Pugad Lawin (also known as Pugad Hari) is the tribe of the Mulawins who resided in Encantadia. It is found at the North-west of Sapiro, North-east of Hathoria, South-east of Lavanea, and is up high in the mountains. (In short, it is located between the borders of Hathoria and Sapiro). It was produced for Encantadia by GMA Network.

  • Important note: Please do not be confused with Pugad Lawin and Avila as Pugad Lawin is a Mulawin tribe in Encantadia while Avila is a kingdom of the Mulawins in the Mortal Realm. Also, Avalon and Avila are also different, as Avalon is the highest point and watch platform in Pugad Lawin.


During King Hagorn and Queen Pirena's reign, Hagorn went to the Mulawins in Pugad Lawin, they did not recognize them as their new monarchs so Hagorn ordered the Hathors to attack the Mulawins and wipe their race from Encantadia. After that, Pugad Lawin became a completely deserted place, fortunately, a Mulawin named Pagaspas (who just came there from Avila for his training) survived the attack and another Mulawin, Lakan who was in the Mortal World during the time of the Attack.


  • To date, Pugad Lawin still exists, it is where Lakan and Pagaspas, the last two mulawins in Encantadia reside.
  • The Mulawins of this tribe are sentinels of the sky during the time of the early queens of Lireo.
  • The watch platform located at the highest point of their mountain is known as Avalon.
  • Pugad Lawin is a completely independent tribe from the Mulawins of Avila.
  • According to Sir Noel in his Behance project for Lakan, Lakan led Pugad Lawin obviously before secluding himself in the Mortal realm.

Known Residents


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