Mistake is the 70th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 31. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagkakamali.


Major Events

  • Pirena finds out that Lira is gone.
  • Anthony and Mira meet again, at Anthony's house.
  • Lira meets Amihan. But she doesn't believe her because she thinks she is Pirena. So, she stabs her with the avatar.
  • When Aquil said he would pray for Alira Naswen, Danaya got jealous.
  • Hagorn saved Pirena because she has the Brilyante ng Tubig and they have a lot of enemies.
  • Hagorn said that he would be the keeper of the Brilyante ng Apoy and Pirena can never take it back.
  • Danaya, Muyak and Ybarro found out that Lira stabbed her.
  • Lira managed to escape from Lireo.
  • Imaw, using his Tungkod (Staff / Magic Wand), shows Amihan, Danaya and Muyak the reason why Lira has stabbed her.
  • Hagorn now knows that Ybarro is Ybrahim and that he is Kalasag. He feels that he should be slain.


Encantadia- Ang pagkakamali ni Lira00:31

Encantadia- Ang pagkakamali ni Lira

The trailer for this episode.

Encantadia - Ang pagkakamali ni Lira04:44

Encantadia - Ang pagkakamali ni Lira

The highlight of this episode.

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