Matter is the 175th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaSuliranin.

Plot Summary

In Etheria

In the throne room, the Bathalumang Ether and Hara Avria were talking about what are their next plans for the Hara of Lireo. She then informed the Hara that the Diwata has a secret bond with the Mashna Duri-e of Lireo, Aquil, the son of Amarro. They secretly meet despite the former Mashna being already banished in the land of the Diwatas. As the Hara felt happiness to what she had learned, she said that this could be a bigger offense for the Hara of the Diwatas. The Bathaluman agreed to her, saying that it is against their law that is also equal to committing a treason. Avria was happy to know these things, for she had determined that Aquil was the weakness of Danaya, and she could use this information to her next plans.

Moments later, the army of Etheria have gathered in the throne room. Hara Avria then told them that they are bringing them back to their normal selves for the Diwatas have demanded to release them all as a sign of her alliance with them. She then sang an old Enchanta chant, freeing them of their spell. As they fell and got back to their feet, the returned beings were unaware of what happened to them, with Pangil and the other Bandidos wanting to attack the Etherians. However, Amarro explained to them that there is no need for them to be violent, for their Hara has already given them their freedom. Afterwards, Avria told them to they leave Etheria and return to their homes, asking Amarro and LilaSari to accompany them until they reach outside of the palace. After they departed, Hera Andora asked the Hara what is their next step. Avria then commanded the two Mashnas to capture Aquil temporarily, for she must use his appearance to get closer with Danaya. Andora and Asval went away, as well as Avria, who also vanished after the two did.

In Adamya

Sang'gre Alena was with Banak and Nakba and the other Adamyans in the land. She then asked if they are certain that the tribe of Gunikar were hiding in the place where the Sang'gre was pointing on a map. The two agreed with her and said that they cannot be wrong to what they have known. As they were about to go, Hara Pirena arrived in front of them, asking who are the ones who were destroying the land. Alena then asked what is she doing there, and the Hara said that she was just visiting her and also to inform her that the keepers of the Brilyantes are about to leave the palace in Lireo. Pirena then asked if the Sang'gre wants to come with her to say goodbye to her 'Hadias'. Alena however said that she does not know if she cannot leave Adamya. As the Hara asked her why, an explosion startled them and a group of Gunikars showed up. Pirena was about to use her Brilyante after recognizing them but Alena stopped her, asking Pirena how can she come with troubles happening in the land. The Hara then understand what she meant, and she asked Alena if she needed her help, but the Sang'gre declined it, thanking her, for she can do it herself. As Alena vanished, Pirena declared that her sister was really different from the other siblings, for she always wanted to be alone.

In the Land of the Gunikars

As Sang'gre Alena arrived in the land of the tribe of Gunikar, she called them out and asked them to show themselves. One of them peeked on the Sang'gre behind the rocks as she was still looking for them. Alena then promised that she will not hurt them and not take revenge for what they have done against her and Pirena as more of them peeked behind the trees. She then asked them again where they are and to finally show themselves to her. As she turned around from a Gunikar that she noticed, one of them played a music from his flute, causing the Sang'gre to hear its tune and fall asleep. After Alena finally collapsed, a group of Gunikars then approached her.

In Lireo

Ariana was pleading her brother Azulan to not torment her for going with the other keepers in training. She added that he is important to her, but Ariana also wants to change her fate. This would be the only time that she would have an opportunity like this; that a Punjabwe-a woman will not only have a husband to marry, but could also become a warrior. As Azulan firmly declined his sister's demands, Hara Pirena and Rama Ybrahim came into her room, with the queen questioning the Punjabwe's decisions to stop her. She commented that Ariana is already at the right age to make her own decisions. Azulan then answered her to mind his business with her sister, but the Rama told him that Cassiopea and the others will not leave until the new keepers are completely gathered. Ybrahim then implored the Punjabwe to finally let his sister go. Azulan reiterated his statement: no one will decide except for himself what Ariana's fate will be.

Already irritated, Pirena then asked him what if her Brilyante (which she brought in front of him) would decide what is his own fate will be, by which Azulan convicted her of using it again to defend herself. Ybrahim then told him that this is not only a case for what his tribe's beliefs are, but this is also a case for what the future of Ariana and of the whole realm will be. As he stood silent, Ariana was asked by the Rama to come with him. As she looked at her brother, Hara Danaya arrived, asking what was happening. The Rama then told him that the Punjabwe is still not allowing his sister to go for the training. Azulan then said that he only does not want Ariana to put herself or live into danger like the other Sang'gres she admires. He pleaded to Ariana to follow him, but the Punjabwe-a, after looking to Rama Ybrahim, already made up her mind, apologizing to her brother. Azulan then tried to approach Ariana but he was stopped by the Rama, putting his arm in front of the Punjabwe. As he forcibly accepted her sister's decisions, Ariana, on the other hand, asked the dama to carry her belongings. Ybrahim then took the Punjabwe-a's hand and they left the room, as well as Hara Danaya who apologized to him, saying that the sake of Encantadia is more important than any customs.

As they made their way to the throne room, they met Wantuk in the hallway, who was happy to see the two, holding hands. The Sapiryan warrior asked about it, but the Rama denied that it has some meaning, leading him to letting go of Ariana's hand and explaining why he did it, which is to separate the Punjabwe-a from her brother. Wantuk then grabbed Ybrahim aside, saying that he does not need to explain anything from him. As he excused himself after the Rama bringing his sword in front of Wantuk, Ybrahim apologized to Ariana and explained again what he said earlier. The Punjabwe-a understood it and thanked him as well for defending her from Azulan. She then added that despite her brother's beliefs, Azulan is still a good person. The Rama then instructed the Punjabwe-a to finally go to the throne room, for the others have been waiting for her. She left as they said their goodbyes to each other.

After the Hara of Lireo left, Azulan asked Pirena to also leave the room like the others. The Hara then firmly refused, saying that she does not take commands from anyone like him. The Punjabwe asked her when is she going to, and she answered that she will leave whenever she pleases. Irate, Azulan then asked what is something women like her have in common that they tend to be so stubborn. Pirena then questioned him about what is it on his mind that he thinks like he is some king that could just command the women like so. She then added that their world has already changed, and women can now make their own decisions. The Hara then asked him again why he does not know anything about it, for maybe because he is too secluded from his tribe's wrong ideals for a long time. Angry, Azulan then shouted to her face that she may belittle his upbringing, but not his origin. This caused Pirena to slap the Punjabwe again, reiterating that he cannot talk to her that way and declaring that she can do or say anything she wants and he cannot do anything to stop her. Azulan in turn, said that he will now do what he warned her before. Pirena asked what it meant, and she remembered the last time she struck the Punjabwe, and what his warning was. As the Hara looked at him, Azulan grabbed Pirena by her shoulders, brought his head closer to the Hara, and was about to kiss her. Pirena just continued to stare at him and did not stop nor hold him back, closing her eyes as the Punjabwe approached her. When Azulan's lips were about to close on to Pirena's, he stopped, letting go of the Hara, and saying that he will concede and appreciate her, if that is what she wants. But for now, the Punjabwe also wanted Pirena to recognize his role as an older brother of Ariana. He only does not want her to be in harm, because she was the only one left for him that he cares for. Azulan then took his leave from her beloved Hara as Pirena stood there in silence, bewildered of what happened between them.

Back in the throne room, Hara Danaya were lecturing the new keepers of the Brilyantes. She advised them that as they start to the training they will about to do, they should always put to their minds the things that are being cared for by the current keepers like them. The following are equality, justice, respect to the Bathalang Emre's laws, to nature and to other creatures of the realm, and most of all, the love for Encantadia itself. If they chose to instill those things to their minds, the Hara will be sure that all of them will pass the challenges that they will face. Sang'gre Lira replied that they will remember those words her Ashti had said. She then thanked Hara Danaya and bowed to her, as well as the others. As she said her goodbyes, Pirena arrived from Adamya, just in time before the keepers leave. The Hara Duri-e Cassiopea then told her that they were about to go, but before that, the Hara of Hathoria also bid them goodbye and told them to take care of themselves and never disobey Cassiopea. Nunong Imaw then told the keepers to prepare themselves for their departure and the Hara Duri-e also said her goodbyes to Hara Danaya and the others, who are hoping that in their return, there is still peace in all of the whole realm. As the keepers bowed for the final time, they all went to the center of the throne room, circling around Cassiopea, Nunong Imaw, and Wantuk. Each of them immediately vanished, leaving the palace of Lireo to finally begin their training as the next keepers of the five Brilyantes of Encantadia.

Later on, Pirena was alone in the throne room when Hara Danaya arrived, asking her why she looked dejected. The Hara commented that Lireo became silent after her daughter and her niece left. Danaya then asked if that was the only reason, and Pirena then told her that she was sad for their departure, for she already got used to Lira and Mira always being there. She also expressed how she misses them already, but the Hara of Lireo commented that their short-term departure is for their own good. As Pirena agreed with her younger sister, she asked if the Hara knew the challenges that they will face, for which Danaya said that only Cassiopea knew about it. Whatever it is that they will about to do, the two Haras hoped for all of them to succeed.

Near the gates of Lireo, Avria appeared and immediately disguised herself as the Mashna Duri-e Aquil. She then approached the soldiers and ask them if she could pass. The soldier, thinking it was their former leader, declined him entry for he was already banished in the land. She said that she understands it, but she only wants to talk to their Hara and to tell her that she's there. However, they still denied her, asking why the Hara would want to face the former Mashna. This prompted Hara Avria to use her power to command the soldier to what she told him. She was then granted to her wish and she waited for the Hara of the Diwatas to come out.

In Cassiopea's Island

The six chosen keepers, along with Cassiopea, Nunong Imaw, and Wantuk have finally arrived in Cassiopea's Island. Paopao then asked where they are, and Muyak informed this to him. The Nuno agreed with the former Lambana, and told them that for the time being, this will be their new training grounds until they become truly worthy of being a keeper, not only of the Brilyantes, but of all Encantadia as well. Sang'gre Mira then asked the Hara Duri-e until when they are going to stay there, and Cassiopea answered that it depends if they could learn easily. Lira then asked about something that she has been thinking for a long time, about how the symbols choosing six of them when there are only five Brilyantes. Cassiopea then informed them that not only the six of them are present, but instead there was another, which makes them seven. They all wondered who it was, and Cassiopea used her magic to reveal someone who was hiding from them. It was Gilas, who became invisible and was able to come with Luna. The Hara Duri-e then explained that the reason the symbols chose seven is because in case two of them cannot bear the tasks or dies, there would be still enough beings to be the keepers of the Brilyantes.

Wantuk then complained about Gilas being one with the keepers, asking how he was able to come. The Hara Duri-e however informed him that Gilas ate the fruit of Kawati, which could only be found in their mountains. Once a Nymfa eats this fruit will enable him to vanish, and that was the way Gilas did to secretly come with them. Cassiopea also added that she knew already that the Nymfa came and she let him come because of Nunong Imaw's advice. The Nuno then said to Gilas that his wish has been granted, for he was amazed at his confidence. Cassiopea then hope that all of them has the confidence to face their first challenge. As Mira declared that they are finally ready, the Hara Duri-e used her magic to bring their first task. A group of Hadezars then appeared in front of them. As Lira remembered it, she told Luna that those were the creatures who were used by Hagorn against her mother Amihan and her brother Kahlil, and that the former Hara decided to die in order to defeat them all. As Paopao learned about who killed his 'Ate Amihan', he declared that it was the reason why he was already in an unpleasant mood after he saw them. He then asked Cassiopea why are they present, and the Hara Duri-e told him that the Hadezar will attempt to capture them. The goal of the keepers is to not get caught by any of them without using any weapon or magic and to return to that spot safely until the sun has fully risen. They then asked what could they use if they cannot use any of their powers, and the Nuno replied that they have to use their minds and skills in order to get away from the Hadezar. Luna asked if they could fight them using their hands, which the Hara Duri-e permitted, but she asked them about fighting Ivtres without any feelings or emotions to be hurt. Ariana became down after learning this but Gilas put her spirits up, saying that like her, he also has no power and will still fight. Cassiopea then warned them all that the Hadezar have deep sense of smell, as well as great agility and skill to capture them all. Lira then wanted to quit because of this warning, but Wantuk asked what would her father say if she easily gives up, which the Sang'gre quickly retracting it as a joke. Nunong Imaw then asked them if they are all finally ready, and they all responded yes. The Hara Duri-e then commanded them to start running and find a place to hide against the Hadezar. The seven chosen have finally split up along the island, while Cassiopea commanded the Undead Ivtres to start capturing them all.

In the Forest

The Mashna Duri-e Aquil was with Awoo, sitting down in one of the trees. As the Pashnea roar softly, as if he was talking to the former Mashna, Aquil replied that yes, his last encounter with his beloved Danaya was still on his mind. He then reflected on the kiss that they shared when they met each other and how sweet it was. The Mashna Duri-e commented that he can still feel the softness of her lips, and also the warmth of her embrace. He then asked his friend if how can he sleep for what happened to him was truly beautiful. Awoo roared, and Aquil told him to sleep, and let the Mashna Duri-e remember all the moments with his beloved.

As morning came, the two Mashnas of Etheria have found Aquil sleeping. Asval then attacked him, which the Mashna Duri-e felt and evaded it. Aquil was able to defend himself for a short time until Hera Andora stopped his attack by controlling his mind using her power. As the Mashna Duri-e went down, he questioned if his father knew about what they were doing. Asval responded to him and sarcastically apologized to what is he about to do. He then knocked Aquil unconscious with his axe and the Heran declared that their Hara is finally free to use Aquil's identity against the Hara of the Diwatas.

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