The Legendary Tree of Life (or Maalamat na Puno ng Buhay in Tagalog) is a magical fruit-bearing tree located in Old Etheria, it is guarded by an encantado named Evades. It has wilted like it's guardian, Evades, when he died.

The twin-spirit guide of the Water Gem, Agua, said that the tree bears a magical fruit that can restore Sang'gre Alena's normal form. But according to Evades, the tree bears assorted fruits, either one of them could be carrying a good curse or a bad curse. 

Evades has confirmed to Sang'gres Lira and Mira that it is not confirmed if a single fruit from the tree has made anyone live again.

It was revealed that it was Bathalumang Haliya who planted the Tree of Life in Encantadia. She took a seedling of it and planted it in Lumang Etheria so that the denizens of Encantadia could benefit from its healing properties.


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