This is a timeline of the Encantadia fantasy world. Encantadia

Chronology of events


  • War between celestial beings. The victors cast out the defeated rebellious faction from the heavenly realm.
  • Three celestial beings—Emre, his brother Arde, and Ether (a female) -- remained neutral during the war. They are also exiled from the heavenly realm.
  • Emre, Arde and Ether descend to the world of Encantadia.
  • Emre, with the assistance of Arde and Ether, create enchanted beings to populate Encantadia.
  • Arde and Ether fall in love, against the prohibition of Emre.
  • Emre catches the lovers and rebukes them for not remaining above mortal passions. He punishes them, transforming Ether into a serpent and Arde into a dragon, and then prevents the two from ever finding each other again.
  • Ether's rage lashes through the land of Encantadia, terrorizing many of its inhabitants. However, some Encantadians come to worship Ether as their Bathaluman (goddess). These become the core of the kingdom of Etheria.

Etherian Age

  • Etheria rises to power and prominence over its neighboring kingdoms.
  • Establishment of Sapiro. Nahq is its first king.
  • Establishment of Hathoria. An Etherian prince kills Aranghe, the wife of Bartimus. As recompense, the Etherians give what becomes the kingdom of Hathoria to Bartimus, who is made its first king.
  • The powerful Diwata Esmeralda is set upon by Etherians in a failed attempt to steal her magic scepter. The dying Esmeralda foretells that one of her race will cause the fall of Etheria. As a result, the Etherians subjugate and enslave the Diwatas.
  • Births of Meno and Asval of Sapiro.
  • Births of Minea, Raquim of Sapiro, Hagorn of Hathoria.
  • Births of Gurna and Aquil.


  • Memen elopes with Ornia, descendant of Esmeralda.
  • Massacre of Diwatas.
  • Birth of Cassiopeia to Memen and Ornia.
  • Death of Animus ignites the war between Etheria and its neighbors.
  • Establishment of Lireo. Cassiopea becomes its first Queen.
  • Mine-a gives birth to Pirena.
  • Emre grants the Gem of Elements to the union of Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria and Adamya.
  • Fall of Etheria.


  • Arvak kills Bartimus and becomes King of Hathoria.
  • Cassiopeia cleaves the gem of elements into four, which are distributed to the kingdoms.
  • Hathoria aggresses against its neighbors and the Mulawins.
  • Emre punishes Cassiopeia and condemns her to dwell in the forest, never to return home.
  • Mine-a becomes Queen of Lireo.
  • Birth of Amihan to Queen Mine-a and Prince Raquim of Sapiro.
  • Birth of Ybrahim to King Armeo and Queen Mayne.
  • Fall of Sapiro.
  • Raquim hides with Amihan in the human world.
  • Mine-a gives birth to Alena.
  • Mine-a gives birth to Danaya.

Encantadia: Book One

  • Death of Raquim. Amihan returns to Encantadia.
  • Amihan becomes queen of Lireo.
  • Death of Mine-a


  • Birth of Lira, Kahlil and Mira.
  • Hathorian occupation of Lireo. Pirena usurps the throne from Amihan, then Agane and Mira, Pirena's daughter.
  • Death of Mira, Gurna and Khalil.
  • In the final battle, Amihan kills Hagorn. Ybrahim kills Asval.
  • Re-establishment of Sapiro.
  • Lira is crowned Queen of Lireo and almost immediately abdicates. Danaya takes the crown as Queen of Lireo.
  • Marriage of King Ybrahim and newly-crowned Queen Alena of Sapiro.
  • Death of Lira.
  • Birth of Cassandra. This unknowingly sets the curse of Avria and the return of Etheria into motion.

Etheria - Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia: Book Two

At this point, it has been several millennia since the fall of Etheria.

  • Cassandra is abducted by Animus. Several unnatural mishaps occur at Encantadia.
  • Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya travel back in time to the Etherian Age to rescue Cassandra and prevent the return of Etheria.
  • After the return of the Sang'gres and the unconscious Ybrahim from the past, they all encountered and defeated Animus and the two Etherians and Ybrahim came back to his senses.

Encantadia - Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas: Book Three

The events take place one year after the return of the Sang'gres and Ybrahim from the past.

  • Birth of Armea, daughter of Alena by Ybrahim.
  • Deaths of Cassiopea and Evades.
  • The goddess Ether uses the blood of Cassandra to revive the Etherian nobles Avria, Odessa, Andora and Juvila.
  • Birth of Arman, son of Odessa by Ybrahim.
  • Armea was stolen from Sapiro because fortune tellers foresee the death of King Ybrahim from the hands of his own child.
  • Avria steals Danaya's Earth Gem and disguises as Danaya and causes troubles in Encantadia.
  • Aquil's return to Encantadia from Devas with the permission of Ynang Reyna.
  • Deaths of Juvila and Andora in battle with Pirena.
  • Lira returns to Encantadia from Devas.
  • Ether resurrects Hagorn.
  • Lira and Cassandra are sent to live in the mortal world until peace is back in Encantadia.
  • Armea is reunited with her parents.
  • Death of Avria.
  • Death of Ybrahim.
  • Alena is slain by Hagorn.
  • Final battle in Encantadia: Pirena and Hagorn fight in single combat; Hagorn kills himself. Amihan defeats Ether with the help of Raquim. Danaya defeats her own spirit guide Sari-a and recovers the Gem of Earth.
  • Armea is crowned Queen of Sapiro and is appointed as the Keeper of the Gem of Water. She rules Sapiro under the guidance of Pirena.

... Years later.

  • Pirena explodes Hathoria by her gem and Hathoria becomes the fallen kingdom. Only three kingdoms remain.
  • Cassandra, now a young woman, returns to Encantadia while her mother remains in the mortal world.
  • Queen Danaya steps down to live with Aquil. Cassandra is crowned Queen of Lireo.
  • Peace eventually returns with the disappearance of the 4 Sang'gres and the legends abounding with their disappearance, as Arman the Historian tells.

Changes to history

A large part of the beginning of the history of Etheria is told in large part by the parchment dubbed as the "Raquim Papers". Written by the Sapiryan prince during his self-imposed exile with Amihan in the realm of the non-Encantadas (mundo ng mga tao), it was lost after a tragic encounter with a vengeful Hagorn and a late in-coming rescue of Amihan by the Diwatas.

The "Raquim Papers" were later found and displayed in a museum of antiquities, and, by chance, it catches the eye of a mortal: Anthony. He takes it for himself and carries it to Encantadia, where he sought to reunite with his long-lost love, Lira/Milagros.

Unwittingly, the "Raquim Papers" served to Amihan and Ybrahim a reminder of the tragedy and (to them, possibly) needless sacrifice of their daughter Lira/Milagros for the sake of her love for the mortal Anthony. The two parents fell to their versions of embitterment: Amihan rejecting the intimacy and care for her grandchild Cassandra, and Ybrahim falling more and more to the work of studying the papers, if only to remind him somehow of his daughter Lira.

Differences Between Etheria's Recorded History and the Sang'gres Changes
Recorded History Sang'gres' Intervention
The death of Animus, upon marriage and victory to Juvila, by Asval, Raquim and Hagorn, triggered the war of Etheria. Alena kills Animus because of her anger towards Etheria in changing her husband's attitude toward her, even before Animus gets the Olontre's powers and defeat and marry Juvila in a contest. Alena later becomes shocked whom she killed was Animus, his death the cause of the war of Etheria in recorded history.
Memen and Ornia are killed together in their chambers in Sapiro by Animus and Avria's Kabilan. Memen gets killed first by Avria then Ornia by Andora, Animus's sister who should be the one who killed the two (Memen and Ornia). Either way, it has been the cause of Etheria's war.
Mine-a is Avria (pure Etherian) and Memen's (half Etherian half Diwata) daughter and she has dominant Etherian blood (and recessive Diwata blood). Mine-a is revealed to be an adopted daughter of Avria and Memen. She did this under Barkus's guidance to instill an heir to the Etherian throne, Avria being unable to sustain a child. She killed a Diwata couple and snatched a young Diwata child with the Sang'gre mark on her left shoulder. Memen, believing that the baby is his child, named her after the Enchan word for "snow".
Cassiopea was born to parents Memen and Ornia in the Sapiryan tribe of Adjantao and she was named after the Enchan word for "glowing fary in the darkness" (kumikinang na Diwata sa karimlan). Cassiopeia was indeed born to parents Memen and Ornia in Adjantao but it was Amihan (disguised as Merdana) who suggested that Memen name the baby Cassiopeia.
Hagorn, who has the powers of shape-shifting, made Mine-a, also his true love, believe that he is Raquim, by shape-shifting into him. By this trickery, Sang'gre Pirena was born. Hagorn has no powers yet to shape-shift. Pirena, worrying about her not being born yet, manages to give her father her powers of shape-shifting. Pirena has full powers of shape-shifting because she can maintain being someone else for a long period of time, while her father can only manage it for a short time only.
Hagorn was able to spend time with Mine-a after the war as Mine-a honored their engagement and walked away from Raquim. Hagorn wasn't given a chance to spend with Mine-a as she had fallen for Raquim sooner forcing Pirena to meddle with the events.
Pirena was born sometime after the fall of Etheria. Pirena was born before the fall of Etheria making her in line with the generation of Armeo and Mayne.
Hagorn and Arvak joined the war. Hagorn and Arvak did not join the war.
It is unknown how Bartimus died but he gave assistance to Hagorn which hints that he died having good with his son and grandson. Bartimus died after being fatally stabbed at the back by Arvak piercing him in the heart. Arvak killed him because he chose to side with the races whom had embarrassed his son.