Danger is the 16th episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is the continuation of Chapter 20. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPanganib.


Pirena attempts to kill the real Lira but couldn't because of Danaya's blessing for her. So she made a back-up plan; using the key to the Asnamon tree, Pirena brought Lira to the Human World, where no one can find her. Muyak, who witnessed Pirena's plans, tried to stop her but failed, being stuck with Lira to the Human World. As Lira was left abandoned, a couple named Dado and Amanda saw her and adopted her as their own.

Meanwhile, Danaya, together with Banak and Nakba, went to Hathoria and confronted Agane. Danaya blamed her for attempting to kill Amihan and her accomplice for killing Mine-a. Agane denied having an accomplice but warned Danaya that they have more enemies, not just the Hathorians.

Ybarro sneaked in at Lireo and confronted Amihan, asking if he is the Father of Lira. Amihan confirms it and ordered him to leave her and Alena, so none of them will be hurt. Upon seeing Alena, Ybarro told her that he doesn't love her anymore.

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