The Paradise (Ancient Times)

In the unknown cloud dimension, you can see angels but for real, they're Ancient Mulawin.

The Four Bathalumans (Early Antiquity)

The Three Bathalumans seems keeping a secret, Yes, it's true, there's an fourth bathaluman, her name was Verna'a (Vernaya) the creator of the Brilyante ng Katalinuhan

The Ancient Gems (Mid-Antiquity)

After Verna'a created the Brilyante ng Katalinuhan, her daughters Vasha and Nama broke the gem and separated into the Brilyante ng Oras, Brilyante ng Utak, and Brilyante ng Kalikasan

The Seven Kingdoms (Late Antiquity)

The Creator of Gems, Verna'a asks her daughters Vasha and Nama if they want their own kingdoms and they agreed, Vasha owned the Kingdom of Vema and Nama owned the Kingdom of Namesha. Ether bought the Kingdoms and united them into Etheria.

Avria didn't start the First Civil War (Ayne Period)

After the coronation of Queen Avria of Etheria, Avria planned to attack the three Hera of Etheria, but Ether warned Avria that if she do it Avria will turn into an Giant Frog, Avria was toughly scared so she didn't continue her plans. Verna'a Controlled over Etheria by stabbing Avria's secret husband Rana. After Verna'a takes rule of Etheria, Verna'a hypnotized Avria to attack the Four Kingdoms, But Ether stabbed Avria but actually stabbed Verna'a and took Queen Avria stay longer being a queen.

The successor of Etheria

Arman, the brother of Queen Avria, is the known successor of Etheria by the people of Hera Sensa (The Imperial Hera)

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