Trahedya (English: Tragedy) is the 180th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaTrahedya.

Plot Summary

In Lireo

Outside the gates, Hara Danaya (still in the form of Avria) has finally returned to her true form. As she was seen by Rehav Manik, the Punjabwes and the soldiers, she then made her way back to the palace into the throne room, where she was announced by Mashna Mayca. Hara Pirena, along with Sang'gre Alena greeted the Hara with an embrace and the Hara of Hathoria apologized to her for what she have done. She then promised her sister that Avria will pay for her deceit against them, but Danaya replied that it is not imporant, and she was relieved that Pirena only thought the sake of Lireo. Cassiopea then broke their conversation and told them that they still have a huge problem that they need to face, and Rama Ybrahim added that it was the Brilyantes. Now three of them are in Avria's hands, and they all know that the longer the Brilyantes are in her possession, the easier she will acquire its power, as well as its loyalty. Alena then commented that they must take them all back as soon as possible, and the two Haras concurred with her. Pirena then said that they must now get ready. The leaders left as the Mayca ordered the soldiers from the three kingdoms to ready themselves as well.

As the Haras, the Rama of Sapiro, the Hara Duri-e and others have finally gathered into a hallway, Aquil approached the arriving Danaya, but the Hara said to talk to her later. As they walked, Pirena then told her sister her idea was right, and Avria was not really decided about her agreement with the Diwatas. Ybrahim asked Cassiopea if she could still see the Hara of Etheria around the palace or Lireo, but the Hara Duri-e answered that Avria is finally gone, and that maybe, she finally returned to Etheria. Hitano then thought that maybe the Hara is planning another way to infiltrate the palace, but Mayca asked what is her purpose of returning, since she already got a greater part of the Brilyantes. Pirena commented that Avria took them by deceiving them all, something that she thought only herself could do. Aquil then asked how could she enter the palace, for Lireo has a barrier against the enemies.

Pirena's Flashback
Hara Pirena returned from her own journey with the other Lirean soldiers and now back inside the barrier of the palace. She then saw 'Danaya' who was with Hera Andora outside and she met them. The Hara then asked why does she have to pick up 'Danaya' outside the gates, and 'she' answered that there is a magic that covers Lireo, and for some unexplainable reason, their guest (Andora) cannot come inside. 'Danaya' then said that 'she' understands why she cannot trust the Etherians, but Avria has already proven herself to 'her', by her promise of releasing their captives that are now in front of them.'The Hara' then commanded her to remove the protection and they will let Andora inside the palace as their guest.

Pirena admitted that it was her fault that she removed the protection and she let Avria fool her for the Hara thought that she was her true sister. Alena then asked how could Danaya not enter the palace if she truly removed it. Cassiopea then answered that Lireo has other fortifications against Avria, for Pirena does not want her to enter the land at all, but little did she knew that Avria was already inside with her sister's appearance, and the one that the barrier was rejecting was the real Danaya. As she said this, Pirena once again brought up her Brilyante ng Apoy to give the land of the Diwatas a protection against the only true Etherians. She added that she will never take it away, in order to make sure that the enemies cannot enter anymore, especially Avria.

Later in the treasure room, Danaya asked how could Avria gotten the three Brilyantes that were kept there, especially the Brilyante of the former Hara Amihan, for it will not go with someone it does not know. Cassiopea looked at her eye and saw what happened:

Outside the palace of Etheria, Avria, who was with the Bathalumang Ether, put an incantation inside the Brilyante ng Diwa to be under her power. It will become the way for the Hara to take the other Brilyantes. She then sang a chant in old Enchan that gives a command to the Brilyante to be corrupt and also to alter the protection of its other companions, in order for her to acquire them all. The Brilyante ng Diwa was then filled with dark magic, but it did now show when Avria surrendered it to the Diwatas.
After Danaya retrieved the Brilyante ng Diwa from the Hara of Etheria, she put it back along with her Brilyante in the treasure room. Pirena asked why she did it, and the Hara replied that she does not see any danger anymore, especially that Etheria is now on their side. Pirena however, expressed that she does not want to let go of her Brilyante for now, just like Alena, and Danaya respected her decision. As they left, the Brilyante ng Diwa has started corrupting the other two Brilyantes.

The Hara Duri-e then realized that Avria has corrupted the Brilyante ng Diwa before she surrendered it to them. This was the reason why the other two Brilyantes became corrupt as well, making the Hara of Etheria to finally acquire them. Alena cursed Avria, and Danaya blamed herself about these events. Because of her desire of wanting true peace between them, she gave Avria her full trust, and she is holding herself responsible for all of it. The Hara Duri-e however said that it is now too late for Danaya to blame herself, but she was not the only Hara that made a mistake. All of the ones who sat on Lireo's throne have also made some bad choices, and Cassiopea then advised Danaya to used this experience to learn from her own mistakes, because it would be her guide for her future decisions. Danaya made sure about it and Alena asked them to finally leave, for the Etherians still have many plans against them.

Outside the treasure room, Aquil was still waiting for Hara Danaya, and he encountered her, along with Alena and Cassiopea. The Sang'gre suggested to the Hara Duri-e to leave the two alone and she agreed. After they walked away, the Mashna Duri-e expressed his happiness for her beloved's safety and return to Lireo. However, Danaya said that the Brilyantes are stolen because of it and it happened during her reign. She then declared herself as an incompetent queen. Aquil tried to approach her and told her to not say those things, but the Hara backed up. She then commanded him to not approach her nor to touch her. Danaya added that because of her encounter with a false 'Aquil', Avria managed to infiltrate Lireo.

Danaya's Flashback:
The Hara then reminded the 'Mashna Duri-e' that 'he' cannot show up on Lireo, for which 'Aquil' then apologized for what 'he' had done, and 'he' only wanted to see his beloved. As the two talked, Danaya admitted that she still misses the 'Mashna Duri-e'. When the Hara turned her back, Avria took this an opportunity to execute her plan. She then reverted back to her normal appearance, and sang a chant to put the Hara of the Diwatas to sleep.

Danaya then said that the reason why her appearance was copied by the Etherian and managed to enter the palace is because of her. It is also because of her weakness, which is Aquil himself. Now she finally realized why the Haras of Lireo cannot love someone: because she cannot love at all unless it is Lireo which she rules, because it could only be in the way of her decisions. Aquil then asked if this means that they are breaking up again and if he will be leaving the palace again for this. The Hara answered that he could stay, but he cannot love her anymore. As he thought about it with disappointment, he replied that he understand this, and the Mashna Duri-e will make sure that from now on, he will not be in Danaya's way anymore. The Hara walked away in tears as she looked back at Aquil, who then left her presence.

In Cassiopea's Island

As the keepers head back to their tents, Sang'gre Lira wished her other friends 'sweet dreams'. When she was removing her head gear, Ariana asked if she could do it for her. Lira declined, but the Punjabwe-a insisted, for she said she was happy doing it for the Sang'gre. Lira accepted her offer and thanked Ariana as she removed it from her. As they were doing this, Sang'gre Mira got back up and stood at the entrance of their tent. She was looking at her home, Lireo. The Sang'gre was then noticed by Muyak, who approached her and said that she was thinking deeply. Mira in turn, answered that she was just remembering Lireo, especially her mother Pirena. She then asked the Lambana if the 'Mata' (Cassiopea) would be mad if she tries to sneak back and visit their kingdom. Muyak then informed her that the Hara Duri-e placed a spell around the whole island so the Sang'gres could not use their Ivictus to leave. She then told the Sang'gre not to worry, for it would be only a matter of time until they could return to Lireo, and Muyak herself will take Mira to her mother. The two then returned to their beds.

Outside the tents, the Mashnas of Etheria have finally found the keeper's location. Asval then reminded the others that the moment they all turned off their lights, that will be the sign for their attack; they will kill them all and not leave anyone alive. As he said this, LilaSari and Amarro looked at each other, disturbed.

Back inside, Luna could not sleep yet and got up of her bed. This was noticed by Lira (who also could not sleep) and asked her if she as well still cannot do the same thing. Luna replied that she only remembered what she and Hara Danaya have talked about before they left, about her real mother.

Luna's Flashback
Luna asked if the Hara knew her true parents, and where she could find them. Danaya then asked her to sit down, and told her that she knows that Luna have many things in her mind that she wants to find out, but they cannot answer these questions right now. The Hara promised that in the right time, she will know about it.

She also added that the Hara told her that they will let her know about her true identity once they finished their training, and she was only thinking if her real mother was still alive. After hearing her, Lira apologized to her, for she herself does not know what her Ashtis said to Luna. She also said that she understands what the Diwata was feeling, for she also experienced this things from her own mother. As she said this, she remembered all the hardships that she endured in order to find her mother, and commented that in the end, she found her, along with her father, despite coming from the Human Realm. The Sang'gre then made sure to Luna that like her, she will found her own mother, with Luna thanking her for that. Afterwards, the two then decided to go back to sleep. As Lira was alone in her bed, cold and shaking, Ariana saw this and she offered the Sang'gre her blanket, which the Sang'gre declined because she thinks that the Punjabwe-a will be the one who will get cold. However, Ariana said to not think of her, but Lira insisted. The Sang'gre then had the idea of just sharing blankets with Ariana by sleeping next to each other and they agreed. As they did it, Lira remembered her mother once again. The two looked at each other with smile and ultimately closing their eyes, with Muyak saying "A peaceful night to all".

The fires that lighted up all of the tents have finally died. Back outside, Andora declared that the signal their waiting for have finally came. As the keepers slept quietly, the four Mashnas have started surrounding their tents. However, Wantuk was about to go out when he saw them, prompting him to shout 'Vedalje!' (Enemies!). In the men's tent, Paopao woke up as he heard this, which was soon followed by Gilas. Mira also got up and woke the other women on their tent. Nunong Imaw went out of his tent, and he was held up by LilaSari, asking her what are they doing there. Gilas and Paopao readied to defend themselves and finally went out of their tents as well. The two then saw the Nuno, and they were attacked by the Mashnas, who were ordered by Andora to kill all the keepers. As the women got out of their tent, they all witnessed Paopao being overpowered by Amarro, and Gilas being fatally stabbed to death by Andora. Luna shouted in anger, and tried to go after her friend, but she was soon wounded by the Heran in her arm. LilaSari then stopped her fellow Mashna, which prompted Lira to use her spell to distract them all. Mira then told her companions that this is not a training session, and commanded them to hold onto Lira. They all vanished using the Sang'gres' Ivictus power. As Paopao was about to be killed by Amarro, Mira re-appeared next to them and kicked the Mashna off. She then approached the Binatang Ligaw and finally vanished with him to escape, with LilaSari commenting about it. Nunong Imaw spoke to them, saying that they cannot just defeat the new keepers. Asval then kicked the Nuno from his feet, knocking him unconscious. Andora told LilaSari that they cannot just leave the island, then she commanded them to split up in order to find them.

Lira, Ariana, Muyak, and the wounded Luna have re-appeared somewhere in the forest of the island. They were soon followed by Mira and Paopao, who said about the Barrier the Hara Duri-e has laid in the island. As they talked, Luna was getting more hurt by her wounds and was screaming in pain. Ariana asked if someone knows how to heal, and Paopao obliged, saying that he only knows first aid. As he wrapped her arm with a cloth, Lira asked if they could find some leaves and herbs. She eventually figured out thtat they could find it at Sang'gre Alena's chambers, but Mira reminded her that they cannot leave the island at all. As Paopao was finished, Luna was still grieving for the death of her friend Gilas, and asked if they could go back and get him. Ariana then told her that he is already dead, but the Diwata refused to believe, saying that they cannot kill Gilas. She then tried to back but Mira stopped her, asking to be silent because they will hear them and they will be caught.

As soon as she said this, Asval and Andora have caught up with them, who commented that Mira is truly Pirena's daughter for her knowledgeable skills. Lira put a barrier between them and the Mashnas and instructed Muyak and Paopao to take care of Luna and Ariana. Mira then summoned her sword, the Kamao ni Emre and readied themselves to fight. Andora laughed in amusement, saying that the Sang'gres thought they could fight them fairly. Lira and Mira then used their Ivictus to confront Asval and Andora respectively. Both of the Sang'gre were able to defend themselves against the Mashnas, with Mira driving his sword to the ground to take Asval and Andora down. Mira then handed her cousin a sword, but Lira refused to hold it. The Sang'gre insisted and she forcibly put it in her hand, saying that they will die if they did not use any weapons. As they once again readied themselves against the Mashnas, who finally got back on their feet, they were about to defeat them but the Heran put them into her spell, disabling them to make a movement. Asval put his battle axe on Lira's neck, who dared him to try and hit her. The Mashna however, said that he knows about the Sang'gre's secret so he will not strike her instead. She then turned her axe to Mira, who was also paralyzed, and he then drove his weapon to the Sang'gre's back, wounding her. As Lira screamed in disdain, Mira let go of her sword and immediately fell into the ground.

The four other keepers were still getting away from the other Etherians, but they stopped because of Luna's wound. Paopao commented that it is getting worse, but the Diwata do not care, for she cannot believe that Gilas is already dead. As Muyak looked around, she said that the Mashnas will have a hard time finding them if they split up. Paopao refused about this decision for he thought that it would be more dangerous, but Muyak and Ariana went anyway, leaving him with Luna. As he became frustrated, Amarro and LilaSari caught up with them, for which the Binatang Ligaw defended themselves against the two. However, Amarro was able to beat him again, and he told Paopao that they are not enemies. LilaSari approached Luna as Paopao helped her, but she told her to not touch her. She said that LilaSari let her companion kill her friend. Amarro however, made sure that they are not like Asval and Andora. Paopao asked them why they attacked them all, but LilaSari turned her attention to Luna's wound. Paopao looked at her closer, and he remembered something about the Diwata. As he was about to say it, they all heard the blasts from the fight between the Sang'gres and Asval and Andora. LilaSari then asked them hurry up and hide before their other companions see them. As Luna and Paopao walked away, Amarro asked LilaSari if they helped the right people, and the latter hopes that Andora and Asval will not find out about it. Meanwhile, Paopao wondered why the Etherians let them escape, but Luna said that it does not matter and she hopes that the others were okay.

Almost dying, Mira gasped as she was approached by her 'bessy' Lira, who told her to hold on and that she cannot die. Mira refuses and asked her to leave her there, for she could still escape from them. Lira insisted but the Sang'gre to listen to her: that she needs to save herself so she could tell her mother Pirena that she loves her so much, despite of all the things she said. Mira then made her cousin promise and she agreed to it. Lira then told her again to just hold on, for she could still say a lot of things, and she could also still save her. As the two cried, Andora insulted them, and said that Lira now needs to follow her cousin. As she tried to hack away on the two Sang'gres, Lira's blessing from her Ashtis (that protects her from being hurt by any weapons of Encantadia) protected them from her.

When the Heran stopped her attack, Lira gently put the head of Mira on the ground, then she stood up and blasted two shots of power from both of her hands on the two Mashnas. Asval retreated from her, but when attacked Andora (whom she blamed that because of her, she could not save her cousin), the Heran eventually controlled the Sang'gre's mind, disabling her to move again. Asval then asked the Heran to turn Lira around, so she could witness what he will about to do her cousin. The Mashna grabbed the dying Mira from the ground and brought her in front of the Sang'gre. Moments later, Asval used his battle axe to finally slit Mira's throat, ultimately killing the Sang'gre. Lira shouted her cousin's name as she fell into the ground, lifeless. Andora let go of her hold to the Sang'gre, and Lira approached Mira's dead body, grieving.

In Etheria

Hara Avria, in anger, have finally returned to her palace. She was furious about how the Hadezar exposed her against the Diwatas because of her wound. She realized, now that the Diwatas have finally known about her disguise, they will once again attack Etheria. As she looked on the events that were transpiring in Lireo, Avria added that they became too dependent to their Brilyantes, and now she will use its power against them. She then uttered a spell:

Sinasamo ko ang kadiliman! Ipatikim sa Lireo ang bagsik ng lahat ng aking kapangyarihan!
(I am summoning the darkness! Let Lireo taste the wrath of all my powers!)

As soon as she said this, a monster appeared near the land of the Diwatas. The three Brilyantes gave it an enormous amount of power, making it grow as a huge giant. The monster then shouted in a rampage, and made its way to Lireo to attack the Diwatas.


  • Pirena and Alena both have their transformation scenes for their warrior attire. Danaya however, had only wore her training attire because her Brilyante was now in the possession of Avria.

Gallery for the Teasers

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The teaser for this episode.

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