Selection is the 93rd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 32. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPagpili.

Major Events

  • Ether made the curse even more worser by making sure no one remembers Lira.
  • Amihan allows Lira to stay at the palace of Sapiro even though Aquil, Danaya and Muros didn't allow her to stay.
  • Cassiopiea doesn't know about "the person", who is Lira, Ether was talking about.


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 93- Ang pagbabagong-anyo ni Lira

The teaser for this episode.

Encantadia- Puso ng isang ina03:22

Encantadia- Puso ng isang ina

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