Origin is the 21st episode of the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The episode is the continuation of Chapter 22. The official hashtag for this episode is #EncantadiaPinagmulan.


Berto reported to Amanda about Mila vanishing and returning to thin air, thinking that she is a ghoul. Mila, oblivious to what happened, was told by Muyak about her true heritage as a Sang'gre and the story as to why they ended up in the human world, to which Mila immediately believes. Amanda looks for Mila, telling her friend Coney that she still loves her despite having a fit of rage to her before and also worried to what Berto might do to her, thinking he was on drugs. Muyak brought Mila to the place Amanda and Dado found her. Mila tried to call Amihan to ask for her help. However, it didn’t work. Muyak told Mila that they had no other choice than to remain in the world of mortals until they find a way to open the portal to Asnamon. Berto then finds Mila talking to Muyak, and as he tried to kill her, Amanda saves her on the last minute.

Meanwhile, Amihan somewhat felt that something isn't right that, Lira is not with her. So Gurna, who overheard Amihan and Alena’s conversation, reported this to Pirena. So she immediately makes Amihan feel guilty about it. Amihan then swears her love to Mira from then on.

Later, Alena, using her voice, destroys the rock where Ybarro carved their names as a witness to their love. Ybarro sees this and was upset about it. Ybarro then saves a man from a group of Hathorians, one of which wounded him. Asval watched Ybarro fought the Hathorians, remembering that he was the same mandirigma they saw during the war. Ybarro then heals himself, much to his surprise and of Asval, telling Dagtum that he might be a Sapiryan.

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