The petal that represents a gamete is the sign of conception that a new Sang'gre will be born in Encantadia (2005).


Whenever a Sang'gre is pregnant she will find a flower on her palm. The flower represents the child on the Sang'gre's womb up to his/her life after birth. If the child died or became severely injured, like in the case of Lira, the flower will look moribund.


The flower looks like the head of a rooster (cock). The color is usually yellow but if the Sang'gre to be born has Hathor blood it is color red.


Although the name translates to petal it is actually a flower which in real life is called Celosia cristata commonly known as cockscomb.


  • In the 2016 series the talulot became modernized - The talulot tatoo but it no longer shows the status of the child and it is not a solid entity.


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