The Scepter of the Queen is a fictional item in both the Encantadia 2005 and 2016 series. It is a powerful weapon and acts as a symbol of sovereignty. It has been in the possession of Lireo since it's founding. It originally belonged to the most powerful Diwata Esmeralda and was entrusted to the First Queen of Lireo, Cassiopea. It is passed on to Lireo's successors.



The Scepter was once owned by the most powerful Diwata, Esmeralda. Etherian warriors once attempted to steal it and killed Esmeralda during the process. She unleashed a curse against the Etherians that someone with the same race as her will be the cause of Etheria's downfall and made the scepter disappear with her to death making her soul to never be at rest until she finds the rightful Encantada to wield it. Esmeralda eventually finds Cassiopea and entrusts the scepter to her.

When the Sang'gres intervened with the past, the entrusting of the scepter to Cassiopea was changed. Esmeralda found Danaya in the forest and her soul floated above her. The latter at first thought she was an enemy but later on recognized her and tasked her to entrust the scepter to the First Queen of Lireo. Danaya found Cassiopea and helped her escape from the Herans as Cassiopea tried to tell Ybrahim (hypnotized to be known as Alexus) that he is a Sapiryan under Odessa's spell; after they have escaped and teleported to the forest, Danaya gives Cassiopea the scepter and tells her to establish a kingdom for the Diwatas and be its First Queen. Since that, the scepter was one of the most treasured objects in Lireo, as it carries the symbolism of royalty and power and is passed on to whoever succeeds the throne.


IMG 1964

The Scepter kept in the Gem Chamber.

The Scepter of the Queen (Setro ng Ynang Reyna) was first seen in the series when Amihan used it to heal Mira (back then known as Lira) when Pirena temporary stole her life force; it was kept in the Chamber of the Gems. After the Hathors' successful conquest of Lireo, Mira entrusted the scepter to the royal guards to give it to the council members.

IMG 1965

The scepter being held by Amihan.

IMG 1970

Danaya holding the scepter during the meeting.

During Danaya's reign it was kept at the Weapons Chamber, it was seen again when Danaya started a strategic meeting with the chosen successors of the gems, Hitano, the Diwatas, and Wahid. When Avria switched her's and Danaya's form, Danaya (in the appearance of Avria) used the scepter to battle Avria (in the form of Danaya). It was also used again by Danaya as an additional power to defeat the Kubur sent by Avria. It was again used by Danaya to fulfill Alena's plan on fooling Hagorn, Danaya used it to create a barrier in the chamber so no one, even the Bathalas, would see the events that would happen there.

Powers and Abilities

  • Rejuvenation/Healing - The scepter has the ability to cure any ailments and injuries.
  • Reverting conditions of the Brilyantes - The scepter has the ability to revert any condition/s caused by the Brilyantes. An ability Amihan used to revert the condition caused by Pirena's brilyante on Mira.
  • Energy Projection - The scepter also has the ability to create/project powerful energy blasst that can be use for offensive purposes.
  • Dispelling Enchantments - Hitano once used the scepter to free Amihan from the magic that binds her in the castle's cellar. (2005)
  • Barrier - Danaya once used the scepter to enchant the whole chamber with magic, so that no one (even the Bathalas) can't hear the conversation happening inside the barrier.
  • Blessings - Danaya also used the Scepter to ask for enlightenment before commencing to a council meeting. It can also be used to signify the end of the meeting.


  • The scepter looked different in the 2005 Book 1 and in Book 2.

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