After the War of the gems, resulting to the death of King Arvak, the Hathorians once again lived peaceful. They did not do anything remotely misbehavioral except for Hagorn who schemed to kill Raquim and Amihan. After his failed attempt to kill amihan by ordering Gurna to abduct the infant and kill her, Mine-a went to Hathoria to negotiate with Hagorn, only to end up cursing the entire Hathorian race, destroying their castle, and killing many of them as a result of the collapse of the infrastructure, when she could have just cursed Hagorn instead. With thousands of dead countrymen, hideous visage, fiery death, completely obliterated castle, Hathorians harbored Hatred towards the diwatas, promising to bring back the favor that the queen of Lireo has given to them. Had Mine-a think things through, she could have just punished Hagorn instead of punishing the entire Hathorian race. Could it be that Mine-a's curse is the reason why Hathors readily followed Hagorn to seek revenge against the injustice bestowed upon them by Mine-a? Were Hathorians misunderstood and were the diwatas too biased toward the Hathors, deeming them savages without considering the injustice that Mine-a did to them? Although the Hathors had a share of their mistakes, it is essential to note that Mine-a could potentially have sparked their anger. Mine-a, who is adored by every single diwata, made the fatal flaw of cursing the entire Hathoria, killing thousands of them, destroying their infrastructure, giving them hideous visage, and destroying their remains once they're dead.

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