Rehav is an enchant word that refers to a position of a royalty, a prince.


Character Description
Meno Ascended to the throne of king of Sapiro at somep point.
YoungAsval Brother to Meno. Dreams of becoming the next King of Sapiro but his dreams were crushed by the arrival of Armeo. Was ripped of his royal status after betraying King Meno (Sang'gres Intervention).
RaquimBook3 Son of Armeo (brother of Meno and Asval) nephew to both Meno and Asval.
ArmeoBook3 Son of Meno to his first love Agatha. Originally was named Gion. The sole heir of Meno.
YbarroBook1 Son of Armeo, the last king of Sapiro before its fall during the war. Later ascended to the throne after reestablishing the kingdom


Of Sapiro

AsvalIcon1 RaquimIcon 2016Ybarro1

Of Lireo


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