Dream is the 41st episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is a continuation of Chapter 22. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPanaginip.


In the world of the mortals, Muyak and Milagros went to the house of Hitano and Alena. Muyak reminded Akesha that she is Alena, but she does not remember who she really is. Myuan has confirmed her suspicion that Alena and Hitano are really at the World of the Mortals, and that Hitano is lying.

In Lireo, Amihan gave a command to Muros to give the farmers the rights to possess their land tenure.

But, at the farm, Pirena changed her form to Amihan and ordered the farmers to leave their farm.

Back at the world of the mortals, Danaya and the Hathors saw each other and Hagorn told Danaya to give the Brilyante ng Lupa to them or else he will kill her. But Danaya ordered the gem to not to get it by any Hathors and travel and hide, so that if the right time arrives they will see each other and be together again. Before Danaya got killed by Agane, Enuo rescued her riding in a truck. Enup then realized that he meets one of his daughters with Mine-a, Danaya.

In Encantadia, Cassiopea dreams about the rebellion of Pirena against Amihan, with Hagorn, to conquer and take over Lireo. Then, she woke up, worrying that the rebellion in her dream will happened.

Major Events

  • Muyak has confirmed her suspicion that Alena and Hitano are at the World of Mortals.
  • Enuo meets one of his daughters.


  • This is the second episode that Danaya doesn't wear her headgear.


  • The peso bills Hitano handed to the land lady is the old banknotes of the Philippines.

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