Ursula is a character mentioned in the sequel to the highly rated Encantadia, Etheria. She became Cassiopea's successor as queen of Lireo.


Reason for succeeding Reyna Cassiopea

When Cassiopea was still Queen of Lireo, the Hathors kept on disturbing the Mulawin race and terrorizing them, thus Cassiopea decided to make the fateful decision to save the allies of the Diwatas from the wrath of the Hathors by dividing the Gem of the Elements into four pieces. This caused the Bathalang Emre to curse Cassiopea with immortality and banishment from Lireo. With Cassiopea's disappearance from Lireo, the Diwatas had to find someone to replace Cassiopea since there is no one to succeed her. Ursula was chosen. After sitting on the throne of Lireo, Ursula died because of the epidemic the Hathors caused which swept the kingdom of Lireo. The throne was then succeeded to Demetria, who later then dies also due to the epidemic.


  • Ursula was only mentioned on the final episode of Etheria by Raquim.
  • Both Ursula and Demetria's reigns are short because they were infected of the epidemic.

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