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Pinkantadia is a mini series spoof created by Bubble Gang, GMA Network's highly-rated gag show.

Cast and Characters

The names of the characters were spoofed as: 

  • Ynang Mother (Ynang Reyna; a reference to the Tagalog for mother, "ina") played by
  • Amoyhan (Amihan; "amoy" being "smell") played by Michael V.
  • Dinaya (Danaya; literally "cheated") played by
  • Alyena (Alena; "Alyena" is a play with the word Balyena, meaning Whale) played by
  • Irena (Pirena) played by
  • Jalathors (Hathors)
  • Limaw (Imaw; short for Halimaw, meaning Monster) played by Mahal
  • Niño Muyak (Muyak) played by
  • Kabarro (Ybarro; a spoof to the Tagalog word for horse which is Kabayo) played by
  • Bruha (Gurna; Bruha meaning witch) played by
  • Muta (Cassiopea/Mata) played by
  • Hadagorn (Hagorn) played by
  • Raquim-raquim (Raquim) played by
    • They even spoofed the name of the kingdom of Hathoria to Halathoria (Hala meaning trouble or something leading to or about to lead to trouble).


  • During Bubble Gang's 10th anniversary, the actual characters of Encantadia appeared and portrayed a comical face-off with the Pinkantadia characters.

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