One of the most anticipated things in the Encantadia requel aside from the new characters, improved animation and enhanced powers are the changes made to the story. This page is made not for comparison but for those fans who are curious and want to know the differences between the Original and the Requel. The sequence is based on per episode of the 2016 series starting with the pilot episode.

WARNING: There are a lot of spoilers in this chart.

Original Requel
N/A New characters have been added: Adhara, Amihan (I), Ades, Alira Naswen, Pako, Vish'ka, Dagtum, Lakan, LilaSari, Mayca, Kaizan, Icarus, Deshna, Helgad, Gilas, Rexar, Hafte Lanzu, Mancao, Jigs, Choleng, Berto, Rael, Paopao, and Dina.
The gem given by Emre to the four kingdoms of Encantadia is known as the Gem of Elements. And is separated by Cassiopea into four gems: fire gem, air gem, water gem and land gem. The gem is known as the Inang Brilyante (The Mother Gem). Aside from the four elemental gems separated by Cassiopea, there's another fifth elemental gem, later known as the Soul Gem, which is the same color as Inang Brilyante, but in a small fragment form.
The Brilyante ng mga Elemento was divided by Cassiopea during her reign to save the Mulawin race from the rage of the Hathors. The Inang Brilyante was divided by Cassiopea during Mine-a's reign to save Encantadia from the wrath of the evil Diwata, Adhara.
One of the companions of Asval is Bandok while one of Ybarro's companions is Apek. Bandok and Apek were replaced by Dagtum and Pako respectively.
Wantuk didn't equip any weapons as he is comically coward, until he equips a spear and a sword when he becomes a Lirean soldier under Queen Danaya after the last war against Hagorn and Asval. Wantuk has his spear as his personal weapon and can fight, but he retains his comical traits (such as his fear about Ivtres in Sapiro).
The Sapiryan royal family (notably Ybrahim/Ybarro and King Meno) has the teleport ability. Asval was given the teleport ability by Queen Avria for his alliance to them. The Sapiryan royal family has no teleport ability.
Lireo has airships while Hathoria does not, but they briefly used the Lirean airships during Pirena's regime. Lireo and Hathoria now have their advanced airships.
Lirean and Sapiryan soldiers do not have shields as only Etherian soldiers have. Lirean and Sapiryan soldiers now have shields in their arsenal.
The Asnamon Tree's exits from Encantadia to the mortal world varies on where you ask it to take you. For instance, when Danaya asked the tree to take her to Encantadia's savior, the exit is in Anthony's house where Lira is working as a maid. Another instance is when Pirena asked the tree to take her and Lira to the most dangerous place in the mortal world, the tree took them to a place near the railway. The Asnamon Tree's exit from Encantadia to the mortal world is only one, it is a tree in a park. However, Raquim managed to exit with Amihan on a bridge in the mortal world. But, no one else who used the Asnamon Tree exited on that bridge, just at the tree in a park.
The range weapons of the Hathor soldiers are only bow and arrow. The range weapons of the Hathors are guns spewing out fire.
Emre and Arde are siblings. Emre and Arde are not siblings.
Emre cursed Arde and Ether because they fell in love with each other, which is forbidden due to the fact that they are bathalas and they must not stoop down to the level of the inhabitants of Encantadia. Emre cursed Arde and Ether because they conspired against him, due to the fact that Emre is being worshiped more by the Encantados rather than Arde and Ether which made the two bathalas jealous. Also both Arde and Ether are actually lovers when the former called the latter "mahal ko".
Arde is the guardian of the Limbo. Arde is the guardian of the Balaak.
The Brilyantes were solid entities when they first appeared. The Brilyantes are not a solid entity when they first appeared.
The ancestors of Ornia, Cassiopea and the Sang'gres, Esmeralda had no offspring. Also, Demetria was only briefly mentioned as Lireo's third queen, it is unknown if she had a relation with anyone. Esmeralda had two daughters Mine-a and Amihan. Demetria, who is Esmeralda's mother, has a niece, Adhara.
Mine-a has no sibling. Avria killed her mother and took her when she was still a baby. Mine-a has a sibling named Amihan, after whom she named her daughter, Amihan.
A mist in circular motion shrouds Cassiopea’s head when she speaks in Tagalog. As Cassiopea speaks Tagalog, her headgear extends and the center of her headgear lights up. Without the headgear, a symbol on her forehead appears.
Cassiopea is initially blind in her younger years, but later can see, and has the ability to look into in the future. Cassiopea's history was not revealed, but she can still look into the future.
Raquim is the one who killed Arvak. Asval is the one who killed Arvak, yet he convinces Hagorn that Raquim is the one who killed Arvak.
Mayne, the queen of Sapiro was ambushed only by Hathors. Agane was with the Hathors who ambushed Queen Asnara.
Ybrahim, Asval, Bandok and Axilom are the Sapiryans to survive the war of Sapiro and Hathoria. In the requel, Alira Naswen, Asval and his allies and a few Sapiryan soldiers managed to survive the war.
Asval didn't appear to join in the war of Sapiro and Hathoria because he betrayed Sapiro and was labeled a traitor prior to Etheria's destruction (due to Sang'gre's changes). Asval participated in the war of Sapiro and Hathoria. He became a traitor after Raquim refused to give in to his wishes.
Arvak got the Gem of Water from Imaw during the war. Arvak got the Gem of Water from Imaw before the war.
Imaw gave the Gems to Mine-a. It was Raquim who gave the Gems to Mine-a.
Arvak was killed during the war by Raquim. Arvak was killed during the war by Asval and he blamed it on Raquim.
The young Sang'gres got ambushed by Agane and the Hathors, they were able to fight back but got outnumbered. Imaw saves them using the powers of his magical staff. The young Sang'gres got ambushed by Hagorn, Agane and the Hathors until Ades tells Amihan, Alena and Danaya to escape via teleportation however the young Pirena is being hostaged by Agane. However, Ades tells Hagorn that they should not kill the eldest daughter of Mine-a, unaware to Pirena that Hagorn is her father. Thus, he orders Agane to release her before Pirena and Ades escape via teleportation.
Axilom speaks in Enchan and few times Tagalog. Axilom fully speaks Tagalog.
There were two (or three, in Book 3's case) keys to the portal of Asnamon and they were in the form of medallions.

There is only one key and it is in the form of a bracelet that transforms into a key when activated.

However, there's another portal which can be accessed through the strange creatures, known as the bandits, in which they guarded. And also they are also responsible for abducting humans for bringing them to the world of Encantadia. The said another portal (called the lost portal) is found in the human world, which is in the form of a strange face on the wall (similar to the fictional spooky tree).

Also, another third portal is in the form of Sky Portal in which the Mulawins can pass through.

Hathors cannot be seen by humans when they're in the world of mortals. Humans are able to see Hathors when they appeared to search for Raquim and Amihan.
Ether is voiced and portrayed by actress Angel Aquino. Ether is somewhat initially voiced by male voice actor before female, Ether was portrayed by Janice Hung.
Battle between Raquim and Hagorn is just near Raquim's house at night. Raquim and Amihan are being chased by the Hathors in the barangay before Hagorn arrives to battle Raquim while raining at night.
Hagorn, Arvak and Agane's faces are always face-painted and Hathorian soldiers are covered with their grotesque helmets. And they are not being cursed by Mine-a. Hathorians' appearances were human-like and have no face paints. When Minea unleashes the curse upon Hathoria, their appearances are altered into monstrous and hideous forms. And later when Hagorn meets Ether, the Bathaluman gives him power to combat the four jewels, thus, changing him and, eventually Agane, into face-painted individuals.
Hathoria has no damas due to the fact the kingdom is mostly male. Hathoria has female soldiers who are also considered as damas and they can battle as well.
Hagorn and Ether only met when the Bathaluman revives the fallen Hathorian king to join forces with Avria and Arkrey. Hagorn and Ether met after the fall of Hathoria and she gives Hagorn powers to make him be able to combat the power of the brilyantes.
Mine-a never went to world of mortals. Mine-a frequently makes trips to the world of mortals, in the form of a phoenix to watch over Amihan, she saved the young Amihan from a bully before she went back to Encantadia.
Raquim's body just disappeared when he died. Raquim's body was brought back to Encantadia and was given an appropriate burial.
The butterflies that fetch a deceased Encantado/Encantada to bring in Devas are multi-colored. The lambanas that fetch a deceased Encantado/Encantada to bring in Devas are colored sapphire blue.
Pirena is conceived out of a deception. Hagorn took the appearance of Raquim and slept with Mine-a and that is what conceived Pirena; after the Sang'gres intervened with the past. Hagorn was engaged with Mine-a even though she loves Raquim and from there Pirena got conceived.
The engagement between Hagorn and Mine-a didn't push through because Mine-a escaped with Raquim. The engagement between Hagorn and Mine-a didn't push through because Mine-a chose to be the Queen of Lireo instead of marrying Hagorn.
Asval carries his battle axe as his personal weapon. Asval's main weapon is a set of bow and arrow. Later carries his battle axe.
Kabilan is originally created by Ether and wielded by Avria, Hagorn, Cassiopea and briefly Mine-a, Animus, Andora and Asval, and later kept in Lireo armory after Cassiopea's death. Kabilan has now 2 to 4 modes: dagger, wand, spear and sword. It is Cassiopea's main weapon. How it is made is still unknown, though it is also a godly weapon. Queen Avria originally wielded the Kabilan before her downfall and was obtained by Cassiopea. It was presumed that the Bathalang Arde created the Kabilan and wielded it.
Alena and Danaya's father, Enuo, was a Diwata healer in the original. His daughters met him, unknowingly, when the four Sang'gres went back through time to the golden age of Etheria. Enuo was a Sapiryan hunter who rescued the infant Amihan from being assasinated by Gurna. This means that apart from Pirena, who is a Diwata with Hathorian blood, all of Mine-a's three younger children children, after her eldest, are part Diwata and part Sapiryans.
Enuo's fate is deceased. He was killed by Hathors possibly after Alena and Danaya's birth. Enuo's fate is currently alive when he is seen in the world of humans after saving Amihan from Gurna's assassination. Before his exile to the human world, Enuo was chosen by Emre to be the father of Sang'gres but it was only a privilege, for he had no royal blood. Under the laws of Lireo he had no right to his children by the queen, so he decided to leave and was not seen in Encantadia again. He later reveals to Danaya that he is her and Alena's father. Thus Enuo's role got extended.
The timeskip happened when the Sang'gres were playing hide and seek. The timeskip happened when the Sang'gres were training.
The Sang'gres trained by themselves. Mine-a ordered Aquil to give training to the Sang'gres.
Alena and Ybarro met when Ybarro was hunting and saw Alena singing. Alena and Ybarro met when Ybarro saw Alena skipping by the rocks on the river after he, Pako and Wantuk robbed the Hathors.
The Sang'gres are already in their warrior forms for their test. The Sang'gres are still wearing their training suits for their test. And later they wear their warrior forms when starting the war with the Hathors.
The cloaked warrior (Mine-a) has its face covered The warrior (Mine-a) does not cover her face. Instead, she changes her physical attributes.
Pirena found Amihan holding on to the cliff. She wanted to help her but she remembered what Gurna said. So she kicked Amihan's hand causing her to fall. Pirena caught Amihan by the hand. Pirena showed unwillingness in letting go of Amihan.
Pirena got the Brilyante ng Apoy before her fight with Mine-a Pirena got the Brilyante ng Apoy after she fought Mine-a
Pirena's ability to change appearances was her in born ability. Pirena's ability to change appearances was granted to her by the Brilyante ng Apoy.
During the war of Lireo and Hathoria, the battle occurred in the forest Amihan easily gets defeated by Hagorn and Pirena. The troops headed by Amihan and Aquil retreat because Amihan is heavily wounded leaving Alena's troops continuing the battle. The battle finished at dawn by the shoreline with Agane's troops having been defeated. Hagorn made the light and warmth disappear from the rest of Encantadia. The battle occurred at the shoreline and finished that same night the Hathors retreated because of the tsunami created by Alena. It is only after the Hathors retreated that Amihan fainted out of bloodloss.
Amihan and Ybarro's collective dream happened during daytime Amihan was chasing a butterfly and it led her to Ybarro. The collective dream happened during nighttime Amihan was sitting by a tree when Ybarro came to her.
Ybarro and Amihan only met years after Lira was born. Ybarro appeared to save Amihan from the Hathors in the forest. Amihan recognizes Ybarro as Ybrahim. Ybarro and Amihan meet after Amihan wanted to meet the Encantado Alena is in love with. Amihan goes to the camp of the Mandirigmas. She and Ybarro recognize each other after they met through the collective dream they had recently.
Alena was forced to marry Hitano to save Ybarro. Mine-a approves the request of Hitano to marry Alena.
Mine-a dies as a response to the calling of Emre in devas/old age. Mine-a dies because Asval shot a poisoned arrow straight at her back causing her death.
Asval, Axilom and Bandok allied with the Hathors. Asval never allied himself with the Hathors initially and he made a small renegade group of his own in his quest to conquer the throne of Sapiro. Later, he, along with Dagtum and Axilom, allied with King Hagorn and Queen Pirena, despite the fact that Asval was the killer of Hagorn's father which is unknown to Hagorn yet.
Cassiopea's forecasts of the future is 100% percent accurate and is unchangeable. Cassiopea's forecasts of the future is changeable as shown with Mine-a, she died earlier than Cassiopea's expected date.
Pirena gave Mira her name. Hagorn gave Mira her name.
Lira and Mira were born after the day of Mine-a's death. Lira and Mira were born after the moment of Mine-a's death.
When Pirena came back to Lireo she offered to return the Brilyante ng Apoy to Amihan but Amihan insisted she keep it. Amihan asked Pirena to hand over the gem to prove to her that she has no ill intentions upon her return.
Much like the popular fairytale "Sleeping Beauty" on the moment Lira was born, Alena and Danaya with the presence of Amihan, bless Lira with gifts. Alena gave her the gift of a beautiful voice that will soothe the heart of her mother while Danaya gave her the gift of protection from Pirena and the element of fire. Alena and Danaya, without the presence of Amihan used their brilyantes to give blessings to Lira. Alena blesses Lira with a personality like the element of water while Danaya blesses Lira with protection from Pirena and all the possible weapons she can use to kill Lira.
Muyak isn't a Sang'gre so she isn't visible to the mortals. She also loses her wings and adapts the size of normal Encantadas. Muyak is visible to the mortals. Dado and his wife saw her. Also, she retains her pixie form.
Dado has a daughter and his wife Amanda didn't welcome Lira to their lives. Dado is very hard working and is very loving towards Lira. Dado and his wife have no offspring. Dado's wife Amanda is very welcoming to Lira. Dado's personality is quite foolish and he is against the idea of adopting Lira upon seeing Muyak.
Dado died because his foot got stuck in the railway and got ran over by a train. Dado died because he lost his balance while standing at the edge of the bridge in order to save Mila.
Amanda is a cruel adopted mother to Milagros/Lira. Amanda is a loving and kind adopted mother to Milagros/Lira and she has her brother Berto who is actually cruel and manipulative stepfather to Milagros, same trait as the original Amanda.
The ability Lira first showcased when she was young is her ability to create a cyclone. The ability Lira first showcased is her ability to vanish.
Lira only knew Encantadia when she was older she didn't believe in Encantadia even though the evidences and people who point out the truth are right in front of her. Being hardheaded and having a strong belief, Lira did not believe about Encantadia, but she did consider the strange things happening to her. She completely believed when she got killed and reached Devas. Muyak also did not tell about Encantadia, her role is an imaginary friend of Lira who is there for her when she feels sad. Lira knew Encantadia when she was young. Muyak made her fully aware of everything and she did not doubt anything Muyak said.
Ybarro only knew his Sapiryan lineage after Asval told him. Apitong revealed Ybarro's true lineage.
Yasmien Kurdi debuted as Mira during the celebration of her coming of age. Kate Valdez debuted as Mira while she was playing hide and seek with Ades
Mira wears a red gown as her formal attire. Her training outfit is a red v-neck jumpsuit and her cape is red. Mira wears a blue gown as her formal attire. Her training outfit is a white jumpsuit and her cape is blue.
Lira only knew about Encantadia, her mother, her status as a Sang'gre when she was older and met Danaya. Muyak told Lira about her true self after she accidentally used her powers.
Dakila and Bagwis from the Mulawin series are introduced when Danaya tells them about how to revive Lira from death. Eddie Gutierrez and Zoren Legaspi reprised their roles as Dakila and Bagwis respectfully.

Pagaspas, also from the Mulawin series, is introduced as a fully grown-up Mulawin when Amihan calls him via the flute of the Mulawins. Miguel Tanfelix reprises the role of Pagaspas.

Danaya also later uses the flute to summon Lakan coming from human world.

Hitano "killed" Ybarro, but Ybarro actually survived. Asval killed Ybarro and Cassiopeia revived him with her blood.
Gurna didn't show her true Hathor face-paint appearance, probably because she has none. But she wore her Hathor armor. Gurna shows her true Hathor face-paint appearance and has donned her Hathor armor.
Raquim tutored Ybarro how to use a sword in combat and gave him the Kalasag. Armeo gave him the Kalasag. How Ybarro obtained Armeo's sword is unknown.
Lira and Anthony met when they were young thus making them childhood friends. Lira and Anthony met after saving each other from being hit by a car.
When Pirena came to the mortal world she is in her warrior form. How she located Lira wasn't shown. She and Lira fought each other using their powers. Also, Pirena spoke purely Enchan and few tagalog during the encounter. When Pirena came to the mortal world to kill Lira she is wearing her traveling attire. How she located Lira was shown. When she encountered Lira she only tried to assault her but no battle occurred. Also, a short conversation happened. Starting off with Pirena speaking Enchan and later Tagalog.
Wahid is the original leader of the Barbaros from Ascano before becoming King Ybrahim's head soldier of the Sapiryan army after the Encantadian war against Hagorn and Asval. He is played by Benjie Paras. Wahid becomes one of the notable members of the Barbaros under the leadership of Vish'ka, who speaks only in Enchan. But still one of Ybarro/Ybrahim's allies. He is played by Andre Paras, Benie Paras' son.
Pirena persuaded Alena to commit suicide. Pirena prevented Alena from committing suicide.
Amihan fell in love with Ybarro and loved no one else but him alone. Amihan harbored no feelings for Ybarro at first. When she feels betrayed by Pirena after Lireo's downfall, Ybarro comforts her.
Lira/Milagros meets Amihan in Encantadia after her escape from Pirena with the help of Danaya. Lira/Milagros meets Amihan in the human world when the queen is about to find "Lira" (Mira), but she is not aware that Milagros is actually the real Lira, the daughter of Amihan. Then she mistakenly stabs her real mother whom she thought that Pirena disguised her in Lireo. And later Lira reunites with Amihan with the help of Awoo and Wantuk after she heard Lira singing.
Asval is introduced to Pirena as an ally of theirs by Hagorn. Asval introduces himself as the Prince of Sapiro to Pirena by visiting Lireo.
Aquil and Danaya has no third-party involved in their relationship, while Muros has no feelings towards Danaya, nor being jealous to Aquil, as he is only loyal to the Lireo and Sang'gres. Danaya is shown to have jealousy over Aquil when she saw him talking to Alira Naswen few times. Muros has also shown to have little feelings towards Danaya, thus likely to be jealous of Aquil when the latter saw Aquil and Danaya talking to each other. This could possibly form a love-square relationship.
The prison cells for the bad Diwatas are located within the Lireo kingdom. And the prison guards there are the usual Lirean soldiers. The prison for the bad Diwatas are located in northeastern part of Encantadia, just near the territory of Lireo. It is known as Carcero. And the prison guards are female Diwata soldiers. Just as similar as the real-life Alcatraz Island.
To cover up for Alena's death, Pirena takes her appearance and allowed herself to be found lifeless in the forest. Amihan and Danaya prepared a burial for her and set her body on fire. Pirena is able to withstand the fire because of the Brilyante ng Apoy. Pirena wisely came up with a situation that would make her sisters believe that a certain being killed their sister and Cassiopeia did not contradict with her statement.
When Hitano took an amnesia-stricken Alena they hid deep within the forest. In order to prevent them from ever being found, Pirena brought Hitano and the amnesia-striken Alena to the world of mortals.

Only three out of the four elemental Sang'gres went to the world of mortals. Amihan spent most of her childhood in that world, Pirena went to that world to get rid of Lira and returned when she found out she is still alive and Danaya came to that world when she saw portal of Asnamon is open. Also, to retrieve the Brilyante ng Lupa. Alena never went to the world of mortals*.

(*) NOTE: although Alena never went to the human world in the series, she did actually went to the world of mortals for a short moment alongside Ybarro to safeguard the gintong binhi from Pirena in order to prevent from reviving Ravenum, the slain king of Ravenas, during the introduction of Mulawin the Movie.

All the four Sang'gres came to the mortal world. Amihan spent most of her childhood in that world and years later she came back to look for Mira noticing many changes have happened, Pirena uses that world as a scapegoat where she can dispose the evidences that may expose her plans to conquer Lireo such as Amihan's real daughter which she is unable to kill and Alena and Hitano whom she feared might still be found no matter how far they hide in Encantadia, Alena is brought to that world with Hitano because Pirena thinks it is best for them to hide there, and later Danaya, who accusingly caused a riot, is banished to that world as punishment.
Lira/Milagros is being hired as a nanny to Anthony's family. Lira/Milagros is being hired as an office employee but later turned janitress working in Anthony's office.
Mira went to the human world to meet Anthony in a struck traffic at night. Mira went to the human world and there she bumps and accidentally meets Milagros (Lira). And later she bumps into three men until Anthony saved her, thus this is her first meeting with Anthony.
Mira meets Lira/Milagros in a shopping mall. Mira meets Lira/Milagros when they're being bumped, and when Amihan found "Lira" before they return to Encantadia.
Imaw taught the language of human world by Lira during her captivity in Lireo under Queen Pirena's reign. Imaw taught the language of human world by Amihan after Raquim's death.
Amihan never went back to human world after her father's death. Amihan went back to the human world to find "Lira" (Mira).
Amihan never proposed to invent any communicating devices coming from human world. Amihan proposes to the Sang'gres and the council to invent any communicating devices coming from human world by showing to them the sketches of a smartphone.
Raquim and the infant Amihan coming to the world of mortals is never shown. Raquim and the infant Amihan coming to the world of mortals is shown when they arrive at the footbridge in the metro.
Anthony's spoiled brat girlfriend in the human world is Marge who is an arch rival of Milagros. Marge is replaced by Dina as Anthony's friend who has possessive feelings for him and thinks Milagros is her arch rival.
The staff of Imaw requires no conditions made for its powers to be used. The staff of Imaw requires the power of the environment in order for its power to be used.
Anthony and his mother are living in the Philippines and they both owned their office. Anthony's parents are living overseas while he is only staying Philippines in order to tend his office.
Manang Rosing, Anthony's nanny, appears to be unkind and cruel to few people such as Milagros. Manang Rosing appears to be kind and gentle to Anthony.
Banjo appears to be one of Lira/Milagros' childhood friends Banjo appears to be one of the office workers who becomes Lira/Milagros' friend.
Asval and Apitong never met because Apitong died early in the story. Asval and Apitong meet each other when Asval's group went to their camp to confirm if Ybarro is still alive.
Pirena used the opportunity to pretend to be Danaya and simply threatened Amihan while Danaya was regenerating from her wounds inflected by Pirena. Pirena pretended to be Danaya while she was away to lessen Amihan's allies by making Amihan lose her trust on her so that she can easily obtain the crown from Amihan.
The Staff of Erasing One's memories was last seen being used by Raquim to erase the memories of his co workers. The Staff of Erasing One's memories was brought back to Lireo. Pirena used it to remove Amihan and Aquil's memories of her ability to change appearance.
After Pirena pretended to be her and leaving the blame unto her, Danaya was banished from Lireo, she went to the World of Mortals after Cassiopeia instructed her. After Pirena pretended to be her and leaving the blame unto her, Danaya's punishment is to be thrown into the World of Mortals. Pirena accompanied her there.
Lira worked as a maid at Anthony's household. It was Mira who worked as an employee at the company of Anthony's family. Lira worked as an employee, then demoted to a janitress at the company of Anthony's family.
Pirena and Mira's true blood revealed via Punyal ng Sandugo. Pirena directly reveals to "Lira"/Mira that she is her real mother. And also through the Amihan's Brilyante ng Hangin that unleashes the curse, to asphyxiate all Hathors (full blooded or half-blooded).
Ybrahim's Kalasag has transform ability when he's changing into Kalasag. Asval had never attempted to steal it. Ybrahim's Kalasag can be worn by Ybarro himself alone and no one else, not even Asval, will attempt to take that said armor when it becomes heavy to them. The reason for its heaviness is due to the enchantment, much similar to Thor's Mjolnir which has worthiness enchantment.
Kalasag was originally worn by Raquim before passing it to Ybarro. Kalasag was originally worn by Armeo before passing it to Ybarro.
Alena meets Lira in Encantadia after Kahlil's death. Alena, along with Hitano, (as Akesha and Berdano respectively) meets Lira/Milagros in the human world. Unaware to Milagros that Akesha is her ash'ti (aunt) Alena.
Danaya does not intervene with the lives of the mortals. Danaya asks the help of the Brilyante ng Lupa to create another portal that would return her to Encantadia but instead, causes an earthquake that affected the mortals living within the area she is at.
Amanda always saw Lira as a burden to their lives and starts to abuse her after Dado's death. Also, Amanda never became sick. Amanda is a loving mother to Lira. Amanda was struck by an illness which forces Lira to once commit theft and attempt to steal from Akesha (Alena) and Berdano (Hitano).
Ybarro and Lira/Mira met after Amihan introduces Ybarro to Mira. Mira refuses to accept him as her father for he is only a mandirigma. Ybarro and Lira/Mira met when Mira saw Ybarro leaving and out of curiousity orders him to reveal his identity. Ybarro tells Mira that he is no ordinary mandirigma rather the inheritor of the Kingdom of Sapiro.
The scene where Danaya took away Aquil's clothes while bathing took place during the war of reclaiming Lireo. Aquil came back to the camp only wearing leaves and was laughed at by Apek, Wantuk and the others. The scene where Danaya took away Aquil's clothes was shown in a flashback when Danaya was remembering Aquil.
The diwatas have discovered the whereabouts of Hitano and Alena. Danaya fought off Hitano and rescued Alena before sending Hitano to prison. Muyak, along with Milagros/Lira, has discovered Hitano and Alena in their house in the human world.
There was never a coup d'état in the reign of Amihan. The soldiers and the diwatas formed a coup d'état to overthrow Amihan.
Asval never got attracted to Pirena. However in Etheria the young Asval fell in love with Pirena. Asval eyes Pirena even though he first intended to use her to fulfill his plans.
Although Enuo met Danaya he never knew she is his daughter because they met in the time period before Enuo was destined to visit Mine-a for their collective dream. Enuo knew Danaya is his daughter when she told him her name. Both unaware that they're father-daughter. And also unknown to Danaya and Enuo that Alena is also in the human world.
There are few humans, such as Anthony, Manang Rosing and Banjo, who visit the world of Encantadia. However, their health were affected during their stay in Encantadia, causing them to experience fainting episodes and periods of weakening due to the mystical realm's ambient energies not matching the one that supports all life back in the mortal realm, resulting in mortals who traveled to Encantadia a slow and steady demise if they remain in the latter for too long. However, there are certain methods to bypass this, as in the third book, Azulan has sent to the world of Encantadia through Dilawan who saved him. However, when he left Encantadia, he becomes old when going back to the human world. There are several humans who are in Encantadia through the abduction by strange bandits. Upon being brought, they are forced to eat the black rice, a substance that prevents them from further aging, allowing the bandits to have them indefinitely as slaves. And their slaves conditions stay healthy and don't get affected by the spatial changes.
Gurna doesn't have any ability to fight. So as other damas who cannot fight.

Gurna shows her ability to fight and even she can shoot enemies by having a blowgun, and also dons her warrior form along with her Hathor markings on her face (her true form).

Ades also shows her defensive skill, the unarmed combat, when fighting against Gurna.

The scepter of the Queen can be used for battle and sealing purposes. The scepter of the Queen is used for healing purposes.
Alena is present during the fall of Lireo and fought to defend Lireo. Hagorn did not fight with Amihan but assisted in the downfall of Lireo. Alena isn't present during the fall of Lireo. Instead, Ybarro is the one who fought with Aquil but not to defend Lireo which has already fallen but to find Amihan. Hagorn played a huge role in the fall of Lireo and he also battled Amihan.
Arde is the only dragon appeared in Encantadia. There are now more dragons in Encantadia aside from Arde. They're mostly used by Hathors, and Mine-a's sister Amihan has used it once.
Enuo never learned the language of the human world. Enuo learned the language of the human world when he is in exile.
Danaya retains her Sang'gre armor while she is in the world of humans. Although she wore patient's robe when she is confined in the hospital once. Danaya wears civilian clothes, which is provided by Enuo, while she is in the world of humans.
Amanda didn't die. Amanda is shot to death by her brother's henchmen (riding-in-tandem) when she protects Lira.

End of Retelling

On the day the 43rd episode Hudyat was set to air, Direk Mark Reyes announced the start of the sequel of Encantadia (2016 TV Series). After the Fall of Lireo on the 45th episode, all the succeeding episodes to follow after that is all part of the sequel.

Original Sequel
The bathalas only got involved in major events such as the Etheria war, death of Pirena. Only Ether was involved with the storyline (Book 3). The bathalas got more involved with the storyline even having an arc of their own.
Anthony was a major character in Encantadia Book 1 along with Lira and Mira. Anthony was supposed to be a major character but his role was eventually reduced into a minor one.
Mira became a villain after having the essence of her heart be taken by Lavanea. Mira was supposed to be a villain however there has been a change in the storyline thus Mira never became a villain.
Hitano, as a diwata-turned-Hathor, had encountered Lira few times only in the world of Encantadia. Hitano (as Berdano) attempts to kill Lira/Milagros in the human world after he discovered the Sang'gre mark on her back, in which Pirena told him the fact that Lira is the real daughter of Amihan who resides in the human world.
Hitano has converted into a Hathor and joins Hagorn's forces after Pirena freed him from prison prior to Queen Amihan's downfall to Pirena. Hitano had never a child. Hitano is one of the villains throughout the first book. Hitano has not converted into a Hathor as he's in the human world prior to Queen Amihan's downfall. Hitano has briefly joined forces with Hagorn due to LilaSari's marriage to the Hathorian king, until she betrays Hagorn. Hitano has acquired his own black version of Lirean soldier armor. Hitano becomes an adopted father of Deshna, LilaSari's daughter from Hagorn. Later, Hitano is resurrected from Balaak, living as a Hadezar. Hitano is initially an anti-villain at first until he is in love with LilaSari, turning him into an ally. He was turned into an Ivtre who lives in Devas at the end of the series.
Danaya lost the Brilyante ng Lupa when she Avilan snatched it away from her when she summoned it. Danaya commanded the Brilyante ng Lupa to leave her possession and hide itself and she will reclaim it at the right time.
Danaya, along with Alena, met their father Enuo at the middle of the war between Etheria and the four kingdoms of Encantadia. Danaya meets her father Enuo after he saved her from the Hathors. Alena has finally met Enuo through Danaya's efforts later on.
Amihan is persecuted by Queen Pirena. But Hitano frees her from prison. Amihan is rescued and healed by the human boy, Paopao.
Imaw didn't flee and became a slave to Queen Pirena in Lireo. Imaw has fled with Aquil, Muros and the others before Pirena becomes queen.
Aquil, Muros and other citizens of Lireo seek refuge in Adamya. Aquil, Muros, Imaw, Alira Naswen and other citizens of Lireo seek refuge in the Mandirigma camp.
Hagorn revealed his secret to Pirena that he's her father before he died after being stabbed by Amihan towards the end of the last war between forces of good and evil. Hagorn reveals to Pirena that he's her father during her takeover of Lireo as the new queen (de facto).
Danaya meets Lira/Milagros inside Carmen's mansion. Danaya meets Lira/Milagros inside the church, with Muyak's help.
Lira arrives in Encantadia for the first time after her revival from her death, with the aid of Danaya and Bagwis. Lira arrives in Encantadia for the first time through the sky portal, with Lakan's aid, while Danaya, as a shih tzu, is in Lira's pouch bag.
Cassiopea gives Lira a golden sword named Avatar after her escape from Pirena and her reunion with Amihan. Cassiopea gives Lira a golden sword called Avatar upon her arrival in Encantadia.
Hagorn has acquired the Kabilan from Ybarro, with Asval's help, and became its main wielder for long before his death. Hagorn has acquired the Bertud ni Ether from the Bathalumang Ether, and briefly became its wielder until being stabbed by Pirena and kept as a prisoner.
Kabilan was used for exterminating Diwatas and even Hadezars and it can emit red lightning. Bertud ni Ether is used for exterminating Diwatas and Ivtres. It can emit red lightning and summon a three-headed dragon. Kamao is the sword known that can exterminate Hadezars.
Wahid challenges Danaya into a drinking contest after Lira's reunion with Amihan and Mine-a's blessing to Lira from Devas. Vish'ka challenges Danaya into a drinking contest prior to the events of Ades' blessing to Lira from Devas and Lira's reunion with her mother Amihan.
A dolphin helps Danaya to retrieve the Earth Gem from the bottom of the river. Thr Earth Gem is commanded by Danaya to return to her possession during Lira's arrival in Encantadia.
Adama is Queen Pirena's head soldier. Icarus is Queen Pirena's head soldier while Adama becomes one of Pirena's soldiers instead.
Alena's memory has been restored after Danaya and Aquil captured Hitano. Alena's memory has been restored by Cassiopea after her escape from the Bandidos.
Danaya creates a golden battle armor, which is magically made from her Earth Gem, for Lira. Vish'ka creates a golden battle armor for Lira in Ascano.
Hagorn kills Lira in the human world before she is revived by Danaya, with Bagwis and Dakila's aid, in using the magical binhi before going to Encantadia. Hagorns kills Lira in the forest in Encantadia, which triggers her to go to Devas, after receiving her golden armor from Vish'ka. Later, she is revived through the effort of Danaya, Lakan and Pagaspas to put the gintong binhi on her at the same time passing the test through Ades in the afterlife.
Hagorn met Arde in Limbo to get the Fire Gem from Pirena's dead body afterlife. Hagorn acquired the Hadezars from his grandfather Arvak. Hagorn meets Arde in Balaak to acquire his undead soldiers, the Hadezars.
Alena and Ybarro reunited after Ybarro kisses the flower, in which turned out to be his lover Alena. Alena and Ybarro reunited in the forest after her supposed attack in Lireo, in which she escapes through Ivictus after she's being attacked by Dagtum.
Mine-a, along with Raquim and Armeo, blesses Lira in Devas and she tasks her to reunite the four gems and also to reunite Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya, Lira's grandfather Armeo gives her the kantao. Ades, in place of Mine-a, blesses Lira in purgatory after she has passed the test, overcoming death by fending off the white armored men, and she tasks her to reunite the gems and their keepers. The Kantao was in Encantadia entrusted to Vish'ka by former King Armeo after Vish'ka's death it was given to Wahid who later on gives it to Ybrahim, the Kantao's rightful owner.
Humans had never been killed by any encantado. Humans have been seen being killed by any encantado. Notable example is Hagorn and his Hathors killing Mario and his fellow humans after the Hathorian king loses interest in bringing them back to their world and when Hagorn in a mission to find Deshna stumbles upon men hanging around who teases them so he kills them.
Ybarro retrieves the Kabilan from the stone pillars in order to slay Hagorn, however Asval quickly steals it to give it to Hagorn instead, and becomes its wielder. Adhara steals the Kabilan from Cassiopea after she loses the battle to Adhara, with LilaSari's help. Adhara and LilaSari briefly wields the Kabilan before Cassiopea took it back from LilaSari.
Aure, in the form of a white bird, helps Lira to uncover the truth about Pirena's disguise as "Amihan". Ades, in the form of a white parrot, helps Lira to uncover the truth about Pirena's disguise as "Amihan".
Ybarro and Wahid discovered the lost treasure of Sapiro right after killing Asval in the last war between Lireo and Hathoria. Ybarro and Wahid discovered the lost treasure of Sapiro after repelling the Bandidos when Hagorn still rules Lireo.
Ybarro had never held any of the elemental gems throughout the series. Ybarro has briefly held an elemental gem for the first time, which is the Soul Gem. And later on holds the Air Gem after Amihan's death.
Ybarro meets Lira after her arrival in Encantadia. Then they met again for the second time after he tells her that he is her father right after defending his daughter from Alena. Ybarro meets Lira in Encantadia after the latter saved her from the Bandidos. Then they met again for the second time and he tells her that he is her father after Lira was brought by Amihan in Sapiro.
Lira had briefly encountered Ether, whom Lira called her "bruha" (witch), and battled her in order to save Pirena and Danaya quickly. Lira had never been cursed by Ether throughout the original series. Lira encounters Ether but she turns her into a half-sarangay and she unleashes a curse upon the people of Encantadia to forget about Lira.
Hagorn had never married nor having an another child since he's the only known father of Pirena (from Mine-a). Hagorn married LilaSari, who later backstabs him during his downfall. However LilaSari unexpectedly has a child with Hagorn, named Deshna who becomes Pirena's half-sibling.
Lira is being paired with Anthony. Mira became Lira's rival for Anthony's affection. Wahid, being one of Lira's allies, has no mutual relationship with Lira. Lira fully supports the love team of Anthony and Mira while Wahid is seemingly paired with Lira.
Lira has met Emre off-screen in her afterlife following her death from the first book. Lira, being a living Encantada, meets the actual Emre when Kahlil introduces the supreme deity of Encantadia to her in Devas.
Lira had met Arde (in his dragon from) in Limbo. She uses her sonokinesis to put Arde into sleep. Arde didn't seemingly harm Lira when she rides on his claws back down to Encantadia after Mine-a gives Lira a task from Devas. Lira, along with Wantuk and Wahid, encounters Arde, whom Ether summoned to harm Lira, when the three are about to go to Devas. He swallows Lira until he vomits her out.
Arde's nature is neutral. Arde's nature is evil, just like Ether.
Punjabwes are a renegade tribe in Sapiro who are entertainers and also skillful in combat. Punjabwes are pirates, mechanics and warriors.
All of the four Sang'gres did not have their alternate armors. Pirena and Amihan are shown to have their own alternate combat armors (Hera Volo standard armor given by Ether and stealth armor which is provided by Paopao's Fifth Gem respectively). Alena and Danaya were not shown to have any second armors except for their "Ultimate Diwata" armors.
Mira doesn't acquire her signature weapon nor her combat armor. Mira acquires the sword coming from Emre through the Sky Portal, known as Kamao ni Emre. She also has her own combat armor.
Hitano was stabbed to death by Alena, then Pirena revived him through the gabay diwa of the Fire Gem, Alipato. Then in the final war, Hitano was badly wounded by Agane for betraying her before Alena killed her. Hitano died in Alena's arms after she forgave him for what he had done. Hitano was stabbed to death by Hagorn when protecting LilaSari and Deshna and died in LilaSari's arms. But later, Hitano resurrects from Balaak after Hagorn has passed Arde's challenge in Balaak. However, he goes alone to find LilaSari and later sides with Amihan's army during the Hadezars' attack.
Axilom and Bandok were never turned into good side since they're loyal to Asval. Axilom and Dagtum are turned into allies right after Asval's death.
Axilom was killed by Apek, while Bandok was killed by Muros during the last war between Hathoria and Lireo. Axilom and Dagtum are killed by the Hadezars.
Amarro is the original creator of Kalasag, which is given to Raquim, and later Ybrahim. One of the forgers of the Kalasag armor is Vish'ka (who had a big part in it) which was later worn by Ybrahim.
Amarro died in Aquil's arms after the latter was killed by the revived Etherian soldiers and presumably sent to Devas. Amarro did not resurrect. Amarro died during the Etherian war (his cause of death is unknown) before he was sent to Balaak. However, Amarro is resurrected from Balaak and later converted into a living Encantado by Ether after the rise of the fallen kingdom of Etheria, becoming one of Ether's servants.
Lira has encountered Arde and Ether onscreen while she presumably met Emre upon her death off-screen. Lira has encountered three deities of Encantadia (Emre, Arde and Ether respectively) she has not yet encountered Keros and Haliya.
Pirena returned the Brilyante ng Tubig to Alena thinking they would be allies if she does. Pirena returned the Brilyante ng Tubig to Alena as an act of sincere repentance for her sins during the Hadezar attack.
Amihan died but she refused death which caused the lines on her palm to disappear and have control over her destiny. Amihan's sacrifice for Encantadia rewarded her the ability to control her destiny.
The one who explained the reason why the lines on Amihan's palm disappeared is the Brilyante ng Hangin's spirit guide, Avilan. The one who explained the reason why the lines on Amihan's palm disappeared is Emre.
Pirena was killed by Asval and she is sent to afterlife. Pirena has resurrected in Sapiro, however, her Fire Gem was taken away by Hagorn during afterlife. Pirena was killed by the violation of Ether's curse after the latter stabs her father Hagorn. However Pirena resurrects in Lireo when Emre forces Ether to revoke the curse from Pirena. And the Fire Gem is still with Pirena.
When Pirena died, warmth and light including powers oriented with the element disappeared throughout Encantadia. There were no effects of the death of the keeper of the Gem of Fire to the rest of Encantadia.
Hagorn was stabbed to death by Amihan when the latter tried to kill Pirena. Before his dying breath, Hagorn gave the Fire Gem to Pirena and revealed to her that he was her father. His death place is at the sands of Adamyan bay. Hagorn was stabbed by Pirena thought not fatally. Everyone thought he was dead but he wasn't, he was only kept prisoner in Lireo after the sisters argued on what to do with Hagorn.
Mira was held hostage and killed by Asval and died in Pirena's arms after Mira's heart has returned to her. Before dying, Mira has forgiven her mother Pirena. Mira was controlled by Andora's power and killed by Asval.
Danaya was chosen by Lira as the new queen of Lireo after her brief reigning, Lira instead chose to live with Anthony in the human world. Danaya is chosen as the new queen of Lireo through Amihan's letter and it is stated that Lira isn't ready yet to become the queen of Lireo.
Because Aquil died in the first book, Muros became the Captain of the Lirean Army and started serving during Danaya's reign. Muros became Captain of the Lirean guards because Aquil was removed from his position during Amihan's reign due to his betrayal.
Danaya forgives Pirena after the latter heals her self-inflicting wound upon the reunion of the four Sang'gres. Danaya forgives Pirena after dying in Danaya's arms due to the effect of Ether's curse.
Gurna is embedded on the stone to death by Pirena using Imaw's staff after Pirena realizing the deception of Gurna to her (through Imaw's staff). Gurna is stabbed to death by Pirena after reading Minea's letter, in which Gurna had hidden before and realizing the deception of Gurna to her. Her lifeless body was embedded on a stone.
Emre had never interacted with Wahid and Wantuk. Mira had presumably met Emre off-screen upon her death. Emre has encountered Mira, Wantuk and Wahid when they're about to physically go to Devas with Lira.
Hitano forgave Alena after the latter was stabbed by Agane before Alena killed her and he died in Alena's arms. Hitano had never forgiven Ybrahim/Ybarro throughout the series. Hitano is seemingly on the good terms with Alena and Ybrahim when the latter needs help from them in finding LilaSari.
Agane was killed by Alena when the latter stabbed Hitano for betraying her during the last war between Hathoria and Lireo. Agane did not resurrect. Agane is fatally stabbed by Danaya. However, her body was recreated by Arde, Ether then puts the soul of Hera Andora in Agane's body becoming her temporary vessel.
Cassandra, who was abducted by Animus, became the key in restoring the fallen kingdom of Etheria through the Golden Hourglass. LilaSari, who was poisoned and embedded on the stone by Ether, became the reason in restoring the fallen kingdom of Etheria.
Lira and Mira haven't entered into the Etheria (Book 2) story arc since they died in the first book. Lira and Mira have entered into the Etheria story arc upon becoming the new generation of Sang'gres.
Hitano hasn't entered into the Etheria (Book 2) story arc since he died in the first book. Hitano has entered into the Etheria story arc upon being "restored" like a living Encantado while in his Hadezar state for long.
Wantuk is recruited, along with Apek, into the Lirean army after the last war between Hathoria and Lireo. Wantuk is not recruited into any army but retains his position as a loyal subject to King Ybrahim.
Hathoria was restored under the care of Pirena acting as leader but not queen when Andora hypnotized her, it was burned to nothingness at the end of the 3rd Book by Pirena herself. Hathoria is restored under the leadership of Pirena as its queen.
Hathor soldiers retained their grotesque forms even after Hagorn's death. Hathor soldiers were restored from Minea's curse and reverted back into normal appearances. Some Encantados are recruited into the Hathor army as well.
Ybarro became king on his wedding with Alena as his queen consort. Ybarro became king without marrying anyone.
Ybarro and Amihan kept grieving for Lira's death even after a long time has passed. Ybarro and Lira kept grieving for Amihan's death even after a long time has passed.
Aquil died in Danaya's arms during the last war between Hathoria and Lireo and eventually sent to Devas before Danaya became the queen of Lireo. Aquil chooses to self-exile from Lireo before Danaya becomes the queen of Lireo.
Etheria started rising again because Avria's curse got fulfilled and the golden hourglass wasn't destroyed in the past. Etheria was restored to full glory by Ether's powers and was known as New Etheria.
Avria and Andora didn't get revived during Etheria's rising. However Ether took the spirits of Avria, Andora, Odessa, and Juvila and put them into the crystal orb. They are revived through Cassandra's blood after the orb has dropped and broken. Avria was revived by Ether using her blood and later possessed Cassiopea's body after rebuilding Etheria. Andora was also revived by Ether and later possessed Agane's dead body, which was given to Ether by Arde.
When Etheria was rising, it was in the center of Encantadia where several towers of Sapiro were built and were reported to have disappeared because of this. Ether recreated Etheria in an uninhabited land at the far northern region of Encantadia.
No denizen of Encantadia can become a deity. Any denizen of Encantadia can reach the status of a bathala once they've fulfilled the standards required (such as challenging any of the three deities).
Emre, Arde and Ether are the only bathalas of Encantadia. There are two more deities, aside from Emre, Arde and Ether, who eventually left for reasons. They are Keros and Haliya.
Agane did not revive. Agane's body becomes a vessel for Andora.
Andora hypnotizes Pirena to fight against the Sang'gres. Andora hypnotizes Pirena, Alena, and Danaya to fight each other.
King Ybrahim narrates the history of Etheria to Cassandra. Imaw has shortly narrated the history of Etheria once to Wantuk and Paopao but didn't initially introduce the four Heras (or tribes). Later, Imaw extensively narrates the history of Etheria, including the four Heras or tribes, to Rama Ybrahim, Hara Pirena, Hara Danaya, Lira, Mira and all the Encantados within Lireo throne room.
Cassiopea was killed by Arkrey using the Kabilan. Cassiopea was killed by Arde by suffocating her using his fire energy beams.
Lira participated in the final battle. Lira wasn't able to participate in the final battle because of her cursed illness.
Mira died before the final battle transpired. Mira participated in the final battle.
The ones who came to help from Devas were Armeo and Kahlil. The ivtres who came to help are Vish'ka, Manik, Alira Naswen, Gamil and Raquim.
The Mulawins and tribe of Adjantao came to help in the final battle. The Mulawins and tribe of Adjantao did not help in the final battle.
Amihan killed Hagorn fulfilling the prophecy. Raquim killed Hagorn.
Muyak never died. She just mysteriously disappeared. (and re-appeared in the ending of Book 1) Muyak got killed during the final battle.
Ether was killed by Amihan. Ether was turned into an ordinary snake by Emre.
Cassiopea never became a bathaluman. Cassiopea became a bathaluman after passing all the requirements needed.
Alena never became queen of Lireo instead, she became queen of Sapiro. Alena became queen of Lireo and no queen of Sapiro after Mayne was installed.
Cassandra is made from Lira's strands of hair and Cassiopea's blood. Cassandra is made from Lira's strands of hair, Cassiopea's blood and Amihan's ashes.
Cassandra was meant to be the heir of Lireo. Cassandra was meant to be the heir of Sapiro.
Pirena did not marry nor had a second child. Pirena married Azulan and had conceived a daughter.
Alena's second child is a female, Armea. Alena's second child is a male, Adamus.
Cassiopea is an only child. Cassiopea has a twin sister who has yet to be named.

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