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  • DarkMagicianGirl23

    Comic Strips

    August 5, 2017 by DarkMagicianGirl23

    Sometimes there are things that we wanted to happen but they just couldn't happen thus, we can't visualize them from happening but that doesn't mean it is impossible for your imagination to turn into reality and edited pictures is one of the ways of proving that. The crossover in Mulawin vs. Ravena x Encantadia (2016) inspired me to make "manips" of scenarios and interactions between characters from the 2005 and 2016 series meeting each other in the Mundo ng mga Mortal. It wasn't easy for me since I don't use a mouse and the lighting of the 2005 series is much brighter than the 2016 series so the color tones of some scenes don't quite match. Please manage your expectations as I'm an amateur editor my edits aren't that impressive but I gave …

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  • DarkMagicianGirl23

    Bagyong Lawin

    October 21, 2016 by DarkMagicianGirl23

    Days ago it was announced that after Bagyong Karen comes Bagyong Lawin. The typhoon made its landfall in Peñablanca, Cagayan which is near our area. But even though it was not our area that got hit we also got massively affected.

    No one in our house slept because we are all busy trying to close everything up because the winds are very strong. There were leaks at our house. From 11:00pm to 4:00am we were struggling with such force.

    Dawn came and the light made us see the aftermath of the typhoon. Two words, Total Destruction. We walked around the city. The beautiful stained glass of the churches have been shattered, the mall of our city, the Mall of the Valley's roof is about to fall anytime, a lot of unfinished infrastractures are bound to fa…

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