Panaghoy (English: Lament) is the 182nd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPanaghoy.

Plot Summary

In Cassiopea's Island

Back near the tents, the bodies of Gilas, Wahid, and Lira, who is with Ariana, have already been gathered together as Nunong Imaw watched over. The Punjabwean was still holding the Sang'gre's hand, kissing it and putting it on her face. Moments later, the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea has finally returned in the island. She then saw the dead bodies of the keepers and approached them all. Dejected, she asked the Nuno who did all of those things, and Imaw replied that it was the Mashnas of Etheria, and they were all attacked by them. As the Hara Duri-e held the head of Lira, she wished its Ivtre a peaceful journey into Devas. Cassiopea also approached the Nymfa and the Barbaro's body, and wished them peace as well.

The Hara Duri-e then asked where are the other keepers, and as soon as she said this, Wantuk arrived with Muyak and Luna, who quickly went to Lira and Gilas, respectively. As she mourned for her friend's death, Luna questioned Cassiopea for not being there to save them all, and for letting all of this to happen. Moments later, Paopao, who was carrying the lifeless body of Mira has also returned, putting the dead Sang'gre next to her cousin. Ariana in disbelief, saw this and she held Mira's hand, and her body was approached by Cassiopea, who also finally broke down into tears. She then asked Imaw how should she tell Pirena and Ybrahim that their children have been slain. She then questioned the Bathalang Emre why did He let the enemies attack her Island and if her offerings for Him was not enough to save them all. The Hara Duri-e then shouted in anger:

Emre! Bakit hindi mo sila inalagaan?!
(Emre! Why have you not took care of them?!)

After she uttered those words, blasts of violet fire and power have surrounded them all, as the Hara Duri-e wept in despair. She then vanished as the remaining keepers, the Nuno, and Wantuk tend to the lifeless bodies of their companions.

In Etheria

Back in Hara Avria's throne room, the Mashnas of Etheria have finally returned to her presence, with Hera Andora reporting the deaths of all the keepers of the Brilyantes. Asval then asked where the Bathalumang Ether was, for he would like to thank her. LilaSari also asked now that the guardians are dead, what would be their next plan. The Hara then asked her along with Amarro to rest for a while, and they will be called if she has any orders for them. Amarro then noticed and asked that why the both of them have not been included during their meetings and decisions with the other two Mashnas (Asval and Andora). Avria then told him not to worry, for they will not really do anything for the time being, especially that Cassiopea will eventually discover their offerings to her. Asval asked how could they make sure that the Hara Duri-e will not be able to return to her island in time, for which Avria replied that she made the Diwatas taste victory, so they could not figure out their real motive: to attack and kill all of the next keepers and their heirs. The Hara then laughed in amusement as Andora and Asval joined them, while LilaSari and Amarro looked at each other, silent.

Moments later, Avria was walking around the palace, lighting the torches with fire when she encountered Asval and Andora. The Hara told them that they will open a new day and a new chapter in the history of Encantadia: the return of Etheria as the most powerful force in all of the kingdoms. She then asked why are they not happy, for it is a moment of triumph. Asval apologized and asked what could they be celebrating, for their kingdom is nothing but empty. The Hara looked around the palace as she agreed with her Mashna.

Outside the palace, Amarro saw LilaSari staring blankly at the banner of Etheria. He then asked her if she will not going to rest, for which the Diwata answered that how could she rest, now that their betrayal against the Hara is on her head. Amarro then made sure that he will take the punishment, but LilaSari refused, saying that she was the one who insisted to not kill the other keepers they faced. She then worried that what if the Diwanis, the Nymfa, and the Barbaro were the only ones who died, and that the other ones were still alive. The Mashna then advised her to ready herself to what are about to happen. Amarro then held her hand, and told LilaSari that she must always remember that he will never leave her side.

In Lireo

Dark clouds have enveloped the whole land of Lireo as the Diwatas and the Sapiryans returned to the throne room, waiting for the Hara Duri-e Cassiopea's return. Hara Pirena could not contain herself, and was pacing back and forth across the hall. She then asked the others if not single one of them knows where Cassiopea has brought the new keepers of the Brilyantes. Hara Danaya then told her that just like what she said earlier, the Hara Duri-e made sure that it would be better for them if they do not know where Lira and the others were training except for Nunong Imaw, for it is for their safety. As Pirena became irritated, Sang'gre Alena added that they do not know why Cassiopea left Lireo, and maybe her reason does not concern the well-being of the guardians. Rama Ybrahim hoped Alena is right, because he is feeling something wrong about them. The Haras and the Sang'gre looked at each other as the Rama said this.

Moments later, Cassiopea arrived, and she was immediately approached by the leaders of Encantadia. As the Hara Duri-e was about to talk to them, Pirena quickly asked where she had gone to and why she suddenly left. Still dejected, Cassiopea revealed that something bad has happened in the island. Pirena then asked where her daughter Mira was, as well as Lira. Almost in tears, she raised her hands, and by doing this, she used her power to transport Nunong Imaw, Muyak, Ariana, Paopao, and Wantuk, along with the bodies of Lira and Wahid back in Lireo. As the Rama saw her daughter, already dead, Ybrahim almost fell into the ground in disbelief and torment, for which he was aided by her Mashna Mayca and Aquil. He finally fell and broke down in tears when he was approached by Paopao and wept next to him, but the Rama shoved him away and went straight to the body of Lira. Danaya and Alena followed him as well, and they also wept bitterly for the death of the Sang'gre, while Pirena stood near them, still in shock and fear.

The Hara of Hathoria soon approached the Hara Duri-e again as she looked on the face of her dead 'Hadia'. She could not understand why only them are present, but not everyone else. She hopefully asked if this means that her daughter Mira is still alive. Weeping, Cassiopea raised her hands once more and used her power again to bring back Luna and the bodies of Gilas and Mira. As soon as Alena and Danaya saw the slain Sang'gre, they quickly approached her body and wept even more. Mira's mother, Pirena, was still stunned and overwhelmed at what fate her daughter had, and could not make a single move. Sang'gre Alena then asked her older sister to approach her body. Shaking and still in disbelief, the Hara slowly walked towards Mira's remains. She knelt before the Sang'gre and took its head and held it in her arms. She finally broke down into tears as her hands were shaking when she touched the bloody wound on the throat of Mira. In anger and too much anguish for the death of her child, Pirena finally erupted and screamed bitterly, where blasts of fire around the throne room have exploded. It then followed with cries of hatred and grief as the Hara of Hathoria embraced her dead daughter tightly, holding its hand, and painfully mourning her loss.

As the atmosphere around them turned into red and they have all calmed down, Pirena's expression also turned into rage. She looked around, angrily approached Cassiopea, and immediately blamed her for what happened. Alena tried to calm her down, but Ybrahim agreed with Pirena, saying that they trusted the Hara Duri-e of taking care the future of Encantadia. Cassiopea tried to apologize, but the Hara questioned her: what could her apology do, and what is the point of a 'Mata' (Cassiopea herself) if she could not see anyway. Danaya and Alena asked their older sister to not talk to her like that, and she questioned them as well. Pirena then added that Cassiopea have the power to look into the future, and why she had not foreseen it. She then interrogated her why she did not stopped it from happening, and why she did not save the keepers, including her daughter. As the Hara said this, she took out her Brilyante and grabbed the Hara Duri-e by the neck, about to strike her with it.

Alena went next to Cassiopea, and told her 'Apwe' that if she wants to vent her anger, she should throw it towards them, but before she could hurt Cassiopea, her fire will have to go through the Sang'gre. Still weeping, Danaya commanded all of them to stop, asking if it is not enough that they have already lost their loved ones and if they are still not enough. She then took Pirena's hand off the Hara Duri-e, and Nunong Imaw then said that their anger cannot take back the lives of those who already passed. Ybrahim angrily told the Nuno to shut up, because he has no right to talk about these things for he does not know what he and Pirena are going through right now. Alena then contradicted Ybarro's reasoning, for she also lost a son before. She asked them if they could say that she does not understand what they were feeling.

Cassiopea then told the Sang'gre that something bad has happened in Cassiopea's Island, and let them punish her for this, for she will gladly accept this because she is worthy to be despised. As the Rama and the Hara returned to the bodies of their children and Cassiopea following them, Ybrahim told her to stop, and declared that he will not let her approach her daughter again, as well as any of the other remaining keepers. The Hara Duri-e finally said her goodbye, for she thought this would help everyone in their grieving. Before leaving, she added that she was happy to have served them all. As she vanished, Imaw and Alena tried to stop her, prompting them to vanish and followed Cassiopea, and leaving the Haras and the Rama to mourn once again at their dead loved ones. As Danaya cried, she held the Mashna Duri-e's hand tight, consoling her.

In the main hall, the remains of the four who had passed have been laid in each of their own resting places. Muyak and Rama Ybrahim were on Lira's body, Hara Pirena was on her daughter's body, Ariana, Paoapao, and Wantuk was on Wahid's body, and Hara Danaya was tending to Gilas' body, who was with Luna, Quina, and Gilas' mother, Serra. As they walked around, Paopao told Ariana that he felt guilty about all that has happened, and they should approach the others and offer their sympathies. Luna heard this and asked to come with them. The three then approached Mira's remains and Pirena. As Paopao talked to her, the Hara immediately told them to leave her alone. Luna then said they only want to express their condolences, but Pirena angrily said that she does not need them anyway. The Diwata then responded that not only her daughter have been slain, and Pirena agreed with her. However, she berated them about how she could not understand why the four were the only ones who died, and not them. Ariana replied that they too did not want for those things to happen, and Pirena halted her, questioning that if they really did not want it to happen, then they should be already dead as well and not in front of her. The Hara emotionally asked them what happened in the island and why they did not helped their other companions. The Punjabwe-a reasoned that they have no powers, but the Hara cut her off, mentioning Gilas and Wahid, who have no powers as well and were still killed. Luna then apologized to Pirena, and they only want to ask for her forgiveness for they have not done anything so that Lira, Mira, Wahid, and Gilas would be the ones standing in front of her. As the three left her presence, Pirena broke down again and held her daughter's hand in grief.

Outside the palace at the gates, Alena and Nunong Imaw have caught up with Cassiopea, telling her that they are not asking her to leave, and that Pirena and Ybarro were pained too much. She explained that they were parents that lost their children. The Hara Duri-e then replied that she understands what they feel, so she decided that it was only right for her to leave them alone for now, for she will only be a reminder to them of the death of their children. However, she added that what she could not understand is why the land of Devas have let the next keepers die this way. The Nuno agreed with her, and the Sang'gre thought that the Bathalang Emre's decision may have enough reason. The Hara Duri-e decided that he will go to the Bathala so He Himself could explain to her what was the reason of killing Lira and the others. Nunong Imaw offered to accompany her, and the Hara Duri-e thanked Alena for she is not angry at her. On the other hand, the Sang'gre told her to not be sure about what she was thinking, for she is only choosing to be strong because someone needs to be one for them to attend to other things, and that does not mean that she is not mad at her. She thanked her again before she vanished.

Back inside, Paopao was at the room of worship, emotionally talking to the statue of her 'Ate Amihan'. As he cried and walked around her, he keeps saying sorry that he could not save Lira. He also added that when Lira told him to go and leave her and Mira there, he should not have listened to her and just stay by her side. He may not have any power, but it would have helped him to maybe kill the enemies or prolong the fight to save them all. As he apologizes repeatedly, Danaya was listening to him, and told him that maybe if he did what he was saying, he would have also been killed. The Binatang Ligaw then saw her 'Ate Danaya', who approched him and told him to gather himself together, and explained to her that Lira did not die just to blame himself. Paopao then held Danaya's hand and also apologized to her, for he failed both Lira and Mira. He then sat down on a bench and continued to say sorry for failing them all. The Hara approached him and embraced him as they both grieved bitterly.

Back in the main hall, Ybrahim was quietly staring at her daughter's remains when Wantuk arrived and approached him. He asked his friend to eat something even just a little. As the Rama ignored him, Ybrahim then talked to Wantuk about life itself, and how unfair it was to him. First it was her beloved Amihan, and now, her daughter Lira is gone, who was the remaining light of his life. He then asked Wantuk what reason does he still have left for him to live in the world. In tears, the Sapiryan asked forgiveness to the Rama, saying that if he only have the power and strength, he could have done anything to save Lira. He added that who would have thought that Cassiopea's Island would be attack and not any one of them knows about it. As he was talking, Pirena was listening as well, and she said that Avria still found out about it when she disguised herself as Danaya.

Pirena's Flashback:
Ybrahim finally drew his sword and was about to attack Avria (who was disguising herself as Danaya), but she took them all down using the power of the three Brilyantes. However, Cassiopea managed to appear next to Avria, and held the Hara with a sword on her neck.

Pirena then declared that besides Cassiopea, Avria must also pay for what she have done. The Mashnas of Etheria were the ones who attacked the island, and the Hara is sure that Avria commanded them to kill her daughter and her 'Hadia'. Danaya pleaded to her older sister to not make an action against Avria, and they need to think and talk about it thoroughly first. As she looked on the Hara of Lireo, Pirena walked away from them, with Danaya calling her name. Pirena however, did not listen and told her that she will not take long, and she finally vanished, leaving Ybrahim and Danaya looking at each other in bewilderment.

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