5 Bathalas created encantadia, could it be that 2 more bathalas be included in order to replace the 2 who left?

According to Imaw, there are five bathalas who created encantadia. Two of which left, leaving Emre, Arde, and Ether to dominate the land. While Diwatas worship Emre, Hathors worship Arde, and Etherians worship Ether, it is possible the the two bathalas who left encantadia are the Bathalas who created Sapirians and Adamyans. However, due to their absence, the two kingdoms, Sapiro and Adamya, were left without their creator and so decided to worship Emre instead. It is also possible that the two bathalas have a corresponding element; Emre corresponds to the element of air, Arde corresponds to the element of fire, ether corresponds to the element of earth, and so the two remaining bathalas could have been linked to any of the remaining elements. The bathala who created the adamyans might have been the bathala who corresponds to water while the remaining bathala who created the sapirians might have been associated with the element of quiessence. The vacancy of these two bathalas might have been one of the reasons why Cassiopeia is to be a bathala, so that she could replace the role of the lost bathala in order to maintain the harmony in encantadia. Also, Alena showed her curiosity as to how Cassiopeia is capable of becoming a bathala. Later on, Alena is seen staring at the Mother Gem, fully enamored by its radiance. Could it be that Alena is curious into how she is going to follow Cassiopeia's footsteps? Is it possible that she would be the one to replace the Bathala who supposedly correspond to the water element? These, however, are only speculations that can only be validated as the storyline progresses.  

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