The talulot tatoo is the mysterious flower-like mark that appears on the palm of a Sang'gre which is a sign of conception that a new Sang'gre will soon be born. 

Alena's Talulot Tatoo.


Sir Noel Layon Flores revealed that the image is actually two Devas symbols combined. The Devas symbol for Emotion (the origin of the Fire element symbol) is assigned to the male partner of a Diwata Sang'gre, whether chosen by divinity or by the Sang'gre herself. The symbol for Being (the origin of the Earth element symbol) is also the symbol of the Diwata Sang'gre. The symbol of monarchy for Lireo.


  • It is still a mystery up to now why LilaSari had the mark. For all we know, her Diwata mother is a Princess but it is unconfirmed if she is a Sang'gre.
  • Its counterpart in the 2005 series is the Talulot na sagisag ng isang punla.


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