Feast is the 173rd episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaPiging.

Plot Summary

In Lireo

As Ariana descended from the stairs of the main hall where the feast is being held, she was met by her brother Azulan, who then accompanied her. Hara Danaya and Rama Ybrahim with Wantuk followed soon after, and the Punjabwe-a was complemented by the Hara on how she looked lovely with her appearance and her gown. Ariana then thanked her for the words she said. She then turned her eyes to Rama Ybrahim, who was just staring at her from head to toe and then avoided his gaze as the Punjabwe-a turned to him. She then greeted him and the Rama looked to her again and nodded in agreement. Sang'gre Lira, along with Sang'gre Mira then called Ariana from afar and approached her, reminding her about the dance that they practiced earlier. The Sang'gre then asked Azulan to come as well, but he declined it for he does not know how to dance. Mira then told him that she will let her mother come, which made Azulan a little excited, asking about the Hara dancing as well. Ariana also convinced her 'Adto' to come and just follow the steps that they were going to do later. Azulan finally agreed and Ariana asked him to finally go with the others. As the two Punjabwe-as were about to leave, Ariana stopped and once again looked at Rama Ybrahim. He was also staring at her, but he diverted it again afterwards. After taking a moment of looking at the Rama, the two then proceeded back to the feast. Lira, Mira, and Hara Danaya (who was asking her Ashti to dance as well but she wanted to just watch the others) went back to the hall as well, leaving Ybrahim and Wantuk behind. As the Sapiryan snickered, he teased the Rama that he knew that look from Ybrahim and he can never be wrong from what he was thinking. He then asked that he thought that his eyes and his heart are for Hara Amihan only, and now it feels like it had already changed. Annoyed by the words of his friend, Ybrahim hit Wantuk in the chest, telling him to stop. Wantuk then proceeded back to the celebration as he laughed once again, leaving the Rama alone, still with his thoughts.

The celebration finally began, and it started with a dance. It included the new keepers of the Brilyantes, Hara Pirena, Rama Ybrahim, Wahid, and Azulan. The first part of the dance paired up Paopao and Pirena, Ybrahim and his daughter Lira, Mira and Wahid, the two Punjabwean siblings Azulan and Ariana, Muyak and Wantuk, and Luna and Gilas dancing with each other. As the music transitioned to the second part, Muyak, Paopao, Mira, Wantuk, Wahid, and Lira grouped each other while Azulan, Pirena, Luna, Gilas, Ybrahim, and Ariana did the same thing. They dance for a while and splitted themselves as the third part of the dance occurred. They once again found themselves in pairs as Azulan was now paired with Hara Pirena (who was irate after finding herself to him) and Ybrahim was paired with Ariana. Afterwards they split themselves once again and now the men and the women are on the separate sides. The steps of the dance pitted them facing each other (as is they were having a showdown), which made the Diwatas watching, including Hara Pirena and Mashna Mayca happy. As the fourth part of the dance went on, they paired again in two, with Ybrahim and Ariana, Azulan and Pirena, Luna and Wantuk, Muyak and Gilas, Paopao and Lira, and Wahid and Mira danced as partners now. The groove progressed more as the men clapped while kneeling down to their ladies, who were going around them, swaying their bodies. They took each others' hands and went aside. As Lira and Paopao were about to dance on the center of the hall, Wahid sneaked up on the Binatang Ligaw, and danced with the Sang'gre and leaving Paopao frustrated. However, as Wahid was overwhelmed by the music, he accidentally pushed Lira, who quit at him after. The next ones were Wantuk and Muyak, who enjoyed dancing with each other despite their respective height. As Nunong Imaw now dancing on the side as well, Luna and Gilas's turn came after, with the Nymfa showing his moves to his partner. They were soon followed by Mira and Paopao, who also had their own steps of dancing. After they finished, Sang'gre Lira pushed Azulan and Hara Pirena to the center, which annoyed her. Feeling that she had no choice, she unwillingly danced with the Punjabwe-a, twirling and correcting him by putting his hand on her back and not on the hips. As they continued, Azulan lift her up, which made the Hara angry, letting him go, pushing him aside and walking out from him. Afterwards, Lira also pushed his father Ybrahim and Ariana. As the two felt strangeness between each other, they danced slowly, holding each others' faces. They continued it with Ybrahim putting Ariana downwards, with their faces close to each other, gazing with their eyes seriously. As they all finished to the final part, the others joined Ybrahim and Ariana with their respective partners, clapping and dancing slowly. The dance finally ended with all the men pivoting their women down, except for Muyak and Wantuk, who fell because of the Sapiryan's size. As they looked at each other, they receive a numerous round of applause from their fellow dancers, and to the ones watching from the side. Ariana and Ybrahim, who were still feeling strange, quickly let go of each other and clapped as well.

As fireworks went on outside the palace, Lira, Mira, Wahid, and Paopao were talking about how the Barbaro purposely pushed the Sang'gre earlier in the dance. However, he apologized and told her that he was only carried away by the music. Paopao then commented that he should have been the one who danced with her. Lira then asked him to dance with her again, which followed by her 'bessy'. Wahid, wanting to dance again with Lira, asked her if he could come also, but she declined it as they went away. Dejected, Wahid then decided to just drink with the wine he got from sneaking out earlier.

Outside the palace at the gates of Lireo, Ybrahim was thinking about what happened to him with Ariana. He was talking to himself, saying that the Punjabwe-a may be truly beautiful but she is not his beloved Amihan. The Rama then declared and reminded himself that he cannot fall in love with Ariana. Hara Pirena then arrived, who overheard what he was saying to himself. She then asked the Rama what is happening to him. He then apologized and asked the Hara what is she doing there. which Pirena answered that she is waiting for the Etherians' arrival so that they can enter the palace despite there is an incantation that was surrounding the whole land. She then asked Ybrahim again why is he there, and if the Rama was avoiding someone inside the feast. He then contradicted her question, saying who could it be that he would avoid. He then declared that he was also there to accompany the Hara of Hathoria. As he turned around with Pirena still looking at him, he went back to his thoughts about the Punjabwe-a.

Moments later back in the main hall, Mashna Mayca and Mashna Muros commanded the soldiers to pay their respects to the arriving Hara of Etheria and their most honored guest for tonight, Hara Avria. As she approached the leaders of Encantadia, she was given with full honors by the kingdoms' soldiers. Avria stopped in front of them, and thanked Hara Danaya for her greetings and pleasantries. She then said that she was glad to be their guest and asked her Mashna Asval to present their offerings in front of them. As the Haras of Encantadia were pleased with the gifts, the Hara of Etheria declared that truly this is a night to be celebrated for they now have unity with each other. The leaders offered her to sit down along with the Haras on the upper table of the hall. As all of them have finally sat down, Hara Avria asked for wine, so they can finallys start the revelry. The Hara of Lireo then commanded the Damas to finally serve them. They started to pour wine on each and everyone of the leaders, the other guests and to Avria herself.

Back in the palace kitchen, Wahid was still murmuring about what happened to him, Lira and Wantuk. He also thought that good thing he had the wine, so he can just drink all of his frustrations out. Before he opened his container, he went to get fruits because he thought a food would be a nice partner for the wine. As he went to the table to get some, he left the container on the top of a barrel. However, a soldier guard passed by the kitchen and saw Wahid's container. He looked at what was inside and it was the wine, feeling relieved for he is already thirsty. As he drank it, Wahid saw it and questioned why did he took his container. However, the color of the soldier's face changed, turning purple and he fell down to his knees, instantly dead. Wahid was surprised and he smelled the container with wine on it, as well as the jars filled with the drink. The Barbaro realized that there was poison on the wine. He then immediately ran his way back to the feast to stop the Diwatas.

Back in the main hall, Hara Danaya proposed a toast for peace between all the kingdoms of Encantadia and Etheria. Hara Avria joined her, lifting her cup as well as the other leaders and guests. As all of them declared 'Vitalia' (Long Live), they were about to drink it when they heard Wahid shouted 'Shedda!' (Stop!). He warned them all not to drink the wine for it is filled with poison. Unfortunately, one councilman did not heard Wahid's revelation and drank the whole cup, causing him to fall down and dying. Gilas and Wantuk approached the councilman and declared him dead. As Pirena came to them, Gilas commented that there might be a traitor that infiltrated and contaminated the drink. All eyes went to the Hara Avria, who reiterated the Nymfa's speculations, and questioned the Diwatas what was the meaning of the fact that they will let her drink wine that filled with poison. He then told them if they are not loyal to their agreement, but Hara Danaya denied that the Diwatas have no plan to against her. She then told everyone that she will look into it and punish whoever did this. Danaya declared the celebration over and asked Hara Pirena and Rama Ybrahim to take care of the guests. As the Hara of the Diwatas left with Muros, Pirena then asked the Hara, as well as her Mashna, Asval, to come and follow her. The other leaders and the Etherian guards followed them as well, leaving the keepers of the Brilyantes and other guests in the hall.

Back in the kitchen, Hara Danaya and Muros confronted the head dama and the wine maker and questioned him if he had something to do with what happened. The wine maker however, denied putting any poison on the drink that he made. Muros then questioned where the poison came that killed one of the councilmembers, but both of the Diwatas denied it. Wahid, who was with them, accused them of lying, for how could there be a poison on the wine if not one of them could have mixed it. As they were silent, he suggested that they twist their necks, for the Hara declined him to do it. She said that it will not be necessary, for there are other ways to find out the real culprit. Danaya then commanded Muros to fetch Nunong Imaw immediately. Moments later, the Nuno arrived and looked at the past to see who poisoned the drink. The Balintataw showed that a Lirean soldier sneaked in to the kitchen and poured poison on the two jars of wine. Learning about what happened, Danaya then commanded her Mashna to find and arrest the soldier who did, and also asked to bring him to her to answer for his crimes. As they left, Wahid declared that there are soldiers in Lireo that cannot be trusted, but Danaya reprimanded him, saying that the soldier did not do it without taking orders from someone. She made sure to the Barbaro that they will find out soon enough.

In the meeting chambers, Hara Avria were talking to Hara Pirena and Rama Ybrahim, hoping that the Diwatas do not meant to poison and kill her and the other Etherians that went to the feast, for they do not want to be enemies again from these events. Ybrahim made sure that they will find out who did it, especially Nunong Imaw's Balintataw has a great power. Avria asked about it nervously, and Pirena replied to Asval if his Hara already forgot that the Nuno's staff has a power to see the past, and she was sure that Hara Danaya will use it to know who poisoned the wine. As the Hara drank her own wine, Asval replied that Avria does not forgot about it. Afterwards, she asked the Hara and the Rama if she could use the restroom. Pirena offered her to accompany Avria or her Damas, but she declined for she can easily find it if they told her the directions. The Rama gave it to her and thanked him for it, finally leaving. As Avria got out, Pirena was about to followed her but she was stopped by Asval, making her sure that her Hara will return immediately. He then suggested to them to wait for her.

In one of the hallways of the Palace, the Lirean soldier who poured poison into the wine was swiftly walking. As it happens, he was stopped by Muros and the other soldiers, who surrounded him. The Mashna commanded his men to arrest him, and asked the soldier to come with them peacefully. Defiant, the soldier took his spear against Muros but he was defeated by him, and held with a sword through his neck. The Mashna proceeded to question his intentions and asked who was the being who commanded him to do it. Behind the pillars of the palace where it was happening, Avria appeared. Feeling that her secret may spill because of the soldier, the Hara used her power to dictate every word the soldier will say to Muros. As the Lirean Mashna reiterated his question, the soldier then responded that no one ordered him but himself, and that he intends for the Etherians to finally die. He added that he this because he was not happy that they will have an agreement with them, and so he decided to poison the wine that they will drink for all of them to die. After revealing this words, he once again fought Muros, prompting the Mashna to finally stab the soldier in the abdomen, killing him in the process. As Avria saw what the result of her work was, she smiled and vanished to return to Pirena and the others. Abog confirmed of the soldier's death afterwards and Mashna Muros replied that it was the soldier's own doing, and that he will inform of this things to the Hara.

Later on, the keepers of the Brilyantes were walking around the palace, also talking about what happened during the 'party'. Lira commented that it is a shame that it was discontinued because of the events. Muyak also added that what happened earlier was shameful, especially to the guests that were there. Paopao then thought of Hara Avria, and how she became irate because she felt that the poison was for her. Mira then asked her 'bessy' why only her and Asval were the ones that came to the feast, and Ariana replied that Avria did not even come with the others who raided their tribe. She then wondered where are the Hara's other minions were. Luna then asked the Punjabwe-a who are the other allies of Avria, and Gilas asked of their names, so that they will know them well. Mira then informed them that most of the Hara's allies were the first Encantados. As Luna squeezed their names from the Sang'gres, Mashna Mayca and her sister Kayzan passed by, and asked them why they gathered around there. She then advised the keepers and Gilas that it is better for them to return to their respective quarters and rest already. As the two left, they all decided to return. However, Luna and Ariana were left behind, asking the Punjabwe-a if she knew the names of the other Etherians. Unfortunately for Ariana, she did not know them as well.

Back in the meeting chambers, Pirena was already impatient of waiting for Avria's return and asked Asval about it. Rama Ybrahim thought of it as well, but Asval declared that her Hara is also a woman like Pirena, so she should not wonder anymore. As Pirena was about to come out, Hara Avria finally arrived, asking the Hara of Hathoria if she will also used the restroom. Moments later, Hara Danaya also arrived along with Muros, with Avria asking if they already found the real culprit. As they sat down, she informed her that it was a soldier, and he fought the others, making Mashna Muros to kill him impromptly. As Rama Ybrahim asked if it is one of their soldiers, Danaya explained to him that according to Muros, he was angry at the Etherians and want them to die. The Hara then apologized to Avria for what had transpired and made sure that it will not happen again. The Hara of Etheria then declared that she has nothing to worry about anymore. She thanked them all for their immediate response.

As Avria commented that despite of the events that happened during the celebration, she was still confident that all the leaders of Encantadia still wanted peace. Rama Ybrahim agreed, and so he asked her formally about releasing the captives that they invade before as a symbol of their intent for peace. The Hara then denied that they still have captives remaining and that the Encantados who were with them chose to fight with them at their own will. She was then questioned by Pirena, if the captive really want to fight for them or Avria used her power to command them at her will. Annoyed to what the Hara of Hathoria said, Avria then answered back, asking if they want an agreement or the leaders only want to belittle and harrass her, forcing her to release the army of Etheria. Danaya apologized to what Pirena had to say, but she said that Avria's forces have families that they left. So it is only normal that they will be returned to them. Ybrahim added that they will prove to her that they are truly being friends with her, but he pleaded to also prove that she is doing the same thing: by freeing the ones whom Etheria had captured. Asval declined it, for the army that they have already declared their loyalty to the Hara. Avria however, stopped him, saying that the leaders have a point. She then granted them their wishes to prove that they want unity with them and it will be done as soon as possible. Hara Danaya thanked the Hara of Etheria for her cooperation, for she smiled at her, and finally left with Asval and her guards.

After the Etherians had left the chambers, Hara Pirena commanded the soldiers to leave them alone. As the gates closed, the Hara of Hathoria asked the others present if they believe to what Hara Avria had said. Danaya then said that she still have doubts when she returned to them the Brilyante ng Diwa. And now the Hara already proved that she had nothing to do with the poisoning of the wine and was willing to bring back her captured army. She then declared that there are no reason for them to not believe her words. As they looked at each other, Pirena was standing there, still unconvinced.

In the Forest

Outside the palace, Luna found Gilas in the forest, feeding an Argona. He then said that she scared the Pashnea he was trying to tame. Gilas then asked her what she was doing there, for they were commanded to rest for tomorrow. Luna said yes, but like her friend, she cannot sleep as well, for she is not used to stay in a lavish chamber or in a palace. She added that her body was still accustomed to what they were living in their land. Gilas then reminded her to not find what was lost already, because in case that they could return back to that place, it will be already too late, especially now that their mothers were already gone. Luna replied that only her 'Nanang' died, and not Gilas'. As she was still talking, Gilas heard a sound from the bushes. As Luna asked about it, Gilas talked to the direction where the sound came, saying that they know that there is another Encantado there. The Nymfa then asked who it was and to show itself. The woman finally came out, and it was LilaSari, who saw them talking. She looked at them, especially Luna, whom she does not know that it was her real daughter, Deshna.

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