a song while she walked along the waters.

Bathalumang Haliya's song:
Kay sarap magtampisaw
sa tubig, sa ilalim ng buwan
Katawan at kalooban akin lilinisin
upang maging lalong pinagpala.
It is so good to play around
in the water, under the moon
Body and will, I will clean
for it to become more blessed.

As she sang, the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea, who was waiting for the Bathaluman to arrive, looked on. She then greeted her, and asked if she truly was Haliya. The Bathaluman, in turn, somehow became frightened when she saw Cassiopea. The Hara Duri-e realized that she truly was the Bathaluman she was looking for, because what she feels for her was different. As she tried to approach Haliya, she raised her hands, stopping Cassiopea, and finally vanished to leave the stream. Desperate, the Hara Duri-e once again pleaded to the Bathaluman, saying to not hide from her for she and Emre need her help to take back the land of Devas from their enemies. She then added that if she truly was a friend to Emre, she would help them. However, there was no reply from Haliya.

Moments later, a voice came under the stream, saying that Cassiopea cannot talk to the Bathaluman in any way, for she was known to be elusive and mostly avoids any being. It also added that the reason why she lives in the moon is because she is deeply reserved (shy). Cassiopea asked the voice who it was, and it introduce itself as another being, who knows Haliya very well, for it always see her in the Stream of Truth. The Hara Duri-e, already intrigued, asked where it was and to show itself. Unfortunately, the being became silent. She pleaded once more to the being, and it asked her if she truly wanted to see it. She said yes, for she wanted to know everything about the Bathalumang Haliya. Afterwards, the creature finally appeared before her, who came from under the stream. He then greeted Cassiopea, expressing his happiness to be in the Hara Duri-e's presence.

In Lireo

Hitano has finally made his way back to the palace of the Diwatas, and he immediately called Hara Danaya, who was with Mashna Muros. He then reported to her that he was used by Pirena and Deshna to secretly get inside the palace. He was worried that the two might get caught for he does not know what they need inside the palace of Etheria. The Hara then realized that they need to find out what her sister wanted there and she immediately commanded Muros to summon for Nunong Imaw.

Meanwhile, Ariana was training when Rama Ybrahim passed by and watched her. As he looked at the Punjabwe-a wielding her weapon, he was suddenly reminded of someone who moves and fights like her before: her beloved Amihan. He remembered how Ariana moved like the former Hara of the Diwatas, when she was fighting Hagorn and the Hadezars during their previous battles. As the Rama looked on, Rehav Manik came and stood next to him, saying how beautiful her future wife is. Ybrahim was surprised about what the Punjabwe had said, and asked about it. He then informed the Rama that Ariana is already betrothed to him, as a compliance to their traditions. Manik then asked him if he was a very fortunate man, for the Punjabwe-a is already bounded to him. The Rama however, did not say a word and just walked away, as Ariana continued her practice.

In the throne room, with the help of the 'Balintataw' of Nunong Imaw, Danaya, Muros, and Hitano have found out that Pirena wanted to steal something from the Etherians. The Nuno then informed them that what she wanted was the Golden Hourglass, while Hitano added that she failed on taking it away from them, which was the reason for her to return to the palace along with Deshna. The Hadezar then asked what is the Golden Hourglass and why the Hara wanted to take it, and the Danaya answered him that it is very powerful. She also realized that this was what Avria used to bring back her soldiers. Nunong Imaw then commented that those Etherians may have came from the past, and whoever holds the Golden Hourglass has the power to return to any time he or she desires. Muros and the Hara then speculated that the reason why Pirena wanted to steal it is because she wanted to return to some time in the past: the time when Mira and the others were killed. Danaya became worried that this might anger Avria, and Nunong Imaw agreed with her that they must do something.

Afterwards, Sang'gre Alena was now in the throne room, still irate at Memfes, who has been getting on her nerves lately. She showed her frustrations by wanting to drown the Gunikar using the Brilyante ng Tubig. The Sang'gre then struck one of the pillars using her power, which caused Muros and Hitano to rush on the throne room and ask her if there were 'Vedaljes' (enemies) around. She then apologized for what she did, for she could not contain her anger against someone. Hitano then advised not to think about her frustrations for now, but instead follow her sister Danaya, because ike her, she is also frustrated with their older sister. The Sang'gre then wondered what are they fighting now.

In Hathoria

Back in their father's camp, Pirena and Deshna have re-appeared, with the Hara expressing her anger to their failed mission. Her Apwe tried to calm her down, but she said to the young Diwata that all of her hopes relies on the Golden Hourglass. Pirena then wondered why have not they found it, while Deshna speculated that Avria might took it somewhere else to hide it, because the Hara knows that she have already attempted to take it. Pirena told her sister to stay there for a while, in which Deshna asked where is she going. She replied that she will go back to Avria to confront her.

In Etheria

Hara Avria was walking inside the palace with the Ginintuang Orasan in her hand. She then encountered Asval, who was passing by and asked where she went, and the Hara replied that she have done something and he and the others would find out about 'them' when they are finally ready to introduce themselves. She then walked away with him, and Hagorn showed up, listening to what the two have talked about.

In the forest outside Hera Andal, Hara Pirena and Deshna have appeared, ready to attack the palace. The young Diwata asked her 'Apwe' why have not they used her Ivictus to get more closer to the Etherians. The Hara, in turn, told her that Hera Andora might sense them and they must find another way to infiltrate it. Deshna then warned Pirena to not use her as a bait again, for she will not agree to it. As they were talking, Hitano (2016) who was running, approached them and asked how did she managed to take her back from Hagorn. Pirena answered that she did not take her back for it was a long story, but she cannot tell him about it for the time being, especially that they need to get inside the palace. The Hadezar asked about it and if he could help them in any way, for which Deshna asked if he is good at running. Hitano however asked what it meant, and Pirena said that it was the help they needed to him. She then informed him that he must be used as a bait in order for him to distract the Etherian soldiers. Hitano agreed, but in one condition: if they somehow did not manage to escape the palace, he will follow the two.

Soon enough, some soldiers arrived to their location. Pirena and Deshna hid behind the trees while Hitano readied himself to execute their plan. When he was seen, he ran as the soldiers chased him, giving the two daughters of Hagorn a chance to finally enter the inside of the palace. Moments later, the two have appeared near the throne room, where Pirena told her sister where Avria's room was, and they must go inside because what they need to take is in there. The two then proceeded to the Hara's room, but they were soon attacked by Etherian soldiers. Deshna and Pirena managed to defeat all of them but as they were about to go, they heard Asval's voice, so they decided to hide behind one of the chambers. As they looked on, the Mashna and Andora soon arrived, calling Avria, who came out of her room. Asval then informed her that they have finally caught the one who tried to infiltrate Etheria. Avria asked if it was Pirena, but the Mashna uttered Hitano's name, adding that he is now in the hands of their soldiers. The Hadezar was soon brought in her presence. Deshna realized that Hitano did what he told them: that they will follow the two if they did not come out.

As Avria interrogated the Hadezar, she made him known that there was an agreement between her and the Diwatas and then asked him what is he doing there. Hitano replied that he was just looking around the land, just as what he told her soldiers earlier. Asval, however, did not believe it, questioning him if he was trying to spy on Etheria. The Hadezar then mentioned their agreement again, and he reiterated his statement. Andora then asked her Hara if she wanted them to imprison him or punish him to die. Hitano reminded the Heran that he is an Ivtre, and that they cannot kill what is already dead. As Andora was about to strike him, Avria stopped her, knowing that this would anger the Diwatas, allowing them to keep the Brilyante ng Tubig, which was still not being surrendered to them. The Hara then commanded her soldiers to release the Hadezar, and to give back his weapon. As they did it and Hitano walked away, Pirena and Deshna vanished, knowing that he had distracted all of them enough.

Pirena and Deshna finally got inside the Hara's room. However, they were too late for what they want is already gone. Meanwhile, Avria was attending to some scrolls back in the throne room when she suddenly saw a flash of light around the room. She realized that it would only mean one thing: someone has once again went into her chambers. She then commanded her soldiers to go there immediately. Back in the room, the two left as Avria and the others arrived, who noticed that the hourglass was gone. They were wondering how the thief managed to evade the power that protects it. Andora commented that someone who could take out the shield was the one who did it. Asval said that it cannot be Hitano, and the Diwatas may have something to do with this. Avria then said that she will take care of it and vanished as the two Mashnas looked at each other.

Back in the throne room, Avria was sending a scroll to the Diwatas when Hara Pirena arrived in her presence. As the Hara asked about her purpose, she then went straight to the point and demanded to have the Golden Hourglass in her possession if she does not want them to hurt each other again. Avria then questioned why Pirena wanted it, and she should not bother, for it had already been stolen from her. The Hara of Hathoria then accused her of lying, which the Hara of Etheria denied and warned her to not talk to her that way, because like Pirena, Avria is also sick of her presence. As the Hara struck the ground with her staff, this ordered the soldiers to attack Pirena. Moments after, Danaya arrived and she strucked her older sister, who fell from her knees. Pirena asked her why she did it, and the Hara replied that she knows what she did, so she must not asked about it. Danaya then apologized to Avria for what Pirena had done, and she commanded them to take her out of her sight before she could think of something that could trouble them. As the Hara struggled from her younger sister, the two finally vanished.

The two Haras then re-appeared outside Etheria, with Pirena telling her sister to let go of her. Danaya immediately questioned her if she was the one who stole the Golden Hourglass, for which she answered that if she did, then there is no purpose for her anymore to confront Avria and find where it was. Danaya then told her that she should not do those things and Avria should not be angered because she is once again putting Encantadia in the brink of war and they both know that they are still not ready. Pirena however, asked why is she mad at her, especially that she does not agree with their so-called alliance with Etheria. Danaya denied that it was all treachery, and justified her actions as the best for many. She then declared that she will not let Pirena ruin her plans because of her selfishness, for which the Hara of Hathoria questioned it. Danaya answered that she knows that the reason for her to take the Golden Hourglass was to return to the past and to save Mira and the others. She then asked if the Hara was truly selfish, and would be willing to sacrifice the future of Encantadia just to please herself. Pirena then angrily admitted what she wanted to do and what her reason was: because she still has not accepted Mira and Lira's death. She also added that she could not accept the fact they were wanting good terms with the Hara who commanded her Mashnas to kill her daughter and her 'hadia', so whatever Danaya wanted to say, she will not care, for she will still do everything just to get what she wants. Pirena then attacked her sister and they fought for a while.

Back in the throne room, Avria was watching what was happening between the two Haras. Amused, she express how sad it was that the two siblings were fighting each other and she urged them to just keep doing it. Avria then stood up from her throne and wondered: if the Golden Hourglass was not in the possession of the Diwatas, then who is holding it right now.

In the other side of the forest near the palace of Etheria, Hagorn was seen holding the Golden Hourglass. With the most important tool of Etheria now in his hands, the Rama Duri-e declared that he could do a lot of things using it, and he will once again rule the whole Encantadia soon.

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