Fetch is the 105th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. It continues from Chapter 34. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaSundo.


The episode starts in Amihan's dream. The two are about to kiss but Amihan pushes Ybrahim away because she doesn't want to hurt Alena, she says she no longer wants to continue what is destined and says farewell to Ybarro. In Sapiro, Alena wakes Ybarro up and tells him why he slept in the dining area, he says its nothing he just had a bad dream, Alena asks about it but he doesn't respond, she asks him if he wants to rest in his room, but he doesn't want to. Alena tells him she is going to Lireo for the councli meeting. Members of the council asks if the dream happened, Amihan responds that she didn't continue it for she already has an heir, Amihan tells Aquil to send troops to fetch Mira from the Human World as she wants Mira to be her successor.

A member of the council asks why she wants Mira to be the queen for she is the daughter of a traitor, Amihan tells him that she did not raise her niece to be a bad person. Alena asks Amihan why she didn't continue her dream but she didn't respond. Lira tells Amihan wants to go with Aquil and Amihan approves. Lira complains and asks the troops why they walk so fast and she can hardly catch up, then hathors attack them, Lira manages to vanish, Agane and the hathors go to the human world to fetch Mira for she is the heir of Hathoria, Lira grabs a sword and goes to the human world to save her cousin. Back in Lireo, Amihan talks to Alena.

Alena asks about the person in her dream, Amihan tells the damas to leave them alone, Alena asks if it was Ybarro, Amihan reminisces the encantado aside from Ybarro in her dream. In the Human World, Anthony surprises Mira with a picnic date, Anthony tells Mira that he loves her. Mira tells him that it is not right, he confronts him that she is no human, Agane and the Hathors appear and tell Mira that she needs to return but Mira refuses.

Major Events

  • Anthony expresses his feelings for Mira. Mira says he likes him too in Enchant.
  • Mira comes back to Encantadia, with the help of Lira.
  • Anthony learns Lira and Mira aren't humans.
  • Alena asks for Danaya's help in retreiving her gem. Danaya refuses, but, Amihan agrees to come. She would bring Muros along.


  • The episode title refers to the Hathors fetching Mira from the Human World back to Encantadia (as shown in the teaser), for, according to Agane, she is the heir of Hathoria.


Encantadia Teaser Ep00:31

Encantadia Teaser Ep. 105- Manganganib ang buhay ni Mira

The teaser for this episode.

Encantadia- E correi diu03:23

Encantadia- E correi diu

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