The Civil War

The Realm of the Celestial Beings is where the deities of Light and Darkness reside. It is also where the five Bathalas have originated from.



There was a time when a civil war came at hand in the realm against the Force of the deities of Darkness and the deities of Light for some reason. Five Bathalas namely, Emre, Ether, Arde, Keros, and Haliya; remained neutral during the war since they are friends to both sides. The Force of Darkness has lost and the Force of Light has triumphed. The Five were refused by the triumphant deities of Light and the fallen deities of Darkness. This led the Five to get expelled and create the realm of Encantadia.

  • As revealed by Ether, if a Bathala that originated from here died, they will return there. But it wasn't revealed by Ether if their soul and body comes with them or not.


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