Panalangin (English: Prayer) is the 191st episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPanalangin.

Plot Summary

In Lireo

The three new keepers (Paopao, Muyak, and Ariana) were talking to Muros, Aquil, and Hitano, informing them that Cassiopea had already left to go back to Emre, as well as Hara Danaya, Rama Ybrahim, and Sang'gre Alena to confront Avria. He then commented that the Etherians will not agree to what they wanted, especially that there is not exchange in return and they know what they want. Muyak added that it was the Brilyantes, and they know that they cannot surrender them to the enemies. Ariana also agreed, but wondered why they still need to talk to them. The Mashna Duri-e replied that they all do not know what the leaders were planning, but the must hope that they know what they were doing.

Moments later, the keepers, the mashnas, Manik, Azulan, and Nunong Imaw have gathered in the meeting chambers. As they were talking, the leaders of the kingdoms have arrived from Etheria. The Nuno then immediately asked the Hara if she was successful at convincing Avria to their wishes. Paopao also asked if the war between them is still going to happen, while Manik stated that the Punjabwes are ready to join their fight if needed. The Rama then informed them that the war is not happening, for Avria agreed to them, but without a huge price: the Brilyante ng Lupa. Aquil, who was surprised, asked if it was true in exchange for the peace that they wanted. Ybrahim then added that the peace they wanted will not grant by her, and he is fearful that when the time comes, it would only easy for the Etherians to destroy them all, especially that the Brilyante that was rightfully theirs is now gone. This caused murmur across the room, and Alena asked Ybarro not to speak hastily. The Sang'gre then asked all of them to leave them alone for now. As they all left, Alena said to her Hara that they were the only ones remaining, but Danaya is still not sure about it, so the Sang'gre used her Brilyante to create a barrier around her, Danaya, Ybrahim, and Nunong Imaw that no one could hear what they were about to talk about. As the barrier of water finally surrounded them, Ybrahim asked why does she have to do it and what are they going to talk about. As the Rama was still talking, Danaya brought up her Brilyante in all of their presence, making Ybrahim surprised. He was going to ask about it, and Danaya informed him that she did not really gave the true Birlyante to Avria, for the one that she gave to her was a fraud so that she could fool the Etherians, because they know that the first thing they will inquire are the Brilyantes.

Danaya's Flashback:
Alena and Danaya were alone in the meeting chambers, talking about if what they were thinking could be done. The Hara hoped that her Brilyante will grant her wish. She then brought it out, and asked it if it could create a clone, a Brilyante that would be hard to be discovered by anyone that it is a fraud, so that the one she will give it to would not suspect that she is fooling her. After saying those commands, the Brilyante ng Lupa went outside and took some earth from the ground. It then returned to the two Sang'gres who were curious of what the Brilyante has done. The original Brilyante then turned the earth that it acquired from the land into a copy of itself, granting Danaya's wish.

Danaya then said that the Brilyante never failed her, and it managed to create a clone of it to give it to Avria. Alena then commented that Ybrahim has nothing to worry about anymore, and the Rama immediately apologized for doubting her. He then commended the Hara for this idea, but asked how long can she make the Hara of Etheria believe about it. Nunong Imaw also thought that she will soon find out about it, but Danaya replied that she is hoping that Cassiopea and Emre could accomplish their mission to free Devas from the Bathalas that are enemies as well.

Afterwards, the Rama was left alone in the meeting room, looking at the map of all the kingdoms. As he frustratingly threw the pawn of Etheria on it, Ariana saw him and approached him. Ybrahim called her name, and the Punjabwe-a then said that it is not what he wanted, but she was glad that he listened to the Hara of the Diwatas to stop the fighting against Etheria. The Rama then asked why she was glad, and Ariana said that she does not want him to be in any danger or harm. Ybrahim asked about it more, and the Punjabwe-a could not explain herself. She then said that Lira will not want for him to be hurt as well. As they were talking, Ybrahim saw Alena, who has heard their conversation. The Sang'gre approaches them, while the Rama left them, saying that Ariana already needs to rest and the night is already late. Ariana then greeted the Sang'gre, whom she asked her about something. The Punjabwe-a inquired what it was, and Alena went straight to her point, saying if Ariana has feelings for the Rama of Sapiro. She was surprised at the Sang'gre's question, and could not answer if she is in love with Ybarro (or Ybrahim). Ariana then asked why was she asking those questions. She then made sure that she has no intention of taking the Rama away from anyone. Alena then said that it was not her question, and she also did not answered hers, which could mean that her speculation was right. Ariana tried to deny it, but the Sang'gre told her not to lie anymore, for she is also a woman like her, and she could feel her actions, like how the Punjabwe-a looked at the Rama earlier. Ariana said to not be mad at her and reiterated her statement. Alena then made it clear that Ybarro was no longer hers for a very long time. She afterwards approached her and asked why would she be mad for no reason, but instead she wanted Ariana to get closer with the Rama. The Sang'gre then asked her to make him love her, and the Punjabwe-a became confused. She then made sure that her words were right, because she feels sorry for Ybarro for a long time already, and he has already experienced many setbacks and painful memories that she wanted to see his smiles and to be happy again. Alena then pleaded to Ariana, to do all she can in order for the Rama to love her as well, so that the man the Sang'gre once loved could return to his former self and smile once again. Alena finally left Ariana, who was thinking thoroughly about the things she heard.

Later on in the meeting chambers, Danaya was thanking her Brilyante for giving its clone some of its powers to pose as the original Brilyante. She then added that for now, Avria cannot speculate that it was a fraud, and she hopes that Emre and Cassiopea could easily accomplish their mission as soon as possible, so they could finally do their next plans against the Etherians.

In the Forest

Meanwhile, Amarro and LilaSari revealed everything they know about Avria, about how powerful she was, not only because of the guidance of the Bathalumang Ether, but she also has a pool of power since she was resurrected by the Bathaluman. This includes the power to command action or change appearances. Hara Pirena however, already knows those things, and she asked them that she wanted to know about their soldiers, and if they were resurrected by the Bathaluman as well. Amarro denied it, and informed her that her army came from the deep past using the Brilyantes she was possessing and the Ginintuang Orasan (or the Golden Hourglass). The Hara asked about what could it do, and the Mashna replied that whoever holds it could return to any time or place he or she wishes, and Avria managed to get the soldiers from the past to the present time. She repeated what Amarro had said, asked where it could be found, where is Avria keeping it and how could she retrieve it. The two former Mashnas looked at each other, and Pirena pleaded to them, for she wanted to return back to the time when her daughter needed her help in Cassiopea's Island. Amarro then told her that the Golden Hourglass is in Avria's possession, and wherever it was hidden, they do not know. LilaSari then added that Avria only trusts Ether, so no one knows about it. Pirena, knowing that she does now want anything from them anymore, was about to walk away when the Diwata stopped her and asked about their agreement. LilaSari then asked about her daughter Deshna, and the Hara answered that she is no longer in Etheria, for she is now with their father Hagorn, in Adjantao. Amarro asked why have they taken her there, and Pirena said that the Hathor wanted to keep her away from them, so if LilaSari wanted to see Deshna, she must go there. LilaSari thanked the Hara and they immediately left. After they walked away, Pirena apologized to them, for she lied about her sister, which she still need against her father.

In Etheria

The leaders of the kingdoms (Hara Danaya, Sang'gre Alena, and Rama Ybrahim) are now outside the palace of Hera Andal, and they were greeted by Hara Avria and Hagorn. The Rama quickly insulted the Rama Duri-e of Hathoria and he gave it back to him as well. Ybrahim then turned his attention to Asval whom he asked when are they going to continue their fight, or now he became a coward and he will have to rely to Hera Andora or Avria again as always to save him. The Hara of Etheria already had enough, asking if they just went there to trade insults against them. Sang'gre Alena then apologized for what the Rama had to say, and promised that his anger will not be in the way anymore. As two sides agreed, Avria asked what they want, and Danaya replied that the Diwatas need peace and quiet across the realm. They could face each other again in war and use their powers to defeat them, but for what purpose. She then offered them that they could just live together without doing those things. The Hara agreed with her, but it will not happen, especially that Danaya know that they have no trust in them, and the feeling is mutual as well. The Hara of the Diwatas then asked what does she want them to do to have trust in each other again. Avria then answered that they could do that if the Sang'gres do not have any powers anymore to use against them, so she asked them to give all the remaining Brilyantes and important weapons that they possess.

Danaya promised that they will not use their Brilyantes against Etheria if they will not threaten or hurt anyone of them, but Avria was persistent, saying that they do not need to fight for the Brilyantes if they will just hand it over to her, and that is her only wish if they do not want any war to happen. But if they will just deny it to her, it is better for them to finish those talks already. As the Hara turned her back to them, Danaya stopped her, saying that if that is what she wanted, then she will let her take it. She then brought out the Brilyante ng Lupa in front of them, and ask to take it in exchange of the peace they wanted. Ybrahim tried stopping her from doing so but he was blocked by Alena. He then pleaded to Danaya that she does not need to surrender the Brilyante and the Hara asked him to let her be, for she knows what she is doing. Danaya, determined to be in good terms with the Etherians, has finally handed it over to Avria as a symbol of her loyalty. The Hara of Etheria was happy that she agreed to her demands, but it was not enough. She then asked Alena where her Brilyante was, and the Sang'gre replied that she will only surrender it if they promised that they will be in the side of peace truly and if they will not kill or fight any of the kingdom in the realm anymore. The Hara then figured out that the Diwatas need an amount of time to think about it, and Danaya replied they were hoping that she will give it to them, especially that they already surrendered her own Brilyante. Avria then granted their demands, that no one will attack their kingdoms from their armies.

Afterwards, Pirena arrived at the gates and she encountered the Hathor soldiers of Hagorn. They asked the Hara what is she doing there, and it is dangerous for her to be seen in the palace. Pirena however asked the Mashna that she wanted to see her father, and to tell him that she is here. The Hathor contemplated but his former Hara commanded her to just follow her orders. He then asked another of his subordinates to make sure that no one will see her there. He then went inside to call the Rama Duri-e and inform of his daughter's presence, while Pirena was escorted by another soldier to a safe spot in Etheria.

Inside the palace in one of the rooms, Hagorn was with Asval and their soldiers, drinking wine. The Sapiryan then said that it is only right for the Rama Duri-e to revel, for there are no more enemies for them to fight with. As Hagorn quietly sips on his cup, he expressed his disbelief that Danaya surrendered the Brilyante ng Lupa that easily. The Mashna then thought that maybe they became fearful of their powers and their armies. The Rama Duri-e however, was unconvinced, saying that he knows them very well, and they do not fear anyone. He also added that there must be a reason why they handed over the Brilyantes, and he cannot be wrong that there was none, for they are not cowards, as well as Deyandes (stupid or fools). Asval thought about it as Hagorn once again drank his wine, agreeing afterwards to what he said, that the Diwatas will not surrender their Brilyantes without thinking about it clearly. Hagorn is sure that they have a plan about it. Moments later, the soldier Pirena commanded has arrived at Hagorn's presence and whispered something in his ear. Asval asked if he was leaving and the Rama Duri-e said that there are things that he need to fix. Tha Mashna asked about it (in case the Hara would ask where he is), and Hagorn made it clear that there are things that he does not need to explain to anyone, including to Asval. He then left with his Mashna.

In the forest near the palace, Hagorn has finally arrived in her daughter's presence, who was waiting for him to come. They then asked the soldiers to leave them alone. The Rama Duri-e then said that Pirena's purpose was very important that she had the guts to come there. She then informed her father that LilaSari and Amarro were looking for his daughter, and that she pointed them in the wrong direction. Hagorn thanked her, but he knows that Pirena want something in return. The Hara then asked for his help to infiltrate Etheria, so that Avria will not suspect that her presence is there. Her father asked why does she want to, and she told her that he does not need to know why and to just grant her wish to him. Hagorn then asked if she thinks that he would agree with her. Pirena knows about it, and she threatened him that she will help LilaSari finding their daughter if he refuses.

Back in the throne room, Asval told Avria he was doubtful about the Diwatas actions. The Hara asked about it, and the Mashna replied that it is strange that they just surrendered it easily. The Hara however, thought that they just gave it up without putting any fight. The question, Asval stated, was why, except if the Diwatas were fooling her. Hera Andora then added that the Mashna was thinking that the Brilyante they gave to her was a fraud. Avria then said that they will find out if his hunch was right, that Danaya and the others will not like the consequence she is going to give them if she deceived them again. The Hara then asked a soldier to approach her, and she shot a power from the Brilyante, proving that the Brilyante ng Lupa Avria was holding has a power to kill anyone. Therefore, the Brilyante is true.

Moments later, Hagorn and a Hathor soldier have arrived inside the palace. It was then revealed that the soldier was Pirena, in disguise. She then thanked her father for doing it. The Rama Duri-e then reminded her daughter to make sure that she will not be seen by anyone in the palace, because if it happened, he himself will be the one to punish her. As Hagorn walked away, Pirena then disguised as an Etherian soldier, ready to find the Ginintuang Orasan that she wanted.


  • Many fans have speculated that the Bathalumang Haliya will make her first appearance in the episode. However it was still undetermined.
  • The episode may have been derived from Emre's prayer to the Bathalumang Haliya to help him get Devas back.

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