The Tree of the Mulawins is a sacred tree that can be found in the realm of Mulawins, Avila. The Mulawins also call it as their sacred mother tree. According to Ravenum, when the Tree dies the whole race of Mulawins die too. It did not appear in Encantadia (2005) or Encantadia (2016) but had connections.

Connection to Encantadia (2005)

In the Encantadia-Mulawin crossover movie, Mulawin: The Movie, that happened during the events of Book 1, the Diwatas helped the Chosen Ones of the Mulawin race to maintain the Tree's life.

Connection to Encantadia (2016)

The tree was never shown in this series, but it was mentioned that the Mulawin flute was crafted using a branch taken from this tree. And the flute was given to the First Queen of the Diwatas, Cassiopea, so that whenever she needs help a mulawin warrior will be there as they do not forget their strong allegiance with the Diwatas.

In Mulawin Saga

The tree itself was given by the Ynang Reyna of the Diwatas and Encantadia along with the magical bird Balasik to the Mulawins when they moved to the top of Mt. Apo; Avila. The tree's leaves can heal wounds and cuts but the tree, though rarely, bears Berdeng Binhi; a green seed that can cure any injury or disease. The other variety, the Pulang Binhi, is the polar opposite of the latter, and even has the ability to transform anyone - from Mulawins to humans - into Ravenas. The tree is being guarded by the Diyosang Sandawa.

A talking cow named Kaloy can be see near the Mulawin Tree who guards and defend the seeds of the tree itself.

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