Days ago it was announced that after Bagyong Karen comes Bagyong Lawin. The typhoon made its landfall in Peñablanca, Cagayan which is near our area. But even though it was not our area that got hit we also got massively affected.

No one in our house slept because we are all busy trying to close everything up because the winds are very strong. There were leaks at our house. From 11:00pm to 4:00am we were struggling with such force.

Dawn came and the light made us see the aftermath of the typhoon. Two words, Total Destruction. We walked around the city. The beautiful stained glass of the churches have been shattered, the mall of our city, the Mall of the Valley's roof is about to fall anytime, a lot of unfinished infrastractures are bound to fall, Fallen or slanted trees, Scattered branches and leaves, electric wires are cut and detached, shattered glass windows, detached roofs, signposts, billboards and posters and a lot more are found at the streets. We didn't go downstream because it was flooded we are thankful we are at the higher part. The other areas that got affected probably are saying the same stories.

Tuguegarao City is known for its hot weather reaching a 38 °C at one point. Believe it or not, every single tree is now leafless. Our school, which was awarded the most environment friendly. There is now no sign of the reason why it was awarded such because all those trees that provide air now look like the trees you see in Halloween. The atmosphere as of now October 21,2016 has become more hotter.

As of now, we still have no electricity. They say it will take weeks or a month to fix everything. I've witnessed a lot of people looking for charging stations a while ago. The internet connections are ok. Thankfully we have a relative who has a generator but I can't say we could go to them everytime. It was heartbreaking for a lot of us to know that many Filipinos took what happened to us as a laughing matter. That it was a sign for this and that. There is nothing funny in a situation where many are suffering but we can't blame them as a saying goes, People will only learn what it is like if they experienced the situation themselves.

Nevertheless, I will do the best I can to fulfill my role here. I will try to catch up in what I missed and fill in the gaps once the electricity has been finally fixed.

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