Palaisipan (English: Riddle) is the 183rd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPalaisipan.

Plot Summary

In New Etheria

Outside the palace of Hera Andal, Hara Pirena arrived, ready to attack Avria and the others. As she was about to go through the gates, Hara Danaya, who apparently followed the Hara of Hathoria, appeared next to her and held her arm, stopping her. She asked her younger sister to let go, but Danaya insisted that her emotions is just getting the best of her, and therefore she is not ready to face Avria. Pirena then responded that she is ready to whatever happens to her just to avenge the deaths of her daughter Mira. As Danaya called her, Pirena ignored it anyway and proceeded inside, with the Hara of the Diwatas following her, shaking her head.

As they arrived inside the throne room, Pirena immediately called out Avria to show herself to her. While Danaya was walking around, she felt that the silence was unnerving. The Hara continued to call anyone, including the Bathlaumang Ether and cursed them for this. The Hara of Lireo told her sister that Etheria is empty, and Pirena wondered why have they left and where they have gone to.

While they were standing, an sudden earthquake staggered the two Haras, with Pirena thinking that the realm of Encantadia itself is angry for it lost its next defenders. She then declared that it will be happy for what she will about to do next. The Hara then brought out her Brilyante and commanded it to unleash her anger to the whole Etheria and to let it feel the pain of her loss. As Danaya watched, Pirena then wielded her power to burn the whole throne room down. They soon left the land as burned into ashes.

As the Etherians returned home, Avria, her Mashnas, and her soldiers have seen the palace in flames. Almost irate, the Hara said that Pirena might think that she cannot re-establish her kingdom once again from ashes. She then commanded the Brilyante ng Hangin to blow away the fires that engulfing her palace. She then commanded their Mashnas, each of their own armies to attack Lireo and kill every Diwata they see.

In Old Etheria

Hara Avria, along with her four Mashnas (Hera Andora, Asval, LilaSari and Amarro, have returned to the land where their old kingdom once stood. As they gathered to a place familiar to Amarro, the Hara told them that it was the portal and bridge of the past. The Heran expressed her happiness as she told Avria that she was still able to find it despite Cassiopea sending most of Old Etheria's ruins below the ground. Avria then replied to her that she will never forget her origin, as well as the Etherians that served her. Asval then asked the Hara about her plan, and Avria told her Heran to bring out the Gintong Orasan (or the Golden Hourglass). Andora then removed the black cloth that covers the hourglass and showed it to Avria. The Hara told them all that she managed to bring back some of her soldiers using the golden hourglass, but now that they finally have the three Brilyantes in their possession, she could finally bring back a huge army of Etherians to the present time.

Andora soon flipped the golden hourglass and from that, the portal of the past opened, with Avria using the Brilyantes and singing an old Enchanta chant to call her army:

Tinatawag ko ang mga Etherian na mula sa kaharian.
Mga magigiting na mandirigma na tapat sa kanilang reyna.
Tumawid kayo ngayon sa kasalukuyan.
Upang muling mataguyod ang Etheria na ating mahal!
I am calling the Etherians that came from the kingdom.
The brave warriors who are loyal to their queen.
You may now pass the present time.
In order to once again uphold our beloved Etheria!

As soon as she finished her spell, the power that came from the Brilyantes went through the portal, creating a whirlwind inside it. Moments later, groups of Etherian soldiers have finally came out from the portal. It soon grew into an army and LilaSari and Amarro were stunned to see them all. Andora and Asval rejoiced for the return of the army of Etheria to the present, sasying that truly they are the most powerful kingdom in all of Encantadia. Hara Avria then welcomed her soldiers and the two Mashnas proclaimed Etheria's triumph. LilaSari was also happy about it, but Amarro was not, leaving them all there and walked away from them. LilaSari then saw him left.

Moments later, LilaSari caught up with Amarro, who was still walking away. As she called him, he turned around and the Diwata said to her that what if their Hara learned about it. Amarro on the other hand declared that he does not care anymore to what she will do. LilaSari reminded him that someone might hear him, but Mashna told her that she saw what he saw, and Avria once again created a new army of Etherians. This would only mean that the battle between them and the Diwatas will be further. Amarro asked her who is responsible for this, and LilaSari also saw how evil Avria was, that even those 'children' that have done nothing on her, she had them killed. Amarro cannot take those things anymore, ang LilaSari told him that he agreed to be her Mashna and to fight, invade, and kill for her. The Mashna then replied that he thought that she is thinking for the good of Encantadia, and for the the rising of once fallen kingdoms again, and also for the peace. He was wrong, and he cannot take it anymore. She then asked LilaSari to come with him and turn away from all of those. The Diwata asked where are they going, and wherever they hide, the Bathaluman whom their swore fealty will find them anyway. As Amarro looked at her, he then turned away from LilaSari, and saying that whenever she chooses to change her mind, all she must to is to find him. Amarro then said his goodbyes to her.

In Lireo

In one of the hallways in the palace, Ariana has encountered her brother Azulan along with Rehav Manik. As she bowed on the Rehav, he told her pleasantries were not necessary anymore, for he is happy to know that she is safe and not hurt like the others. The Punjabwe-a's [1] brother then said to her how dangerous the path that she wants to take. Azulan then asked her if she could listen to him now and stop her foolishness. Manik then commented that as soon as the Retres finally claimed the dead, they can now arrange their journey back to their home. However, Ariana refused to come with them and return to their tribe. Azulan stopped the Punjabwe-a, and questioned her if she not had enough. The Rehav then added that she knows that they need to go home and they will not leave until she is with them. Ariana told them that her companions have been slain and they need the justice they deserve, and she will not leave them now, especially that they are now dead. She then apologized to the Rehav and to her 'Adto', for she will remain in Lireo until Avria and the other ones who killed the keepers were defeated. As the Punjabwe-a leaves, Azulan asked her why is she so considerate to the Diwatas, for she not related to them at all. Ariana replied that she does not know why, but the only thing she knows is that Lireo is where she belongs. She then walked away and her older brother called her to come back, but Manik stopped him. The Rehav then told the Punjabwe to let her be, and to just try to understand what she is going through.

Outside the palace, Mashna Mayca, her sister Kayzan and Sang'gre Alena have taken the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea and Nunong Imaw to the airship they will use to their journey to Devas. The Sang'gre mentioned that the ship was once used by her 'hadia' Sang'gre Lira on her return there with the Barbaro Wahid and Wantuk. The Nuno then lamented about how sad it was that the airship was once used by them, but the Hara Duri-e replied that it would be the perfect ship for them so it could remind them about their reason of going to Devas. She then thanked Alena and wished them to find peace in their hearts once again. The Sang'gre also blessed them to their journey and the two have finally left.

Back inside, Rama Ybrahim has encountered her Mashna and handed her a scroll. He then commanded her that after the funeral of her daughter, she would return to their land to lower their banners and tell them to get ready. The Rama also commanded Mayca to give the scroll to the council of Sapiro, and to make a written statement, declaring a war against Etheria. Alena heard this as she was passing by, and told Ybarro to calm himself down for Sapiro could not fight Etheria by itself. The Rama however, said that he is not alone, because Alena knows that Hathoria and Lireo will be joining him as well. He then told the Sang'gre that Lira and Mira have the same blood as her, and she knows that his daughter was the heir of Lireo. On the other hand, Alena asked him if he sees war as a solution to what happened to them, and Ybarro agreed, then he asked his Mashna to do what he commanded her. Ybrahim then walked away as well as his Mashnas, with Sang'gre Alena being left there, worried.

The Retres have soon arrived in Lireo, and proceeded to the main hall where the four remains of Lira, Mira, Wahid, and Gilas were laid. Their relatives and the soldiers have already gathered there and Danaya and Pirena (who have just returned from Etheria), followed soon after. The Hara of the Diwatas have seen the Retres and informed Pirena that they were about to claim them, including Mira. Fearing that she might not see her daughter again, she immediately went to Mira's body, held its hand, and wept bitterly as she remembered how she killed her own father Hagorn for the sake of her child.

Pirena's Flashbacks with Mira:
  • Pirena stabbed Hagorn fatally in the abdomen after refusing to give in to his proposal despite knowing its consequences. Mira then asked her mother why have she done it. As Pirena was about to succumb to Bathalumang Ether's curse, she told her daughter that it is for her, and that her mother is not an evil Diwata after all.
  • As Pirena rose from her resting place, alive and now free from the Bathaluman's curse, Mira quickly approached her and embraced her, apologizing for what she had told her mother before. The Sang'gre on the other hand, replied that her daughter should not apologize, especially that it feels good to sacrifice for someone she loves.
  • Hara Pirena called out her daughter in her presence. As a symbol of her triumph, she gave Mira a shield as an additional protection for her. The Diwani thanked her mother for the gift she had received.
  • As the Hara blessed her daughter in the sacred grounds of Hathoria before leaving for their training with Cassiopea, Mira then said that this is what her mother wants to hear: the Sang'gre promises that her mother will be proud of her once she returns home. The Hara then hoped that she must not just promise it, but she must also swear it.

As Pirena continued her grieving, Ybrahim was on Lira's remains, being consoled by Danaya. On his side were Paopao and Ariana, who was also holding the Sang'gre's hand. The Rama was in deep pain, kissing his daughter's forehead as he remembered their moments together.

Ybrahim's Flashbacks with Lira
  • After being chosen as one of the next keepers, Lira showed to her father Rama the symbol that had chosen her and how it is a real thing and not just a drawing. Ybrahim happily replied to his daughter that if Amihan were only alive today, he knows that she too will be glad for her accomplishment.
  • Lira and Ybrahim looks on the statue of their beloved Amihan in the room of worship. They shared an embrace and the Rama kissed her daughter in the forehead.
  • As Lira told Ybrahim about her adventures to regain their memories of her and all the things that happened to her, her father expressed how proud he was of her and she is truly the daughter of him and Amihan. She then flexed her arms, as if she was showing off her muscles to the Rehav, and saying that she inherited those things from her parents.
  • Before leaving the palace for their training with Cassiopea, Lira reminded her father to always take care of himself and always remember that she loves him very much. The Rama declared his love for her daughter as well and they shared an embrace.

The Rama broke down completely while reflecting on all of those things. Meanwhile, Luna was also in tears while she was in front of Gilas's body.

Luna's Flashbacks with Gilas:
  • An Argona attacked both Gilas and Luna. After defeating it, Gilas proclaimed in front of their tribe men that wherever Luna goes, he will always follow her.
  • Luna fell onto Gilas' arms, and as they sat together, Luna said she could feel that she is one of them and what is important is they all love her. Gilas hesitantly agreed with her, after almost spitting out about his feelings for Luna.

Luna, Muyak, Paopao and Wantuk silently mourned their friends' death, while the two parents of the two Sang'gres could not contain themselves for so much pain that they were feeling as the Retres fly above them, ready to pick up their daughters. As Ybrahim repeatedly calling the name of Lira in despair, Ariana held the Rama on his back and tried to console him. Danaya then went to her older sister, who was still holding on to the hand of the lifeless body of Mira, putting it on her face and kissing it. The Mashnas of all the kingdoms, as well as the Punjabwe leaders (including Azulan) were also affected of what they were seeing.

Afterwards, Pirena went into the chambers of the Sang'gres and looked around the room. She then sat to their bed and reflected on some things she remembered about Lira and Mira.

Pirena's Flashback:
In the Sang'gres' room, Sang'gre Lira and Sang'gre Mira were killing time by playing 'Tic-Tac-Toe' (a human game), when Hara Pirena suddenly came to their room and visited them. She asked them why are they locking themselves in there, to which the two answered that they are grounded, and that the Hara of Lireo told them not to come out until they are commanded to do so. The Hara of Hathoria then explained to them that they only did this to make them reflect about what they have done wrong and not to do it again. Pirena also advised them to use their thinking thoroughly before making a big step and to make sure that they will succeed and not bring themselves to any shame.

Soon after, the Hara became surprised when the 'Tic Tac Toe' game that the Sang'gres were playing before suddenly appeared in front of her. As she looked at it, she tearfully filled one of its slots with an Enchan character with a smile. Moments after, Pirena was about to cry again and she waved the 'board' away, reminding her of the Sang'gres' memories. She then heard steps coming towards her, and it was the Punjbawe, Azulan. The Hara then asked him what is he doing there, and if he is going to chastise her that women should not go and fight in any war, which was the reason her daughter was killed. The Punjabwe however, declined, and told Pirena that he did not went there to rebuke her nor to have an argument with her. His reason was to sympathize on her, and he hopes she would let him do it. The Hara turned to Azulan, for which he approached her and held her in his arms as Pirena wept painfully once more.

Later that day, the Retres have finally claimed the bodies of the four dead Encantados. The Barbaros were present as their companion Wahid, vanished from their sight first. It was soon followed by Gilas' body, as her mother Serra, along with Luna and Quina tearfully watched the Retres taking him away from them. Sang'gre Lira's body vanished afterwards, while her father looked at the claimants in despair with Wantuk, Paopao, Ariana, Muyak, Mayca, and Kayzan. The Binatang Ligaw then remembered what the Sang'gre told her when he was a child.

Paopao's Flashback with Lira:
Lira: Lagi kitang mami-miss. Tandaan mo ha? Mahal ka ni Ate Lira.
(I will always miss you. Remember, Ate Lira loves you.)
Child Paopao: Mahal din kita.
(I love you too.)
The Diwani and the Batang Ligaw then shared an embrace.

Not that long, the body of Mira has also been taken away from Hara Pirena, who was with Aquil, Hitano, Manik and Azulan. The Hara broke down in tears again as she looks at the empty resting place of her daughter, as well as Ybrahim. Pirena then approached her sisters and she was embraced by them as the Barbaros, the remaining keepers, the soldiers, and the others who were present have finally left the hall. All that was left were Ybrahim, the three Sang'gres, and Luna. As Pirena was leaving, she was approached by Luna. She then told the Hara when she asked about what happened in Cassiopea's Island. There were four Etherians that attacked them: one of the two women was kind enough to save them and did not hurt them. She also added that this Etherian told them to hide, and if Lira and Mira just came with them, they could have been saved as well. Pirena then asked about the Etherian's appearance, and Luna described her as a beautiful Encantada, with black hair. The Hara then remembered that it was LilaSari who only had a black hair between her, Avria (brown), and Andora (gold). Pirena also remembered the time she and her sisters along with the Rama and Nuno to not mention this to Deshna for the time being. As the Hara thought about it, she then uttered the Etherian's name in front of Luna, for which the Diwata reacted, but she brought her aside, saying that she was the one she was looking for a long time and the one who killed her adoptive mother Helgad. The Hara then said that she did not know why did LilaSari let them escape, but she made sure that she is not a good being, for all Etherians are nothing but evil.

After hearing this, Luna immediately confronted Danaya and Alena, telling them that she already know who LilaSari was. She then questioned them why have they not told her the truth before. As Luna walks away, Danaya tried to stop her, as well as Alena, but Pirena said to let her be. Alena asked the Hara of Hathoria if she was the one who told the Diwata about it, and Pirena asked why not, for that could convince her to fight against the Etherians. As Danaya tried to contradict her, the Hara added that it is important to have the numbers in the coming war, and if she could add a being to her cause then it will be a huge help to fight the enemies. Pirena then told them that Ybrahim will soon declare war against Etheria, and she will follow afterwards. She then asked Danaya and Alena if Lireo and Adamya will do the same thing. The Rama pleaded to them to join forces with him and Pirena, but Danaya then replied that from what Alena had told her, Cassiopea went to Devas, and wants to wait for what the Bathalang Emre has to say to her before also declaring a war against Etheria. Alena then apologized to her 'Apwe' and Ybarro, for she agrees with her sister as well. Pirena, only wanting yes or no as an answer, broke ties with them as the Hara of Hathoria. As she left, Ybrahim did the same thing as well, leaving the kingdoms broken up again.

Outside the Palace, the Hara, the Sang'gre, Hitano, and the Mashnas with their soldiers have gathered for Danaya's word on them. They have experienced a huge blow to their army because of the death of the heir of Lireo. She then urged her men to be more vigilant when it comes to guarding and reporting. Also, with this time of uncertainty, she wished them that if there are enemies who try to attack Lireo, she will let them to defend themselves, but no one could start any trouble. Muros then commanded his soldiers to spread the word to the others. After they left, Hitano congratulated the two for being strong. It was easy for them to fall into anger, but they chose to be patient. The Mashna Duri-e then asked the Hara if she is sure about her decision, with Danaya saying she is not sure, for she also does not want to start something that could cause many to lose their lives. On the other hand though, she also wanted to what Ybrahim and Pirena were wanting to do. Alena agreed with her, saying that the Sang'gres' death brought the two in great grief. It also included the trouble in Adamya and the growing power in Etheria, which makes her wonder if truly the Bathalang Emre have already forsaken them.

In Devas

After a while as they traveled, Nunong Imaw finally saw a kingdom on top of the clouds. He then asked Cassiopea if they finally arrived and if it is Devas he was looking. The Hara Duri-e concurred, but as they approach it, darkness suddenly surrounded the whole place and the Bathalang Arde appeared before them, blocking their way. In fear, Cassiopea wondered what was the Bathala doing in Devas. Soon after, the Bathalumang Ether also appeared, who apparently was already inside the gardens of Devas. She then told the Hara Duri-e and the Nuno that the Bathalang Emre was already expelled in Devas, and that she and Arde are ruling the land now. As the Serpent Bathaluman laughed and the Dragon Bathala roared in triumph, Cassiopea and Imaw looked at each other, worried about the whereabouts of their Bathala and the future of Encantadia.

Gallery for the Teasers

Major Events

  • The time portal was introduced also is the Golden Hourglass.
  • Pirena burns Hera Andal using her Gem.


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