The queen candidacy arc climax.

The four gems Arc

  • The arc when Cassiope-a divided the Mother Gem into four (later revealed five) gems—of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, (and Soul) and distributed them to the rulers of the kingdoms at that time (except for Soul Gem, for this was not yet revealed in this arc).

Queen candidacy Arc

  • The arc when the four sisters trained and competed to become Mine-a's successor.

Pirena's revenge Arc

  • The arc when Pirena stole the Fire Gem from the Castle Chamber and allied to Hathoria.

Ybrahim Arc

  • Pirena's revenge arc momentarily disappeared from the spotlight to make way for this arc. This is the arc where Ybarro discovers his true identity.

Resistance Arc

Lira Arc

Carcero Arc

LilaSari Arc

Ayleb Arc

Finding Lira Arc

Kahlil Arc

Amnesia Arc

Liberating Lireo Arc

  • The arc where the Diwatas planned to liberate Lireo from the reign of the Hathors. If it weren't for LilaSari taking away the Brilyante ng Tubig from|Hagorn, in the end the efforts of the Diwatas wouldn't be successful.

Deshna Arc

Hadezar Arc

  • The arc when Hagorn asked for Ether and Arde's help to have a new set of army after Amihan tricked him and Danaya killed all the Hathors. Arde gave Hagorn an army of dead people living in Balaak to beat the four sisters. *This is also the arc when Amihan got killed.

Etheria Arc

  • After a long time, Encantadia lived in a perfect harmony under the reign of Danaya. Unknown to many, Ether had been planning to resurrect Etheria, her kingdom, to let the worshippers of Emre, particularly the Lireans, be beaten so that Etheria will be acknowledged as the most powerful kingdom. With this, Ether erased Lila Sari's memories and put her in the army with Asval and Amarro and resurrected Andora and Avria. During the time of Avria's resurrection, Ether used Cassiopea's body for Avria's soul to reside in temporarily in order to get the gems. Avria failed to get all but successfully snatched the Brilyante ng Diwa that is sufficient enough to give Avria an own body.

Finding the new keepers arc

  • The Arc when Cassiopea and the symbols of the gems ventured out to find rhe new saviors and keepers. With the uprising of Etheria and the Avria's attempt to get all the gems, Cassiopea thought that the unequal number of the gemkeepers and the gems only result to the danger of stealing. Cassiopea orders the respective symbols of each gem to find their rightful gemkeeper.

Triumph of Etheria arc

Bathalas arc

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