Test is the 9th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. This episode is the continuation of Chapter 11. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagsubok‬‬.


Mine-a now feels that the time has come for her to choose from one of her daughters to be the next Queen of Lireo. Even though they grow up, the Sang’gres would continue to disobey Aquil by running away from their training. During a banquet, butterflies appeared, symbolizing that it’s time for Mine-a to choose a new Queen. Pirena, confident that she should be the next queen was confronted by Danaya who told her that age is not a criteria for being Queen and that her, despite being the youngest can be a Queen. Mine-a then orders them to prepare themselves for they will be given a test on who will be the next queen.

Meanwhile, Alira Naswen once again saw Asval, who she thought was killed during war. Asval then ask Alira to join him on conquering Encantadia but since Alira already plead allegiance to Lireo, Asval saw her as a traitor.

Alena told Amihan that she prefers being an ordinary Diwata than becoming Queen so she can love freely. Pirena overhears the conversation of Amihan and Alena, who told Amihan that she can be a better queen. Pirena also overhears the conversation between Mine-a and Imaw, where Mine-a prefers to have her 3 daughters to win and not Pirena, for her safety and of fear for the blood that is flowing through Pirena. This infuriates Pirena, who promised that she will win the test to prove to her Mother that she is worthy of the throne and to embarrass her sisters. Alena, on the other hand, went to the river by herself, despite Muyak telling her of the dangers lurking from the Hathorians and the Mandirigma. As Alena swims to the river, she was seen by Ybarro, who fought some Hathorians and stealing their items. Alena was then confronted by Hitano for going to the river alone. While Ybarro, on the other hand, was told by his father, Apitong to forget the diwata because they see them as inferior but Ybarro promised him that it will not happen.

As the test for the Sang'gres begins, Mine-a ordered her advisers to help her determine on who will be the next Queen for their hands depends the safety of Encantadia.

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