Showdown is the 24th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is the continuation of Chapter 22. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPagtutuos.


As Pagaspas continues for his search for Ybarro, he encountered the Hathors led by Agane and fought with them this led to the delay of his arrival to Ybarro's location. Ybarro fought Hitano, while Burak fought with Pako and Wantuk. With the help of Asval, who shoot an arrow to Ybarro’s back, Hitano kicked him off the cliff, into the ocean. Upon his arrival, Pagaspas found Wantuk and Pako mourning for him.

Amihan asked Alena for forgiveness for what she did between her Sister and Ybarro and she promised her that she will be happy again. While Asval revealed to Dagtum that he killed Ybarro on purpose for he doesn’t want two person with Royal Blood to live in Encantadia, so he killed him the same way he killed Ynang Reyna Mine-a, with a poisoned arrow.

Pagaspas goes back to Lireo with the news that Ybarro had died. Hitano was then called by Amihan, scolding him for acting something without her consent, so he was given a fine and a warning that he’ll be stripped of his duty in the army, should he harm any ally. Amihan interrupts the training of her other sisters, giving Alena the bad news about Ybarro. The news devastated her and was consoled by her sister. After sending a letter to the Mandirigma, letting them possess the land they’re living, Pirena, who was a witness, told Amihan of her secret to Alena, threatening her that she will tell it to Alena.

Meanwhile, Cassiopea found Ybarro’s body on the shore which was brought by the mermaids. And using her blood that Emre cursed with immortality, he revived Ybarro back to life. Once revived, she ordered Ybarro to return to Sapiro. Upon his arrival, Ybarro finally met his real father Armeo, who emerged on the place where the Kalasag is kept.

Major Events

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