Dispute is the 174th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPagtatalo.

Plot Summary

In the Forest

As Luna and Gilas encountered LilaSari during the night, the Nymfa, suspicious of who she is, asked what is she doing there. Luna then told her friend that she knew the Diwata and that she recognizes her face. She then asked LilaSari that they have met before. The Etherian remembered it as well, saying that they also met in the forest and how funny it was that they encountered each other again. LilaSari asked what are they doing in the land of Lireo, for which Luna replied that she and her friend and sister are now living there now. She then wondered if the Diwatas have cared for them, and Gilas replied that Luna is one of the beings to be trained to be the next keeper of the Brilyantes. As she heard this, LilaSari's mood changed, asking if she is certain as one of the keepers. Luna replied in agreement, then she asked the Encantada what her name was and introduced themselves to her. LilaSari then declined to answer it, saying it is not important if who she was, but she reminded them that it will not be good for her to let the other Encantados know about her being one of the keepers, because many of them are angry at the Diwatas, and she will be hurt. Luna then thanked her for her advice. As they were talking, Amarro arrived, looking for LilaSari. He then asked who is she talking to and she told him that they just met each other. She then asked Amarro to go on. As she was about to leave, she looked at Luna again and they smiled at each other. After they departed, Luna wondered who she was for they always have an encounter with each other.

In Etheria

In the throne room, Hara Avria was with Hera Andora and Asval. The Heran asked if it is true that they will free the army that they gathered before, and the Hara commanded them to just follow her orders. She then asked the two to send this information to LilaSari and Amarro as well. Asval however, asked if the Hara was giving away too much to the Diwatas, like returning the Brilyante ng Diwa and now surrendering the Etherian army. Andora then added that maybe the Diwatas are now taking advantage of her. Already irritated, Avria then responded that she is trying to get the Diwatas' trust, which was the reason why is she doing this, especially that this is going to her plans accordingly. She then angrily commanded them to not ask any more questions and just follow what she told them to do. The two Mashnas then excused themselves thereafter, bearing the Hara's commands. After leaving, the Hara then muttered that soon enough, her Mashnas will finally realize why is she doing those things.

Outside the palace, the four Mashnas have gathered together and Andora and Asval told LilaSari and Amarro what the Hara's orders were. Amarro asked if they are sure that they will release their army and let them go, and Asval said yes, commanding them to send them to Hara Avria. Amarro wondered what was happening for he cannot understand these things. Andora agreed with him, and informed the others that her army is now inside the palace so they should also go as well. As the three Mashnas left, Asval was left alone, telling that he will follow them later. Behind the trees, Hara Pirena was watching them. As Asval walked away, Pirena changed her appearance into Hera Andora. She then followed the Mashna.

Moments later, Asval encountered Pangil and the other Etherians. He then commanded them to return to the palace and they obliged. Pirena then showed up (still disguising as Andora), saying that Asval was the one who accompanied the Hara in Lireo so she does not believe that he does not anything about Avria's plans. Thinking that it was the Heran, he told her that he does not know anything about any of her plans after she failed on her plan in Lireo. Pirena became surprised to what the Mashna had said and asked about it. Asval then mentioned of the poison, and how the Diwatas learned that there was poison on their wine before they could even drink it. He then added that he thought that they might be caught, but Avria found a way and they did not became suspicious. Pirena then said that the Hara of Etheria truly is good, for which Asval agreed. He then reiterated that he does not know any of Avria's plans anymore. Whatever it was, as long as it is against their enemies, Asval will remain loyal to her. As he walked away, Pirena then returned to her normal appearance, declaring that Avria and Etheria cannot be trusted at all.

Back inside the palace, LilaSari and Andora were walking when they encountered Asval. The Heran asked about him arriving just now and the Hara was looking for her. Asval then asked her that from the way she asked him, they did not met just now. Andora became confused, saying that she has not left the palace along with LilaSari, who was with her all the time and they were waiting for him. LilaSari then agreed with her, and asked Asval for she felt like he is not in his normal self. Asval then said that he saw the Heran went outside and followed him. The Mashna then realized something: it was Pirena and she talked to another Andora. He now learned that Hagorn's daughter fooled her and they must inform the Hara about this.

In Lireo

In the meeting chambers, Hara Pirena and Rama Ybrahim were having a drink, talking about if Hara Avria was being truly honest to their agreement with them, and if the Hara of Hathoria was still doubting her. Pirena then replied that she does not want to have any uncertainty, but she cannot help it, especially that she cannot believe that the Lirean soldier that Mashna Muros have killed was the only one who plotted and took action to poison them all. Ybrahim then asked if Avria has something to do with it, since she was also one of the Encantadas that were given the contaminated wine. Pirena added that it will be good if they could be sure about the Hara's loyalty, and so she will find out if she is worthy of their trust, which the Rama asked how will she do it. Pirena then said that she will take care of it herself.

Later that night, Ariana was walking along the hallways when she encountered Mashna Mayca and her sister Kayzan. She asked the Punjabwe-a what is she still doing there, and Ariana told her that she still cannot sleep. She then asked them where are they going, and Mayca replied that they will accompany Rama Ybrahim in the Worship chambers. Curious, Ariana asked if the Rama was still there, and as she said it, Ybrahim came out and saw her. The Rama then asked the two to go without him in the room. As they left Ariana and Ybrahim there, the Punjabwe-a bowed and greeted him, which he did the same to her. Ariana then told about the flowers, and how pretty they are. The Rama then informed her that she will offer those to her beloved Amihan. They looked into each other for a while, and then Ybrahim told Ariana that he will go ahead. She then said goodbye to him and as he leaves, he stopped and looked at the flowers while Ariana was still seeing him go. The Rama then turned around at her, approached Ariana again and gave her some of the flowers. After Ybrahim finally departed, Ariana felt happiness for what she had received from the Rama she admired.

Back in her room, Ariana was smelling the flowers the Rama have given her as she walked inside. She sat on the table as she thought of what happened earlier. Afterwards, she put the flowers on a cup with water and sat on her bed. She became excited and giddy as she lay down to it, thinking of Ybrahim. As she screamed of excitement, Luna came inside her room and asked why is she doing it. The Punjabwe-a told her that it is because she saw him again, which Luna asked who. Ariana then replied the one who makes her heart beat, and the Diwata said the name of Ybrahim. However, Ariana became cautious, telling Luna that someone might hear them, and it is only their secret. Luna however, asked who might hear them for it is only the two of them in the room. She then asked the Punjabwe-a if she truly like the Rama, for she cannot expect from him especially that until now, she still loves Hara Amihan. Ariana then said that it is impossible for Ybrahim to love her, but it does not mind her. The important thing for her is that she always see him and Sang'gre Lira. That is enough for her: to see Ybrahim.

After learning about what Asval had told her, Hara Pirena finally returned from Etheria and immediately went to the Hara of Lireo's chambers to talk to her. She asked the damas where she was for she will say something important, but they told her that Hara Danaya went outside and she has some guests on the towers. The Hara then vanished and proceeded to the gates of Lireo. As she arrived, Pirena asked the soldier where the Hara was. Before he could answer the Hara's question, Hara Danaya appeared behind her back, and asked what it is she want. Pirena then commanded the soldiers to leave them and informed the Hara that her speculations were right and the Lirean soldier was not the culprit, and it was Avria. Danaya asked how did she knew about it, and Pirena also informed her about how she talked to Asval using Andora's appearance and she caught it from him that Avria was the mastermind behind the contaminated wine. As they both agree to it, Pirena added that Avria will continue to pretend that she is with the Diwatas, because she also found out that she will surrender her army to them. Hara Danaya then declared that they will play along with her, but she asked her sister to keep this information between the two of them until they found out about the Hara's other plans. Pirena agreed, for she does not Ybrahim and the others to know this as well. She then decided to go back to Hathoria to gather and ready her soldiers.

As Pirena vanished and left for her kingdom, Danaya was revealed to be Avria, who was disguising in the Hara of Lireo's appearance. As she returned to her normal self, the three Mashnas of Etheria appeared, with Avria declaring that for now, they have nothing to worry about, because only Pirena knew about their secret. Andora then suggested that they will follow and silence the Hara, but Asval declined it, making the Heran think that he still have feelings for Pirena. Avria stopped Andora, and told her that they are still not ready to let the Diwatas know that they are truly not their allies, so they must not do anything against Pirena, because she was planning to do something else against the Diwatas. Asval then asked about it, and the Hara told about Danaya, and how it is time to replace the Hara of the Diwatas. She then laughed in excitement as they all returned to Etheria.

Back in the Hara's chambers, Danaya was sleeping when a ray of light woke her up. She then proceeded to follow it and it led her to the throne room. Curious, she asked what it was, and to show itself. As it went around her, she warned it to show itself or be destroyed. As it passes, she used her power to aprehend it, but she was taken by it as it floated above her. As she was sucked in, Danaya woke up, realizing that it was only a dream. The Hara Duri-e Cassiopea then appeared to her and asked about her nightmare. She said yes and told 'Mata' about it. Cassiopea then told her that this dream is a warning, that everything who pretends to be a light does not mean that they are truly for Lireo. The Hara then thought of Avria, and if she was the one who Cassiopea was talking about. The Hara Duri-e added that she cannot see if she truly wanted peace nor she cannot read her, because the Hara of Etheria also has a power to hide from her 'Balintataw'. She then advised Danaya to be careful of Avria, for which the Hara agreed to do. Cassiopea then blessed her, and inquired about the keepers that she will train. She wants to see them now so she commanded her pets to wake them up and bring them to her. From the Hara Duri-e's hand, six Pashneas have came out and flied along the palace to fetch the six chosen keepers.

Inside the young Sang'gres' chambers, Lira and Mira were sleeping when suddenly, something was inside their blankets bothering them. Lira then told her 'bessy' to not put her foot over her. Mira then replied that she was not doing that and was not attached to her, but instead Lira was the one doing that to her. The Sang'gre finally woke up and looked at her blanket she saw it move around. She became frightened and woke Mira, who was startled as well. Lira then warned the creature to show itself or she will turn it into a 'Panea' (bread). However, their blanket floated upwards and landed to them, revealing the two Pashneas Cassiopea had sent to find them. As they saw it, they found them cute and the creatures landed to their hands. It did not last long though, for they flied away, prompting the two Sang'gres to follow them.

As the six Pashneas gathered around in a hallway, the six new keepers followed them, meeting each other. Mira then wondered what are those creatures doing in the palace, and Ariana informed them that those Argonas are what they called 'Munch'kas', and they are usually gentle and can be kept as pets. She then added that from what she had known, they can only be found in one island. Paopao asked about it, and Muyak replied that it is on the 'Island of Capate', or commonly known as Cassiopea's Island. Lira then thought of the Hara Duri-e, and she realized that Cassiopea had already arrived, so they decided to go to the throne room.

The six keepers followed the Munch'kas to the main hall, where they were met by the Hara Duri-e along with Nunong Imaw, greeting them all. She informed them that they will finally leave Lireo to go on to a journey to her island for there to train. The Nuno then asked them all that they will have to say goodbyes to their loved ones now, for they will be gone for a long period of time. He added that they should gather their belongings and so they can now leave to do them. The keepers thanked the two leaders and ran away to finally get ready for their journey. Afterwards, Nunong Imaw talked to the Hara Duri-e about how excited the new keepers were for their training, but Cassiopea replied that they must not feel this way but instead, be ready, because not any one of them know the challenges that they will face later on. From this, they will determine if they are really meant to be worthy or not.

In Luna's chambers, the Diwata, dressed in her red training attire, reminded her sister Quina to always behave kindly in the palace while she is away. Her little sister then told her to take care as well and embraced her. As they were doing it, Gilas came in and talked about her and the others leaving. She said that Cassiopea is already there and is fetching them up. The Nymfa then said that he wanted to come, but Luna wondered how can he come with her for Gilas was not chosen. Gilas still insisted that he wants to train as well so he could prove to them that despite the symbols not choosing him, he could still make use of himself. He then hopes that she could help him, and as Luna asked for an idea for Gilas to come, the damas and soldiers brought the Diwata's belongings. The Nymfa then brought Luna aside, and asked about what happened before when they encountered a wild Pashnea. She remembered that in order to approach it, they ate a fruit of 'Kawati', but she told him that they can only get it from the end of their land. As Luna was still talking, Gilas showed to her some of the fruit that he gathered, which surprised her. He then asked Luna if he could still come with her, now that the time is right to finally use the fruit of Kawati.

Lira, dressed in her brown training attire, was talking to his father Ybrahim. The Rama made her promise that she will not forget the lessons her mother Amihan has given to her. That any troubles or challenges that she may face, she will always think about not just Lireo, but also Sapiro as well. The young Sang'gre then said that it is too much pressure for her, but she promised that she can make it. Lira then reminded her father to always take care and remember that she loves him very much. The Rama declared her love for her daughter as well and they shared an embrace.

In Hathoria
Mira, dressed in her green and red training attire, was with her mother, Pirena. She then told her daughter where they are: the place where the bodies of the former Ramas who ruled Hathoria were being burned, therefore the Hathors considered it a sacred place. The Hara then reminded Mira to carry the bravery of their Hathor ancestors with her as she goes as well as the heart of their Diwata ancestors. Afterwards, a Hathor soldier gave Pirena a mound of ashes for a ritual. Using the power of her Brilyante and those ashes, she blessed her daughter with a symbol of fire in the side of her forehead. As Mira touched it, she asked about it with disgust. However, the Hara pleaded to her not to mimic Lira's way of talking, for it infuriates her as she hears it. Mira then said that this is what her mother wants to hear: she promises that Pirena will be proud of her once she returns home. The Hara then hoped that she must not just promise it, but she must also swear it. Pirena then told Mira to take care to her journey, and they embraced each other. The Hara of Hathoria then brought her daughter's belongings to Mira, who asked if she was too over-prepared, which the Hara jokingly asked if she did not readied for this moment.

Back in the throne room, the leaders, as well as some of the keepers were already gathered, ready to leave. Ybrahim then suggested to the Hara Duri-e if they could take Wantuk with them, so someone could watch her daughter, as well as the other keepers. Cassiopea then granted it, saying that the warrior is trustworthy one. Wantuk then thanked the Hara Duri-e for her agreement. After a moment, Hara Pirena declared that everyone were finally there, except for one. Lira then realized that Ariana has not yet arrived in the throne room and wondered where she was.

In her chambers, Ariana, dressed in her blue training attire, was fixing her belongings and was finally leaving. However, her brother Azulan showed up, grabbed her bag and threw it on her bed, instructing her that she will not come with the others or to that training. The Punjabwe-a insisted that she wants to come to train and fight. Azulan then questioned her why she wanted to, which was so she can put herself in danger. Ariana then answered that she just wanted to defend herself and the lives of other Encantados. Like Hara Amihan, Ariana wanted to be like her, who is strong and has skills to battle anyone. Azulan again reminded her sister that it is not their custom, and therefore she cannot change her fate. She then argued about her brother following a custom of a dead tribe. Azulan, already frustrated, held her arms and said that despite the Punjbawe already scattered, they still cannot change their traditions, and for that, she will not leave. Ariana struggled from her brother's hands, apologizing that she will not follow him, but instead follow the symbol who chose her. As she was going to leave the room, Azulan held her again and telling Ariana to obey her brother if she does not want Azulan to be completely angry at her.

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