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  • Haruko Akiyama

    Hello. I know this may sound stupid, but like I said in the title itself, "When was Ursula mentioned?"

    I thought she was a character mentioned in a speculated fan theory? I thought it was made up?

    I am really confused...

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  • Haruko Akiyama

    ((I know this question sounds stupid but..))

    Hi! I as wondering if the portal located at the tree should be called?

    • The Tree of Asnamon?
    • Asnamon Tree?

    The reason why I asked this question on this blog post is because I see pages saying "The Tree of Asnamon" and the page says it is called Asnamon Tree. I personality think that we should stick to one name. 

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  • Haruko Akiyama

    When someone makes an edit to the page you edited that you edited earlier and it somewhat similar and more detailed:

    My reaction:

    ((Thank you to the person / people who edited the pages I edited and make it more detailed! I'm sorry if the way I edited some information isn't detailed enough (>﹏

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