Suzette Doctolero is a Filipino television writer and film writer. She is a resident writer of GMA Network.

Her most famous work is the Encantadia Saga.



  • 2016 Alyas Robin Hood (as creative consultant)
  • 2016 Encantadia (as head writer)
  • 2009 Ikaw Sana (as head writer)
  • 2009 Totoy Bato (as head writer)
  • 2008 Gagambino (as head writer)
  • 2008 Joaquin Bordado (as head writer)
  • 2007 Kamandag (as writer)
  • 2007 La Vendetta (as writer)
  • 2007 Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig (as writer)
  • 2007 Impostora (as writer)
  • 2007 Lupin (as head writer)
  • 2006 Daisy Siete (as head writer)
  • 2006 Bakekang (as writer)
  • 2006 Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas (as creator, head writer)
  • 2005 Etheria (as creator, head writer)
  • 2005 Encantadia (as creator, head writer)
  • 2004 Forever in My Heart (as writer)
  • 2000 May Bukas Pa (1999 TV series)|May Bukas Pa]] (as writer)
  • 1996 Tierra Sangre (as writer)


  • 2008 My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (as screenplay)
  • 2007 Bahay Kubo (film)|Bahay Kubo (as screenplay)
  • 2006 I Will Always Love You (as story and screenplay)
  • 2005 Lovestruck (as screenplay)
  • 2005 Let the Love Begin (as screenplay)
  • 1999 Hubad Sa Ilalim ng Buwan (as story)


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