Retres (short e) are butterflies in Encantadia.

They can either be an ordinary retre, a Bathalang Paru-paru or they can be butterflies of Emre from Devas that fetch the bodies of deceased Encantados. Retres from Devas, according to Imaw, bring good souls to Devas with their bodies intact, so that they could return to Encantadia if it is necessary, they also were initially [[Lambana|Lambanas. Emre oftenly sends Retres as a sign or warning to someone.


To be added.


  • Devas Butterflies are sometimes referred to as the blue butterflies since they are color blue (in the original series these butterflies are multicolored).
  • Retre means butterfly in Enchant.
  • Most retres are evolved Lambanas.


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