Command is the 170th episode of Encantadia produced by GMA Network. The official hashtag is #EncantadiaUtos.

Plot Summary

In Lireo

In the training grounds outside the palace of Lireo, Wahid were talking to Lira and Mira, telling him that it is good of him to accompany them to train. The two then excused themselves to continue their sparring. Mira was with Lira, Paopao was doing it with Ariana, and Luna was training with Gilas. As they were practicing, Azulan arrived, looking for Ariana. He saw her holding a weapon and he immediately took it away from her, reminding her sister about how she was forgetting already their tribe's traditions and how many times will he tell Ariana that a Punjabwean woman cannot hold any type of weapon. Ariana however, annoyingly took back her weapon and asked her older brother if they will going to have this argument again. She added that she is now one of the new keepers and she has to learn these things. Azulan in turn, shut her down, informing Arian that he is still not allowing her to do it.

In the back, Luna told Gilas that it was a good thing that they are Nymfas, and not Punjabwes who are too strict of their traditions. Azulan in turn, questioned her if she is even a Nymfa, for her appearance does not look like Her friend. She then tried to approach him furiously, but Gilas stopped her. Paopao then interfered to their argument, responding that Azulan does not need to treat the women, especially her sister Ariana that way. The two then were about to fight but Wahid finally stopped them, calming Azulan down. He then ask the two for a drink. Before they could respond, Abog arrived along with some Lirean soldiers, who were looking for the Punjabweans. They were commanded to come with them because the Hara Danaya was asking for their presence. Curious, Azulan and Ariana followed them, leaving the others, who commented about Azulan's behavior (especially Paopao, who called him arrogant). Gilas however told them to let it go because it is been the Punjabwe's nature to act that way. Paopao then thanked Wahid for stopping them, but the Barabaro replied that he only did it so someone could accompany them to drink. He then asked Gilas and the 'Binatang Ligaw', but they both declined his invitation for they have some business to attend to.

Inside the palace, Hara Danaya was waiting in her chambers when the two Punjabwe siblings arrived. They asked about what is the purpose of calling them. Danaya then commanded Abog to bring someone. It was Rehav Manik, who is still in dusguise as a captive without the Diwatas or even Ariana and Azulan knowing. The Hara then asked them if they know the Punjabwean, for which they replied that Manik was the Rehav of their tribe and they recognized him. Manik then commented that he was not an enemy, like he has been saying before. He was a captive who escaped Etheria from the enemies. Danaya then thought of it, then asked the Rehav once again if he was not put into Avria's powers, for Manik declined it immediately, saying that he will not escape and come to Lireo if he was under any spell. Azulan, knowing that Manik is his friend, pleaded to Danaya to free him, for he is a good being and a royal blood of the Punjabwe. After giving it more thought, The Hara then ordered the soldiers to release him. Afterwards, the Rehav thanked Danaya and went to Ariana and Azulan to exchange accords. Azulan then asked Manik how he was driven back to Lireo, for the Rehav answered that it was a long story.

Moments later, Nunong Imaw arrived at Danaya's chambers and they hoped that the talk between their representatives and the Hara Avria would go smoothly. However, the Nuno commented that it is hard to trust someone like Avria. The Hara then declared that they will find out about it after Pirena and the others have finally returned. As they were still talking, Luna arrived into the Hara's chambers and asked for an audience with the two. Danaya told her come in, and then she told the Hara what does she want to talk about. Luna then came straight to her point, saying that even before, she already knew that she was not a Nymfa like her mother, Helgad or her friend, Gilas. But still, she does not know anything about her identity. She then said that someone had told her that the Nuno's staff has a power to see the past. Luna then demanded to Nunong Imaw if he could use it to find out about her identity.

After the Hara and the Nuno looked at each other, Danaya stood up and told her that her appearance does not differ to theirs, for she too is a Diwata like them. Danaya also informed her that she is an Encantadia with a blood of a Hathor within her, and that may be the reason why the symbol of the Brilyante ng Apoy have chosen her. Luna, in curiosity asked how did she known this information, which the Hara replied that she knew her ever since and they know the reason why she was given to Helgad. Luna then asked if they knew her true parents, and where she could find them. Danaya then asked her to sit down, and she let her know that they cannot answer these questions right now, for in the right time, they will tell it to Luna. As she asked when will be the right time, Nunong Imaw replied to her that she will know it after being trained to be a keeper of the Brilyante, and if she is finally ready to fight for Encantadia, despite what will be the truth that she would learn someday.

Meanwhile, the leaders that went to Etheria have suddenly arrived as Luna was about to ask another question. She was then commanded by Hara Danaya to leave them for a while and that they will let her know about her questions regarding her identity as Nunong Imaw had promised. As Danaya handed her to the Damas and finally left the chambers, Pirena immediately asked what is Deshna asking. She then told her sister that the girl is already asking for her origin, but like what they have already talked about, they did not say anything to her. The Hara then asked what happened with the negotiations between them and Avria and was told that she was asking for little time to think it over. Danaya then said that if this is what she wants, this could mean that there is a chance for her to have an agreement with them. Pirena however, advised the others not to trust Avria fully, for they are still not sure about her actions. Rama Ybrahim then said that why not give her a chance to prove herself to them, because maybe she really meant what she said earlier. Pirena and Hara Danaya just stared at each other, thinking about what the Rama said.

As the night came in the gardens of the palace, Manik were talking with Azulan and Ariana, thanking them when he was offered by them to eat. The Rehav then said that he only wanted to know why will Lireo fight Etheria and if the Diwatas are allied with the Punjabwes or not. Ariana made sure of it and said that the Diwatas were doing all they can so that Etheria will be stopped from any of their plans. Manik also asked about the things he heard that they also have new saviors or keepers of the Brilyantes. Azulan then let him known that Ariana was one of them and he is still against it. The Rehav then asked if it is true, by which Ariana said yes. Manik then demanded if they could bring him to them so that he could meet these beings and know who are those that would help them defend their tribe. As Ariana thought about it, she agreed to his wishes while Azulan was left there, suspicious of his Rehav's words and actions.

Back in the new keeper's training grounds, Paopao was talking to Mira while the others were practicing relentlessly. He asked her why the Sang'gre did not asked Gilas to teach her to use the Nymfa's weapon. Lira then answered him that she promised to herself that after her mother's death, she will not hold any weapon that would kill anyone. The Binatang Ligaw then apologized for what he said, for which he was cut by Wahid. The Barbaro then told Paopao that he already forgot the things about Encantadia after being gone for a short time, which includes not holding the hands of the Sang'gres. He apologized but Wahid tried to convince him and Lira that his hands must be cut as a punishment, even there is no such law. As Lira stopped the two, Ariana arrived along with Rehav Manik, whom she introduced to him as her new friends and the ones he heard as the new keepers. Mira and the others were glad to meet the Rehav, and as Manik walked around them and went to their back, he quickly took Wahid's blade from him, stabbed Mira in the back and attacked the other keepers. Lira tried to attack him but she was stopped by Ariana, who slowly approached the Rehav and asked why is he doing these things. However, Manik did not care and he held Ariana up, who threatened the leaders of Encantadia (who just arrived at the grounds) that he will kill her. As Rama Ybrahim asked his Mashnas to tend on the wounded and Danaya asking what is the meaning of Manik's actions, the Rehav-turned-Etherian kept repeating the commands Asval has given to him: to kill the keepers of the Brilyantes.

The Rama warned the Punjabwe about making the Diwatas angry, and advised him to just surrender to them and free his captive. However, he said his purpose to them again and stabbed Ariana in the back. Lira tried to approach the wounded Punjabwean but he was grabbed by Manik, about to strike her. Pirena then shouted for Lira to use her Ivictus, making her vanish, then the Hara used the power of her Brilyante to burn Manik's weapon, while Danaya used her Brilyante to apprehend the Rehav. Ybrahim was about to finish Manik using his sword but he vanished from all of them, finally escaping the wrath of the Diwatas and the Sapiryan. Pirena then immediately asked Danaya to heal the wounded using the Brilyante ng Lupa and commanded the soldiers to find the Punjabwean enemy. Moments later, Ybrahim then approached Ariana and asked her if she is hurt, and the Punjabwean said that she was alright. Pirena then questioned who was that, and Danaya answered it as the Rehav of the Punjabwes, who turned out to be an enemy from Etheria. Afterwards, Azulan arrived at the commotion and quickly tended to Ariana. Pirena then reprimanded the Punjabwe, who allowed to let an enemy in. Azulan then asked which enemy was it, for which Ariana replied to be Manik. He was surprised of what he had learned.

Back inside the palace, Pirena angrily confronted Azulan, who was following her, telling the Punjabwean what went into his mind and he let an enemy infiltrate Lireo. Azulan defiantly apologized, for he does not know that his Rehav is now an enemy. The Hara then berated his way of thinking, which Azulan talked back by saying that how long it has been since an Encantado tried to love her, which he believes was the reason for her to talk and behave that way. Already irritated and angry with the Punjabwean's arrogance, Hara Pirena did not held herself back and ultimately slapped the taste out of Azulan. He however, did not stop from talking, warning Pirena that the next time she chose to strike her, he will give her a kiss. As Pirena was about to do it again, the Punjabwean warrior dared her, quickly approached her, and tried to kiss her, but the Hara backed away from Azulan. As they kept arguing on whose fault it was, Nunong Imaw along with Ybrahim entered, asking them to stop what they were doing. They have no time to blame each other, for they have an impending problem, which the Rama agreed. They wondered that as one of the keepers was attacked by one of Avria's followers, could it mean that she did not agree with them? As the four reflected about this question, Azulan was only staring to Pirena with a smirk on his face, for which the Hara did the same to the Punjabwean.

In Etheria

Back inside the palace, Hara Avria and the Bathalumang Ether were watching the events from Lireo. The Hara then informed the Bathaluman that he gave back Manik's memories from him in order for the Diwatas to not became suspicious about his purpose in the land. However, she made sure that the Punjabwean's loyalty is still in Etheria. Ether then praised her for what she had done.

Moments later outside the palace, Hara Pirena, Rama Ybrahim, and Mashna Muros (as representatives of Hathoria, Sapiro, and Lireo respectively), arrived where they were met by the Etherian soldiers who tried to attack them. However, Ybrahim immediately told them that they were not there for any trouble, but instead they were still attacked by the Etherians. As they defeated them all easily, Pirena reiterated their purpose, and that is to have a negotiation with their Hara. The palace gates opened and Amarro came out, commanding the soldiers to halt their attack. He then asked the Diwatas and the Sapiryan what are they doing in Etheria. Ybrahim asked for Avria's presence, for which Amarro once again went inside to ask her Hara's permission.

As the gates of the palace opened once more, the Etherian soldiers and guards, including Hara Avria herself came out. Amarro then introduced the leaders of Encantadia to her. Avria then greeted them in peace. Rama Ybrahim started the nogotiations thereafter, declaring that the three kingdoms of Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria, including the land of Adamya are finally going to recognize Etheria as a fourth kingdom in Encantadia and Avria as its Hara. He also said that the kingdoms and the lands will also be ready to help them, but there would be certain conditions. The Etherians will have to finally stop capturing beings and invading lands across the realm. Pirena then added that Etheria will respect all the rules of all the kingdoms that were present. Avria then asked what are those laws, which Mashna Muros responded with how they will respect each of the kingdoms, its people and its leaders, and how they should help them to have a free trade with each other.

After listening to their demands, Avria again asked what if they do not concur with those rules. Pirena then replied that they will immediately go to war against Etheria, which they do not want to happen. However, the Hara of Hathoria made sure they do not fear to go to a battle either, since they have the Brilyantes that once made their kingdom and her father Rama Hargorn fell before. Avria then reiterated that she and her father were way different, for the Hara of Etheria has a huge amount of power in her hands that could be almost compared to the power of a Bathaluman. She then advised the Hara of Hathoria not to use the Brilyantes as a way to frighten her. Pirena in turn, also impatiently advised Avria that they should consider them more as friends than enemies, for which the Hara replied that the Diwatas fear them more, because they will not waste their time to come to Etheria and negotiate with them if they are not. As the things heat up between them, Ybrahim asked Pirena to calm down, who was already at the peak of her temper. The Rama of Sapiro then again said that they do not want any war, so he hopes that this is the same thing she was thinking as well. Ybrahim then asked her again about how can they come up with some sort of agreement. Avria looked at them all silently.

As the Diwatas and the Sapiryan have finally left Etheria back to Lireo, the Bathalumang Ether once again appeared to Avria and the Hara told her about the events happened. She said that she did not disagreed to what they want, but however, this does not mean that she agree with their demands as well. Instead, Avria asked for time to think about her agreement with them. Ether then determined that they want the Hara to be under their rules and laws. Avria then replied that the Bathaluman should just allow the Diwatas to let them think that there is a possibility that she would agree to their demands. Amarro, who was in the Hara's back, asked if this means that she was not really concurring with what the Diwatas want, for which she replied to him not to lead her decision, because if the Diwatas wanted peace, she too wants it as well.

Avria then declared that she wants to prove herself to the Diwatas, and as she called Hera Andora as she came from the inside of the palace, the Hara commanded her to talk to the other Mashnas to temporarily stop the invasion of lands across the whole Encantadia and not to hurt any being besides the orders that she already have given to them. Avria then commanded these to Amarro and to the Bandido leader, Pangil to spread the word to the others. As they left, the Bathalumang Ether said that the Hara does not trust Amarro, for Avria answered that they are not certain about the Mashna's loyalty. She then let it known that she just wanted to fool the Diwatas that they will be one of them, and the truth is that they just wanted to buy time for them to be completely ready for their attack, especially if Asval would somehow triumph on his mission to kill the new keepers and saviors of Encantadia.

Outisde the palace of Etheria, Mashna-durie Aquil was surveying the land with his telescope, wondering why the palace was quiet. Amarro then appeared, asking why is it important for him. His father then added that if Aquil's life is important to him, he would leave this land and stay away as far as possible. The Mashn-durie then replied that his father knows that he is loyal to Lireo, and spying against Etheria is the least thing he could do to help the Diwatas. Amarro then told his son that Avria knows that he was doing those things, and the reason why she is disregarding his actions is because the Hara also knew that the Diwatas were also not fond of him. Aquil then declared that there is no reason for him to leave Etheria anymore, but Amarro stopped him. He then advised his son not to challenge the power of the Hara, because if they see Aquil, they will not hesitate to kill him, especially if they found out that Aquil wants to return to Lireo and to report to the Diwatas.

As they were talking, Hera Andora arrived, asking Amarro who will report to the Diwatas, and if it is his son. The Heran tried to read Amarro's mind, who told her that he wants a proposal for Andora. She then thought of it as an act of treachery, but he responded that he finally convinced his son to ally with the Etherians and disguise himself as a spy for the Diwatas. He also informed her that Aquil knows that she could read his mind or command him to her will, so he chose to side with them and he proposed to report the wrong information to the Diwatas. The Heran then read Aquil's mind, who said that his father's words were right. As she told them that she is reserving her power to something else, the Heran finally used it to command the minds of all the Pashneas in the whole Encantadia to wreak havoc across the realm, especially to the land of the Diwatas.

Back in the palace, Amarro along with his son Aquil, reported Andora's actions of releasing the Pashneas and sending them to Lireo to bring trouble to the land, despite the Hara's commands of not attacking against the Diwatas. He continued that the Heran had violated her orders and that she should be punished. Avria, who was surprised to what her Mashna had said, thanked Amarro and Aquil for informing her of the Heran's insolence, and asked the Nymfa to call for her. As father and son left the Hara's presence, Aquil was still skeptical if Avria did not really know about what Andora had done. Amarro however, convinced his son that they both witnessed on how shocked she was on what they told her. He then advised Aquil that not only the Diwatas are the ones who wanted peace in the realm, but from what he saw from the Hara of Etheria, Avria too is a kind queen.

Afterwards, Hera Andora, who was irate about what Amarro did, has finally arrived in the presence of the Hara. Avria then stopped the Heran from her tracks, informing her that she is not angry at her, but she instead thought of it as a good thing, because they could make the Diwatas realize that the she is finally being their ally. She then advised Andora to not leave Etheria for the time being, so Amarro could see that the Heran was given an immense amount of punishment for disobeying the Hara's orders. Avria then added that for now, she has to do something important for the Diwatas.

In Cassiopea's Island

As Nunong Imaw and Mashna Mayca watched the symbols of the five Brilyantes float from the spot they were created, the Nuno then pleaded to them if they could finally bring back the first Diwata Cassiopea, so that they could finally begin the training for the next keepers of the Brilyantes. However, the symbols became turbulent, and were constantly moving, which was noticed by the Mashna of Sapiro. Mayca then suggested that they might want to inform something. As it was happening, the Pashneas that Hera Andora had sent passed through the island, on their way to Lireo to bring chaos against the Diwatas. Imaw then realized that there is trouble coming ahead of them.

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