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    I know many of us are getting our hopes up for season 2. What happened to MVR has driven the producers of Encantadia to think about and conceptualize even further. Sir Noel and Ma'am Suzette has recently confirmed that we'll have to wait for not just a year but a few years more. It is important to let you all know this so that we won't get too hyped that S2 will be as soon as we think it is.
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    • Maybe next year because Direk Mark said that he is still waiting of Kylie Padilla and some of the cast are busy on their new projects as it was shown on the following:

      • Sanya Lopez, Rocco Nacino, and Pancho Magno are busy with Haplos.
      • Diana Zubiri, Ruru Madrid, and Solenn Heusaff are busy with Alyas Robin Hood Season 2.
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    • Yes DMR did say that and if you looked at the screenshot (1) What you said was asked to Ma'am Suzette and she replied maybe in 2 years... so it only means it's not going to happen next year.

      (2)Ma'am Suzette and Sir Noel said it may take more than a year because they need to really prepare for it and if Enca 2005 took 10 years to have a requel despite the teaser launched in 2009, what they've commented despite the interview of DMR, is highly probable.

      Anyway, the point of this is to just give a heads up that it may not be next year since many of us are expecting it to be.

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